Mingles with Jingles Episode 294

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Source: The Jingles

In which I get ridiculously excited at the news that one of my favourite comic books ever getting its own TV show. PLEASE let not be shit.


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  1. so Jingles you enjoying life with your new owner 🙂

  2. Your story about Super heroes reminds a bit of “Hancock” starring Will Smith…….He is basically doing what he wants…. Ends up in prison… gets drunk every day…

  3. That Croatian music teacher whose name I am not even going to attempt to spell… it sounds like travelling with him is riskier than doing so with Tom Hanks.

  4. Not a huge fan of Garth Ennis – his stuff starts out great but it almost always just escalates and escalates into ridiculously over the top. Still, sounds like worth a peek. 🙂

  5. Jingles, i am also a cat person and have been so all my life, 57 years now. My latest cat, Trisse, allways sleep beside me in my bed with his paws touching my body, some times he sleep beside my pillow sometimes he sleep with his paws on my chest. He NEVER does that beside my wife, never. I was the one rasing him up so he was attached to me as his new ”mother”. Trisse is a outdoor cat bringing home a diversity of different animals to our family to ”eat”. Its birds, rats, rabits and so on. We are memebers of his family not the other way around! And We just love it! Having a cat enrich the lifes of all of us. I could never have a dog because of its dependancy in humans. Cats Dont need that, if We treat them bad they just leave us for another home. They interact with us on their premisses not ours.????

  6. Radovan Dragović

    LOL! My cat imprinted on our dog. It was him, the dog, Boba(It’s got nothing to do with Boba Fett, Boba is a common Serbian nickname for people named Boban), who brought kitten home and we have no idea where he found him. That cat, Mića, is now larger then Boba, dog, Westy, he is not only longer and bulkier then him he also has a bigger head, if you disregard the snout and is trying to play with him, the dog, as if he was still a kitten. Thankfully dog is a terrier after all so he is able to endure it. Main point being that Boba is the first Mića runs to when we return from the walk, he sleeps on top of him, groom him, looks depressed when he is not around…

  7. My kitty like to rest on my hands while I play fun games like *Tree of Savior* too
    Also, you should watch Tiger and Bunny anime, it’s a lot like that show that you talked about

  8. The moment the cat rant came up i was gone.

  9. Tsutomu Yamaguchi

    He was in Hiroshima on a business trip when American bomber Enola Gay dropped an atomic bomb on the city on August 6, 1945.

    Three days later, the bomb that ended World War II flattened his home town of Nagasaki where we had been relocated as he recovered from his injuries.

  10. Darwin's Arbiter

    Super powers exist, mental illness exist, there you have it jingles, super villains.

  11. Jingles you should make a podcast.

  12. I’ve got a pile of ‘Blinker Fluid’ vouchers and wondered if anyone had 500yards of flight line to trade…..

  13. How do you monetize superpowers?
    The same way you monetized your superpower, Jingles 🙂
    Patreon 😀

  14. Me: *getting ready for work*

    Jingles: *uploads video*

    Me: *”Damn it Jingles..”*

  15. My cat would “roost” on my mouse hand… know the pain.

    You need to clear out a space on your desk for a cat bed, and put her there if she starts interfering with your work, and give her some pets.
    After awhile she’ll go there instead of the mouse hand.
    Just like with dogs you need to put down boundaries.

  16. Bjørn ThePugilist

    Hey Jingles, you should check out Worm, a web novel that’s also about taking a realistic look at superheroes. There are definitely some differences to The Boys, but there are also a remarkable number of similarities.

  17. I’m not sure what game is playing in the background, but it definitely is taking place at the smithsonian air and space museum in downtown D.C.

  18. Well Mr Jingles, though I love your videos, I can tell you my cat is a retriever… what ever I throw, he will fetch.. 😀

  19. theScottishKoala

    Hey Jingles, I have a similar thing with my little dog, he just loves to be wherever I am. I have a computer desk with a couple of shelves underneath the actual desk part, one of which houses my pc, but the other of which I don’t use, so I set up a little bed area for my dog, who comes and hops up there to sit basically whenever I’m sitting down to work on a video

  20. Maine Coon, the dog man’s cat.

  21. In terms of the superhero question, I would suggest Jingles to watch or read My Hero Academia. It kinds of touches on this subject.

    • Not that much. It barely touches on the social, economic or political aspect of having super heroes in society. It is still a good show, but for different reasons.
      Tiger and Bunny is a better fit if you want a show about super heroes with most of the daily problems and moneytization of heroes included.

  22. Haha I don’t have to imagine, my cat always favours lying on my mousehand aswell XD
    She also retrieves small foam balls, never tried sticks though.
    Before she was rescued she was just left to her own inside an enclosed area filled with dogs for about the first year of her live, so I guess the dog behavior rubbed of on her a bit (she also attempts a bark once and while when she wants to play).

  23. Yea, yea jingles. It’s not your fault you can’t shoot stright, the cat is laying on your mouse hand. Pull the other one. It’s got bells on it.

  24. Damn, that’s a lucky/unlucky man, but I’m still gonna have to insist that the luckiest/unluckiest person was Yamaguchi Tsutomu and the other 165 or so people somewhat understatedly known as niju hibakusha, twice explosionaffected… the explosions? Hiroshima and Nagasaki…

  25. A dog looks at a human and thinks ‘you feed me, you take care of me, you look after my every need. You must be a god!”

    A cat looks at a humans and thinks ‘you feed me, you take care of me, you look after my every need. I must be a god!’.

  26. Jingles I recommend reading Brandon Sanderson – The Reckoners : ))

  27. What game is that

  28. The Boyz and The Female!
    “For the female of the species is more deadly than the male.”

  29. Someone clearly doesn’t know the difference between ordinance and ordnance. Or rather that there *is* a difference.

  30. Can’t wait to be a superhero

  31. social3ngin33rin

    Sooooo….they’re making a live action My Hero Academia? lolololololol

  32. i think there is show coming out where a group decide to punish the super heros that do or cause stuff to happen.

  33. So, why did you get the kitten? If you get the time to answer. Btw I have almost watched every video in your playlist. You’re a great commentator.

  34. You named akizuki wrong. That adorable furball is a kongou.

  35. Not all dogs are fetchers. My old dog, a German Shepard called Kimble, would look at me as if to say “you ficken threw it. You go get it ye numpty!” Only time he’d ever chase a ball down would be if it took an awkward bounce and ended up in the Loch…he loved swimming, the bath after not so much ?

    • That’s pretty much the cat approach. “If you wanted it you shouldn’t have thrown the bloody thing away!” 😀

  36. About the background footage: Is the division 2 much, much easier than div 1 or are you just playing on easy? You’re standing in front of bosses firing at you and they don’t even dent your hp most of the time, the only times you got low fast was when half a dozen dudes were unloading and you didn’t bother to take cover o.O

  37. Yea gods, the thought of a Callum Best or Kanye West superhero is enough to make me shudder.

  38. #Jingles What about the film Hancock ?

  39. Sounds a lot like the anime Tiger and Bunny

  40. hey Jingles you might enjoy the anime “My Hero Academia”. it is a show of superpowers and how people have used that to earn a living.

  41. There’s an anime called Tiger & Bunny that handles heroes if they were real in a rather interesting way. Of course its an anime so Im not sure if you’d actually like it. Its worth a shot though I’d say.

  42. A life full of sex drugs and alcohol, introducing Ozzy Osborne

  43. Someone needs to make a TV series of Marshal Law. Verges on “The boys” epicness.

  44. You’re going soft in your old age Jingles.

  45. Dogs are Russian tanks, eager and able to please, without any effort. Cats are British, German and French tanks, sometimes they want to please you, other times totally uninterested. But when they are nice kitty/tankies, you feel so much more worthy 🙂

  46. The DC Universe streaming is going to have a Soviet Superman animated series

  47. Duncan Beerewout

    Am I the only one that cringes about the Division backround vid?

  48. Paused the video, searched the trailer and fall in love with it. Sad is that I dont have amazon prime now XD.

  49. July 26 is a Friday, July 27 is Saturday

  50. Yolodude1902 Andreas

    God i miss the old days with the intro on every mingles with jingles videos

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