Mingles with Jingles Episode 296

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In which I attempt to justify being a lazy scumbag and World of Tanks under the bus to try to distract you all from my extreme scumbaggery.



  1. Well sounds like rita going to make jingles run round like a headless chicken at the end

  2. Stop grumbling old chap, go buy one of the Great 8 Commanders for £38 on WOW’s that’ll cheer you up ? I don’t trust wargaming at all anymore. I keep looking for a nice Navel game circa 1600/1800’s with no Russian hot air balloons dropping bombs. on me. Enjoy the break ?

  3. wait…jingles so, you say that the wg branch responsible for warships is listening to players??? really then how come they screw up the japanese destroyers line, and the patch after that they remenber to introduce captain skills and consumables that screw up destroyers anyway whit detection, how is that listening to players?

  4. Figaro de la Colline

    I’ve always thought (probably insanely) that WOT devs come from a position of strength. What with the history of armored vehicles and USSR/Russia’s successful history with the same. So “What we say goes”?
    Whereas with WOW, USSR/Russia does not come from a position of strength (Tsushima anyone?) and would probably be more amenable to direct comms with those who have that position of strength?
    Sorry for over-thinking…

  5. ? Hi – How about : Fantasy General 2 – Viking XCOM – Story – RPG – turnbased Yeei 😉

  6. Anno 1800 or hearts of iron 4

  7. Battletech…… You kind of forgot about it….

  8. WG is using “Alternate Facts”

  9. Hunny do list! .. always Jingles, always.

  10. Enjoy the time off…

  11. World of Warships legends will have an event up to earn the Tirpitz

  12. TLDR: Wargaming is a dishonest company.

  13. Right fellow Salt Miners the Gnome Over Lord is going away it’s time to DOWN TOOLS! 😀

  14. tiberius africanus

    hrmmm warships honest huh…..carrier bait and switch anyone. buff the hell outa carriers sell the prems then nerf them to hell. not spending another dime on that utter trash company…….

  15. Eve online?.

  16. I get you, I took some time off work, but it was really a holiday for my mother.
    Wait until February, I’m going to take a fishing holiday for me.

  17. Teak cear old chap and relax stop all for a week and relax

  18. ThatGingerBreadMan

    Hello Jingles, Maybe try Star Trek Online. Yes it’s not new, the game is turning 10 years old in January but I thought as Rita is a trek nerd you could play it with her?

  19. Hi Jingles, If poss, maybe you could do something really different and do some of your awesome Museum videos?

  20. Ark Primitive +

  21. World of trumpy – Everything is utter garbage 😉

  22. I’m pretty sure that the ACTUAL reason team damage got removed were because of these new British tanks. They are so horribly bad they would get team killed instantly out of pity…

  23. and also…thanks to Rita…you have to work you`re ass of…so that`s funny

  24. Why would you ask WoT developers about what floatplane is on a russian cruiser, that’s just weird 🙂 Enjoy your week in the garden….

  25. come to New Zealand for a month

  26. Enjoy the week off mate and have some fun.

    We’ll be here when you get back.

    Wait, that sounds kinda passive aggressive.

  27. Take your time and play a game called VA 11 HALL A,Its an experience and you might like it.Should keep you occupied for a good week

  28. Dishwashers is a mans best friend…as is wrinkle-free shirts that need no ironing.

  29. Jingles please take a look at stellaris! You won’t regret it

  30. On the topic of airsoft Jingles, I searched YouTube for your old Combat South Vietnam reenactment airsoft videos where you filmed as a “reporter”. I cannot find these videos anywhere. I searched every combination of words and they just don’t exist anymore. I searched Google and found an old post with a link to one but it was unavailable. Do you know what happened to them?

  31. Try Witcher 3. Think you would like it. Have a nice vacation.

  32. Jingles, you rock. Try Monster Hunter Online. The grind is real. Peace

  33. new video idea:

    a day in the live of jingles

  34. IOWADragon Country Outlaw.

    Enjoy yourself.
    In fairness, on WoT’s NA Discord. Many of the people in Austin interact with the community as much as they can. As to contact with developers, I’ve no idea.
    And sorry old chap I’ll never play the Brit lights as they are. I have enough challenges with the lines I’ve picked. And my skills and social graces.
    I watched Kellerman’s review this time after the update. Poor guy, he tried to make them work well, and be nice about it, for Claus.

  35. The best use of the British light tanks could be to yolo into the enemy team only to die 15 secs into the match too which it can’t even do that very well.

    As to the out right lies War Gaming is using, well we all should leave for that other tank MMO…. Oh right there is none so unless on stops playing WG won’t care.

  36. History Gaming Verified

    Good news, actually. Take your week off, come back refreshed…and I finally get stuff done because your staggering amount of great videos won’t keep me from doing it. xD

  37. Take time for you jingles. that said haven’t played wot since china tds. With 88k games played. Play wows now as it is much better and Kingdom come Deliverance. You should give it a go.

  38. Take a look at uboat i think its an awsome game

  39. Ps – German battleships come out today on WoW Legends ??

  40. I’m taking a week off, actually Jingles you’re not.

  41. Rekt, by the lady of the house! lol have fun Mr. Jingles!

  42. “Howdy folks, hope you all enjoyed your weekend and welcome to another Mingle with Jingles with me, the Mighty Jingles”

    *ummm I hope its you and not a voice over*

  43. Now I just want to know which ship and what spotter plane. 🙂

  44. “I’m bored, I’m going to take a break. I’m now bored of taking a break!”

  45. @Jingles it was the Schors I think during our stream sir? brilliant example, and we have so many more of that sort of questions WG just answer right off the bat for us with ease.

  46. Sounds like time for another kitty vid.

  47. No holidays for you Jingles-Rita will keep you busy in her saltine ? enjoy your time-off mate!

  48. Jingles now has a weeks worth of honey-dos. I’m lovin it.

  49. Also a notation on somthign you said around 22:30 onwards. Just because devs play their own game doesn’t mean they’ll get the same gameplay experiance as random layers. They go in with all this information from design meetings and implementing things about what they intended and that will affect their perception. Just because developers don’t experiance somthing doesn’t mean they don’t play their own game.

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