Mingles with Jingles Episode 293

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

Patch 1.6 is on the way World of Tanks, introducing British light tanks which are fast, have high alpha damage, great concealment and fantastic view range. If you believe all of that, stick around, I have a prime real estate deal in Louisiana you might be interested in…



  1. Not first

  2. Jingles I know you don’t follow sports but!!! ENGLAND WON THE CRICKET WORLD CUP!!! 😀

  3. Load up Youtube, Mingles with Jingles released without a single View. Good to be first. 🙂

    On the SPG point, I wish they would just remove Arty all together, since HE ammo exists in the game there really isn’t any point in it existing other than to piss people off. I have a policy of once I die to an SPG I stop playing for the day. I get in about 5 – 10 games a day doing this. I find if I stick around and continue playing when being killed by SPG’s I just become enraged and that isn’t fun for anyone. (except for the scumbag playing the SPG).

    IMO SPG’s are for people who want to multitask, play games and have a fap at the same time. Their existence in WoT seems to be nothing more than to not allow pornhubs viewership to fall too low when people want to play computer games.

  4. Hello jingles
    You should come to Australia one year. Cairns has a good tanks museum that is starting a new display day.
    Come check it out.

  5. The skyrim boy -aka awsome alpha

    We need longer red dead redemption 2 videos. You used to make them almost an hour, now they are only around 20 minutes? The miners are rebelling from the salt mines, LONGER RED DEAD!

  6. Visiting your country from Sweden tomorrow! Will be attending the RIAT airshow! I can post some cool pictutes and videos from it on your Discord / Facebook

  7. Username McUsernameFace

    I often wonder if the developers of World of Tanks actually play their game?
    Either that or they lie more than Theresa May.

  8. Can you please start doing Atlantic Fleet again? I really enjoyed it and if you can start that again I will work double shifts in the Salt mines for your cause. Thanks.

  9. This retard in Obj.279 pumping HEAT into Mauschen space armor really pissed me off and I don’t even play WoT.

  10. Hi WG, why are u design British light tanks in WOT like that?
    WG : what is WOT?

  11. First 700 viewers YAY

  12. I guess the ‘problem’ with the Scimitar/Saber/Scorpion is that two of those have 30mm guns, and one has a 76mm low velocity gun. yes there was the Scorpion 90 but again thats a low pressure 90mm gun not a full bore one. With the 30mm guns you could have high rates of fire and decent penetration but piddling damage but the Scorpion’s 76mm gun would be an issue. Also we must bare in mind the UK’s diplomatic standing with Russia at the moment. If its bad, then anything that gets made that’s not russian and is for Country X Y or Z tends to suck ass.

  13. On different note, that Obj 279 is disgustingly OP

  14. I have another problem with BLTs (British Light Tanks, not sandwiches):
    If WG is making up BLTs to give them larger alpha guns than the 90mm you find on the Scorpion etc, why give them the, same sort of guns!

  15. SurpriseBlue Viana

    WG reach a point of no return…they are make big mistakes in wot and wows in this 15 days that is amazing!

  16. wg are still pissing on player-base & calling it free to play water 😉

  17. Really odd that they fire better stationary in a nation that trained to hit targets while moving at the time. I may be wrong with recollection only from my memory but I don’t wager I am.

  18. WG HQ:
    Ivan! Ivan!
    What is it Yuri?
    There’s a group of players outside wielding pitchforks and torches demanding we add British lights in-game and buff the Rhm Panzerwagen!
    Da comrade! Then lets add the British lights.
    Khorosho. But what about the Panzerwagen? You know we can’t just buff it, its not Rashan.
    Nyet comrade, we don’t have to buff it.
    Then what do we do comrade?
    Its simple, we make the Brit lights crap to make the Panzerwagen look good.
    Da comrade you’re a genius! Like hitting two birds with one potato.

  19. More kitten vids, please

  20. Jingle Jangle its mingles with the Salt lord! Oh and Brit lights are really poor and wheeled cockroaches outperform them at every level and they are pretty lackluster. No scorpion no scimitar!!!

  21. Luis Antonio Maliglig

    Had the exact experience Jingles described. I was on low health and was trying to pull back from face-hugging an enemy medium. Arty kills the enemy, but also stuns and tracks me with splash damage, because of the reduced mobility from stun, I wasn’t able to pull back around the corner in time, so another enemy tank kills me. When I asked the arty why he would shoot while I was so close to the enemy tank, his reply was “You were gonna die anyway”. Still pisses me off…

    • i like to play SPG occasionally, as SPG player it pisses me of when i show the team where i am aiming with a ping. on spots where nor friendlies are. and keep in mind shots take to travel a few seconds depending on the range. shot is in the air on an enemy with no friendlies around. shot hits enemy and splashes a friendly light because he thought lets rush that enemy while i marked that i was shooting at it. so don’t always blame SPG’s some of them are just casual SPG players. and know how it is to sit on the other end of the barrel.

  22. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/FV300_Series So light tank ? with Comet Gun https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/FV101_Scorpion Give Scorpion nasty HESH/HE Ammo Scorpion 90 for higher tier

  23. When top British gamer’s, you Jingles and QB, that I know of, talk bad about a British tank, oh boy. Wonder how this will play out. And I did watch QB’s review. Poor guy, seemed beside himself.

  24. Been so long since I played World of Tanks, I actually forgot it was still installed….

  25. Nice work jingles I didn’t know a thing about “real Brit lights” now I do 🙂 I come to these channels for info and some times I feel it lacks but this vid was a “big ? out of 10” 😀

  26. wow, jingles is this a competition of who can smack wot the most? (tbh I’m not against it if it is it’s very funny).

  27. Have we seen this video before?

  28. British Light are Poo, Jingles .

  29. Yea, Ra Boo!!!!!!!!

  30. What is the reasson why they don’t import world of warships team damage system?

  31. HMS manticore is that a thing ? (Not related to tanks just the name manticore sounds annoyingly familiar)

  32. 13:22 Anyone knows why BB doesn’t take damage from torp hit?

  33. Boo – The Great Cat Saving Hero 😉 Good Job 🙂

  34. My God, 2 minutes after the MwJ went live there are already 142 views and 12 comments.
    I do have a serious question, who is the person Rita keeps doing the walk abouts with in her videos. I don’t have Face Page or that blue bird thingy, so this is the only way I can follow you all.
    YYYAAAAAA BOO!!!!!!!!

  35. … somethin that’s gonna make me lough… 😀 😀 😀 The only way I still can play WG games.

  36. Don’t worry, they will still be OP by the time they hit the live server.

  37. And to Boo….Hurrah…

  38. This is why I quit playing WOT, the bullshittery.

  39. GJ Boo

  40. 3:12-3:24….. complete agreement. Pathetic, WG….. pathetic.

  41. The ones that actually existed are going to be premium tanks.

  42. On console they recently had a week of +1 -1 match making it was the closest it’s been to being fun again in WOT?

  43. Why promote some gold slinging fuck though?

  44. 10:05 “… as if WarGaming and Gaijin had a bet…”
    That explains so much in both companies and their games …

    So so much, too much almost …
    almost a perfect excuse for everything ^^

  45. Is WoT still alive…
    Well call me when its finally dead.

  46. Lukas van Klinken

    That little French tank has more ammo?? How does that work?? Do the French just stuff the shells up their arse while the Brits protect their virginity?? Wargaming??

  47. yay Boo ^^

  48. Well done Boo!

  49. Matthew Boothman

    Haven’t watched these in ages but really enjoyed it and always makes me wanna play wot again

  50. The Teir 10 isn’t made up. It’s the real British tank that was called the Chimera and not the fake thing ingame already. It’s not fake but paper so I can see how people would think that is completely fake.

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