Mingles with Jingles Episode 291

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Source: Mighty Jingles

I just got out bed and haven’t even had coffee yet. Go ahead and pretend I put something really witty and amusing here.



  1. First up

  2. Jonathan Brainard



  4. Daniel Deininger


  5. First love you

  6. Second! Oh, great, now I’m a moron!

  7. I love you Jingles

  8. Last time I was this early jingles only posted one War Thunder video per year

  9. viperuscopperus


  10. 150 miles away? Oh god, the Jingles Effect AoE is increasing exponentially! NOBODY WILL BE SAFE!

  11. It’s not rape… it’s surprise butsex

  12. M551 Shenanigan

    been waiting 30 mins for this lol

    btw Sir, what do you think of the upcoming British LTs?

  13. Oh Jingles. You don’t even have to be present to win.

  14. Last time i was this early the FV215b was in the game

  15. viperuscopperus

    Jingles causes fire by not turning up and i’m of to the salt mine for that one

  16. I got 6K damage in Tog II 😀 I hope Jingles features me

  17. Longer Red Dead Redemption videos <3

  18. The glorious Retardmagnet

    it was probably Rita… she adopted the negative effects of the curse by spending a lot of time with you xD

  19. The last time I was early I was in the Alpha World Line. XD

  20. New information has come to light that Paul Charlton a.k.a The Mighty Jingles was responsible for the fire at Tank Fest because of a non detonated explosive that he left at the sight last time he attended. His DNA was found on fragments of the device that were discovered shortly after the fire was brought under control, we have a photo taken by a security camera in London with the identity of Paul Charlton and we need your help to find this old Gnomish b*stard… And bring him into custody.

  21. You was proberbly thinking about the festival aaaaaand puff lol

  22. Rita set the fire for Jingles

  23. just had launched a jingles vid, cuz i need muh fix, then it came…. the notification… 3 min late!!!

  24. Childish Soldier

    I just got done killing two wasps nests and I need something to calm my nerves from the stress, so thank you Jingles for the stress reliever ^-^

  25. ArmchairCaptain

    Jingles, you shouldn’t use regular shampoo for the beard. There’s products designed on purpose for beards.

  26. Hey Jingles, do you like rock music? You may like this song. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=34CZjsEI1yU

  27. Username McUsernameFace

    The Official Food of Genocide?

  28. Neptune's Nightcore

    jingles effect has been upgraded .Congratulations jingles effect now affects anything in the country

  29. jingles does not going to tankfest for once

    museum catches fire . . .

  30. Jingles have you seen togoclock?

  31. Tiger 151 is ok though?.

  32. Sweating like a crouching nun in a cucumber field is my personal favourite.

    Also, Happy Birthday to Rita

  33. Hey, that's pretty good!

    Happy Canada Day! ??

  34. I stopped watching QI when Stephen Fry stopped hosting it…can’t stand the female host….

  35. Stephen Fry was the best host of QI

  36. Hang on Jingles haven’t you already banged on about ladies bath salts before, I seem to remember you doing the same thing a while back. Memory not the same as it used to be is it Jingles.

  37. “Hey, what are you laughing at?”
    “Oh nothing, just some guy describing his trip through the toiletries section of the grocery store.”

    It’s true, The Mighty Jingles can indeed make anything both humorous and entertaining.

  38. treeshakertucker

    Happy Birthday Rita!

  39. It seems Jingles has ascended to a higher level of being. He no longer needs to be present to strike! Just the thought of him will sends a ripple through time and space! The jingles effect has just gotten a lot deadlier ladies and gentlemen

  40. Women’s sea salt also contains dreams, fantasies and delusions.

  41. MinnesotaLotion

    What’s wrong with lotion/moisturizer? Some people have drier skin than you, so what?

    When water dries and leaves a residue (hard water) so it’s not really that effective for “moisturizing” try moisturizing your chapped lips with water alone, you will just make it worse.

  42. Anyone remember the ‘punching above you’re weight’ video ?

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