Mingles with Jingles Episode 295

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Source: Mighty Jingles

may have up its game, it now has an actual competitor. Shame YouTube doesn't.



  1. Youtube Streaming is a thing….

  2. Jingles- star citizen. – have you gotten a refund? I will ask until u address this most popular ? 😉

  3. Youtube is currently it’s own competitor, Jingles. I doubt that any company wants to combat Google, and Google just makes itself obsolete by making Youtube so unpleasant to use for both creators and consumers that it could die unless they change.

  4. Interesting considering the entire CNN prime time line up gets less than 3 millions viewers but their hosts are making big bucks.

  5. The same day as the El Paso shooting there was another shooting in Columbus Ohio that killed nine people!

  6. I thought epic games store was nothing more than a chinese spy program? Did something change?

  7. Did anyone else get irrationally angry after hearing that some random fortnite guy pulls in six million dollars annually *playing video games?*

  8. duuude, al pacino you forgot!

  9. $6 million a year to play a game? HOLY SHIT !!! Where the hell do I sign up?

  10. Glad to hear you also enjoy those hack frauds of RLM. Awesome channel.

  11. Twitch just needs to die. It’s not for gaming anymore, it’s for THOTS .

  12. you may not like the tough gun laws in england but on the bright side you don’t have to go through this constant massacre over here. All so some twits can buy cool looking guns and cap rounds at the range while showing off there very over priced semi-auto’s bragging how macho they are waiting for the government to take over. To which I ask what don’t the goverment already don’t have there hands in some way? Sorry for the rant just angry needed to vent.

  13. Is Dailymotion not considered a viable alternative to YouTube? I read several years ago they were attempting to attract more original programming to their site.

  14. My respect for Jingles just went up 100% on learning he watches Red Letter Media! Mike Stoklasa is a very good film critic and said what I always felt: that Hollywood just didn’t seem to care anymore. But he almost wept for joy when he talked about “Once upon a Time in Hollywood”! Interesting statistic about Steam: There are 1,298 clones of Candy Crush, 986 of Angry Birds and 403 remakes of various Zombie games. plus: 98 City Building games, 86 medieval themes. Yup Steam has them all and none of them are worth the money!

  15. Well Jingles, you haven’t heard of Mixer because you don’t watch E3 (don’t blame you, it’s worse by the year) and you have a Playstation as your choice of gaming console.
    But the real blunder was comparing Mixer and Twitch to Epic and Valve. It’s like comparing a Renault FT with a broken engine to a Challenger because both are turreted armored combat vehicles and saying just because Renault is buying exclusivity contracts with several armies to deploy FTs and it’s variants, they are offering the same product.
    Epic has been throwing money at product instead of their platform since it’s inception and that shows in the quality of their store. The only people happy with the EGS are these developers and publishers that are getting money thrown at them, not the consumers.
    How fantastic is it that you can have your game displayed so prominently at the EGS but your consumer gets banned from the store because he bought several games and the EGS thought it was a scam, because they don’t have a shopping cart and having several transactions in succession triggers their scam protection? That among an ever growing list of egregious transgressions against consumers the EGS keeps on doing.

    There is ALWAYS the same argument (and you keep repeating it, parroting it, ignoring any information to the contrary) against Steam. When they curated, they didn’t curate fast enough (they were THE platform, so it was a looooooooooooong list) so people, and developers complained. Then they said “okay, have at it, we won’t curate, anyone can publish” and everyone was happy… until they realized EVERYONE could publish there. And now people complain their game doesn’t show up as they want it anymore! BOO-HOO. It is not the store’s duty to do marketting for your game. I don’t see anyone complaining Walmart or Target or whomever doesn’t promote their favorite brand of sliced bread and they have to actually search the shelves. And, gasp, it’s digital on Steam so… your fingers got tired maybe?

    Funny thing is hearing this from a Youtuber. Because, you know, Youtube has the same issue. “Hey! Everyone can publish videos!”, “YouTube, you need to curate the years of videos that are uploaded to you daily”, “Really? It’s humanly impossible… we’ll use bots”, “Oh no, the bots are ruining MY content and MY visibility, please stop!”, “But you just asked me to curate!?”. Yes, it’s a bit more in-depth than that, but it’s the same gist.
    Be careful what you wish for… when Steam finally gets annoyed and sees it’s numbers dropping, they will curate in the only way possible for the store. And you’ll see developers BEGGING you for coverage to get them on Steam. Just like they used to before. And you’ll wonder why Steam doesn’t curate faster or better… while of course, dropping their % charge because they want a better service for less money.

    TL;DR: Stop being a parrot, Jingles. Use that nogging and research some before spewing bullet points in a subject you clearly don’t have a grasp on. You didn’t use to do this, not a good place to start.

  16. Stunning background match, that Baltimore sailed behind that island and stayed there the whole match. I love the game but this kind of static campy gameplay is why I don’t play anymore

  17. I miss DPS Russia…:(

  18. what’s your review of ” the boys”?

  19. While it is true that Youtube being a de facto monopoly is a problem, the bigger problem is the reason why there are no competitors: the business model has run its course. The old days of selling ads by the truckload isn’t working anymore. Advertisers are getting smart and adopting more targeted approaches, which result in lower ad volume and thus less money coming back to content creators. Youtube adopts such a draconian demonitization policy simply because it doesn’t have enough cash to go around. They can’t admit to that of course, because admitting it would spur the few major channels to either disband or move on.

  20. Yeah, mixer has been aggressively pushing their platform. For instance, they made a deal with Smite to exclusively stream their proleague games on there last year

  21. I’ve been streaming on Mixer for a while now [more than 6 months]

    IMHO Twitch is for Titty Streamers … anymore

  22. Well, we’ve heard of Mixer now… So I’d say they accomplished their goal by signing what-his-face away from twitch.

  23. What do you think about Youtuber unions both the current iteration and the idea in general?

  24. In my opinion, he is not a great role model to be a twitch streamer. (Ninja)

  25. Youtube broke even last year, no profit. Why would you set yourself up as a competitor . You would need the similar infrastructure and a better deal for the content creators which means less profit. Less profit than breaking even means a loss. Loss means unhappy shareholders

  26. Jingles when and if YouTube gets a competitor that is worth a dam you and everyone who is mad at YouTube should delete your content and move in mass to the new platform the loss of content to YouTube and the mutiny would strike down hard on google

  27. ToughAncientSpark

    Binge watched “The Boys”. Wasn’t hard to go through all the episodes of season one at once.

  28. Graham Montgomery

    This must have been recorded before the other two mass shootings in the US.

  29. My two boys play Fortnite… so i have heard and seen a few of Ninja’s video’s.. not a big fan of either

  30. Not a single American doesn’t want a change to prevent these horrific murders, but not one of us can agree on how to do it. Thanks for your thoughts, Jingles.

  31. Thank you for taking the time to mention the tragedy in Texas, Jingles. I wish our politicians respected these events as much as you do. Already American politicians are scapegoating video game violence as the cause of the Texas shooting, despite zero evidence, instead of looking for the real issues. It is disgusting.

  32. The Twitch staff are too busy watching the THoTs’ cleavage to care about Ninja

  33. il hail gun jesus
    bloke on the range is good too

  34. wish you the best jingles, if you’re fed up with this youtube stuff go do something else and enjoy life

  35. When dealing with a whore, the only relevant question is the price.

  36. If twitch had been keeping its streamers happy nobody would have been interested in going to mixer… first rule of a monopoly – do everything you can to preserve your monopoly…

  37. tiberius africanus

    ummmmm ACTUALLY JINGLES kill bill volume 1 and 2 sequal.

  38. Hopefully Microsoft’s foray into streaming and competing with Twitch will help decide if they become a competitor with YouTube; I’d certainly love to see that, anyway. Seems that’s a significantly less risky proposition to start with the streaming market first.

  39. Also… wonderful RLM call out here Jingles!

    Half in the baaaaaaaaaaaaaag!

  40. There is, or at least was, an alternative to YouTube, called Vimeo.

    The reason why Microsoft does not mess with YouTube: GOOGLE. I mean, Twitch is a company backed by Amazon (I believe) Amazon is a retail company. They do not have the infrastructure of Google, nor the influence. What is Amazon going to do to a Twitch competitor? Google on the other hand, well, just make your website ‘unnoticeable’, like they’ve been accused numerous times with news sources during US elections and so on. And that’s my fear of Microsoft competing with Twitch. Ms released Win 10 which has many features for streamers. Wouldn’t be it a shame if a new version of Windows would come with features only for Mixer? And Win 10 support would be shut down like Ms is doing with XP, Vista, 7 and so on.

  41. I have this gnawing feeling of deja vu listening to this tonite… as if you’ve done this episode before. Still listened to it all, but still have this gnawing going on. Anyone else?

  42. Linus over at Linus Tech Tips has been working on a YouTube alternative for content creators… its called Floatplane.

  43. The obvious reason is that twitch makes a profit whereas youtube operates at a loss and is propped up by other Google/Alphabet products.

  44. “He doesn’t do sequels” – like Kill Bill 2? ???

  45. Hardhatspice Gaming

    I know your a bit of an old git but how have you never heard of Ninja

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