Mingles with Jingles Episode 292

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Source: Mighty Jingles

This was a momentous week in online . A gaming community all agreed on something at the same time,. possibly the time something like this has ever happened in the history of online gaming. Unfortunately , they all agreed that the proposed Naval Training Centre idea really sucked.

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  1. Akihito Koizumi

    Umm… Jingles. The change in AA where it focuses on one aircraft at a time was implemented in 0.8.5. It has been out for some time. I will show my way out now.

  2. John J. Spurgin

    I would actually think it’d make more sense to prestige the CREW, and thus unlock more points for skills?

    • *Thumbs Up* I was thinking of the same idea! How about they add new perks for this purpose such as Expert perks similar to expert marksman? You could call them ‘Veteran Skills’.

    • John J. Spurgin

      @Stephen Cooper exactly! Promoting your command crew and retraining them.

    • Still makes one better than the other players in the match. Skins or reward ships/modules that change, but doesn’t enhance gameplay are better options.

  3. Christian Krakhofer

    wouldnt mind a prestige system for captains but bumping up the ships is a huge no no

  4. To much world of warships

  5. now only 2 or 3 aircrafts will take the shit from AA, which means, i can kill you more reliably with those changes if i play properly. Nothing has changed 🙂

  6. Tank museum vid was great

  7. Lars van warendorp

    I believe they listened because of the recent cv change that really kicked up dust, and now they learned their lesson and figured, lets do listen to our players. Guess burning themselves once was enough

  8. It was a fine storm of outrage, wasn’t it?

  9. Barry Cartwright

    maybe you could do voice over on the video im no expert at this kind of thing

  10. Louis Hodgkinson

    when’s it about 8 weeks till jingles hits mingles with jingles 300

  11. Jingles. Ship AA doing damage on only one plane at the time went live last Thursday it’s not part of the Sector Control rework. It’s a great change for surface ships but some CV players are a bit upset 🙂

    • Pavle Jovanovski

      CV players should be upset, they deserve it

    • I think a divide on 2-3 planes (one strike element) would be somewhat better, but the change is definately welcome

    • Duncan Hamilton

      Played CVs this weekend for Naval Battles ribbons. Absolutely unplayable, even attacking same tier BBs is a suicide run; you’ll lose half health on the way in, and the remainder on the way out.

      Can’t say I’m upset about this, but it did make the three games I played in them extremely boring

  12. broken connector? or is it a case of a propitiatory connector. same physical connector but different pin out, so you have to buy their specific cable, or make your own.

  13. well atleast they listen not like the Wot developers, Obj 268 V4 cant be penned by normal hardly by prem(frontaly) WG wot” i dont see anything wrong with this”

  14. Martín Hernández Bárcena

    I wish the community in World of Tanks was this united to say ‘no’ to the OP premium tanks they’ve been introducing for the last 3 years or to the upcoming ammunition rebalancing. The game is just full of ‘richtards’ who are more than happy to grab their credit card and pay as much money as they want in order to get some sort of advantage over the free to play players. These are the people who also don’t care about the game state (just like WG does) and mean to compensate all the imbalance with premium rounds and their shiny OP premiums… I hope this tendency of paying over caring will end some day…

  15. Jingles that AA change is already working with the latest patch u messed up again ?

  16. Just amazed that anyone at Wargaming would think that the NTC rewards of combat bonuses were a good idea in the first place. Considering it pretty much united the ENTIRE player base across all servers in protest against the buffs, it only shows just how out of touch the company is to what players want. This does not bode well for the future of the game. Honestly they need a change of leadership and bring in someone that has a freaking clue.

  17. what?! no link the the desc for the museum?

  18. The pitchfork was heavy and got burnt by the torch

  19. I remember getting many lvls of prestige in both cod abd titanfall then main reason was that it didnt take extreme amount of time to do. Wow takes tons of time so i wont be able to partake but at least i wont get seal clubbed by Prestige ships

  20. To be honest, I wish they had a WW1 mode, where there are no aircraft carriers, no radar, no hydroacoustic search, etc.
    Just ships fighting against each other with guns, or primitive torpedoes. Keep it basic and simple. Old school.

  21. Soooo Naval Training Ctr….DKP…….

  22. theScottishKoala

    “There shouldn’t be skills that are effectively mandatory”

    Sixth Sense would like to know your location

    • Surprisingly, WoWs has free sixth sense, but still lags behind with various other skills… skills which only just decrease your detection range…

    • @noobtotale
      You say that, but WoT *also* has a camo skill…
      Which is *also* more effective on already stealthy vehicles…


    what adpocolyps ?
    oh wait….

  24. Well, the damage is already done, plenty of players already left WoWS after the first Devblog. Including our most trusted victim of aboose Fatso_Jesus

    • One of my clanmates, who had been playing the game for years I think, as soon as he saw it started to make plans to just stop playing WoWS at all anymore. We managed to convince him to stay at least until we know for certain WG didn’t completely ruin the game with the NTC. He still isn’t hopeful though and thinks they will do what happened in WoT and ignore the community, do their own thing and do what they originally planned anyway.

  25. Still makes IFHE mandatory for Destroyers with 114mm guns though doesn’t it?

  26. Praise be to Little Phil and Even Bigger Phil! I’m so looking forward to that change with the chat window.

    Am keen for the AA changes, especially if I can map the sector reinforcement to the Q and E keys instead of the stupid ~ and O keys and huge screen covering, immersion breaking, unreliable click the sector controls.

  27. always makes me wonder since we get captains with skills, why we can’t have the crew have them too. not saying we need all of them just a general term called ” Crew ” with some crews being better at fighting fires or better at range finding etc. just a thought

  28. The problem is not just with the proposed NTC rewards. Multiple end-game players were posting on the forums for the first time to warn WG that they had no intention of re-grinding any lines, thank you very much. WG need to learn that offering combat bonuses is unbalancing; and offering economic bonuses only adds to inflation. But most of all they need to recognise that in their attempts to curb inflation by removing access to easy-credit earning ships like Montana all they have done is pulled up the drawbridge behind a ‘large minority’ (how large?) of older players, and widened the gap between old players and new players further. New players are already having to grind off their asses to catch up, and adding content like NTC that locks away game content behind a end-game high tier requirement will harm new player retention.

  29. OK so no buffs to ships BUT you will still be populating the lower tiers with seal clubbers grinding their chosen line. Does this sound like an inviting entrance to a game for a new player or will it be a case of “Screw this game for a joke, its too hard, I’m going to go play War Thunder”
    Who gives a damn about existing player retention when you have just effectively killed off any growth from the ground up.

    • You get seal clubbers anyway, it wouldn’t be that much of a difference. Also I heard the idea was only for t6 and higher, which makes sense as that is where the lines start to actually get their uniqueness. I’m not sure about that, but I heard that somewhere.

      Also I have the Minotaur and multiple t9s, if I want to start going down say the German DDs or French cruisers, I would be in a similar situation. While I’m no unicum, I at least have an idea of what I’m doing most of the time, so still have an advantage over a newbie.

      Besides, it’s hard for everyone at first, no one was a master their first day, or probably even their first week. Hell, half the t10s still don’t have a clue what they are doing. Also if you know what you’re doing you can get through t2-4 in just a day or two, and then they are back at the mid tiers where you can find quite a few of the more experienced players anyway.

      I really don’t see seal clubbing being an issue here.

  30. Been watching u since 2012 bud. Absolutely luv ur content. Plz do this as long as it brings u joy my friend. Cheers!

  31. moonmoonbirdcpt

    I am playing Tree of Savior right now waiting for this boat mess to be over before I comes back

  32. UltraSuperDuperFreak

    That naval training center sounds like a very good idea in my book. Just make sure those who got upgrades only fights others with upgrades when you sailing a upgraded ship version. And make it a option to turn off upgrade temporaly so they can join “normal” matches aswell.

    People are so tight in the butts now a days as soon someone gives others an advantage they might be unable to get emself instanly or are too lazy to do. First of all screw all those who actualy have plenty of stuff to do. Your oppinion is straight out mute, this is not for you. You will get it later.

    Entire world of warships is united lol ..give me a break … those who likes the idea DIDTN go to forums and spam em about how much they like this idea. Only reason it sounds like “all” dont like the idea is a few thousind makes so “much” noise that it sounds liek it, but in reality its only a faction of player that are actualy complaining.

    Just like when EA canceled MEA , jsut because a thousinds complain ..it was not even 50000 complaning, and over 650000 copies hade been sold with a few weeks. so all future story of game got canceled. That NEVER happened in “older” days. Just now a days crybaby sociaty (yes i see the irony of me complaining) complaining each time something doesn go how they want it.

  33. Why buying a backup, when it isn’t at reaching distance to backup if needed? ???

  34. need more kitten vids

  35. Ok, so, that’s mingles with Jingles done for this week. How about an episode of mingles with kittens before she’s no longer a kitten ?

  36. Jingles, what worries me more than anything is. How the fuck did the idea get as far as it did? Is their no ONE employee with the balls to stand up to this. WOW is all I have to say..well and of course to thank all the CCs etc..that spoke out against this galactic dick dance. Back to the mines for me.

  37. will WOT take a leaf out of wows book?

  38. Correction, if you insist on playing COD with a pink and whatever purple tiger stripe M4 you should be drawn and quartered in the local square for grievous assault on good taste.

  39. Sounds so good I might actually put some effort into actually playing WOWS.
    It looks good for the future of the game.

  40. darrell de Jongh

    Yeah, make the rewards for the training centre stuff like flags or other consumables for eache tier/ship you unlock or an Xp/credit boost for every two tiers gone up but just for those tiers (for example: if you unlock all ships between tier 4 and 5 you’ll receive a 5% maybe 10% boost when playing those ships. To speed up and give insentive to play lower ranked ships and buff out that matchmaking a bit

  41. Complements to Wargaming. Instead of what some big gaming business would do and say, “Hold my beer and trust me I’m an engineer, this is a great idea.” They’ve listened to the community and changed their ideas. Their alternative is also spot on. The rewards can be new ships so tunnel vision players -who think that only introducing new ships is the way forward- are satisfied, while at the meantime they can spent more time and production on other features like new maps, gameplay, mechanics, or port changes.

  42. I am very curious as to exactly what the numbers were of people who have so many resources that they don’t know what to do with and have everything unlocked.. because that seems really difficult to comprehend for me.

    Also, while I am very well aware that ships take a very long time to model and make into the game, it does appear to me that there is just a ludicrous amount of premium ships in the game at the moment and most of the time I just wonder why. I haven’t looked at it in any detail but it feels like a line or two of ships could be made out of these premiums that arguably shouldn’t be premium ships? Just my thoughts anyhow.

  43. It was not only 48 hrs! WG knew – they had to knew – this will comming. They showed this concept to the CCs. They saw the reaction of the “main influencers”. They knew this shitstorm may come and the answer was prepared advance.

  44. this all thing .. giving an advantage to already good players is common in another wg title 😀

  45. God is about to hand you Excalibur, “Nah I’m good bruh, I’m too stronk as is.”
    God ” Are you sure? Why?”
    You ” I just told you I’m too good for it.”
    God ” TOO GOOD FOR EXCALIBUR!? You ungrateful little shit!”
    You – Slaps God and throws Excalibur back to the soggy tart in the lake.

  46. “Last Stand” is mandatory on PC – but on console it’s only available on a pay-to-win commander bought via Lootbox. I would mention this on the forum, but WG closed it and currently has ZERO player engagement.

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