Mingles with Jingles Episode 297

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

Normal service has now been resumed. I’m back from a off where I swore I would do stuff and not just sit on my ass playing computer games all day…


System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution


  1. 3:00
    no she does not fit anymore .
    i dont want to be a mean person but when you called her fat cow some time ago , you are not too far off . she has gained a lot of weight .
    then again – thats charasteristic to spanish girls after 25…

  2. As Palpatine says: Dewwit

  3. Well there High Water in 2 weeks Time

  4. I thought we always blamed Billy?

  5. Jingles, will you be doing anything special for Mingles With Jingles 300?

  6. Looking forward to seeing some airsoft videos in the future!

  7. I don’t believe in putting subs into WoWs. Sorry but that’s just how I feel.

  8. Hotel for Gamescom…Trivago

  9. Oh, before I forget Jingles, Subnautica : Below Zero has changed almost everything if the game you’ve played in the video so far. Restart time.

  10. I cant wait for subs honestly. Im a huge history/way geek and am so excited for subs

  11. Airsoft ? is that something new on Steam ?

  12. The Shim in the replay = idiot, does not know how to play the ship.

  13. Cool 8 minutes old

  14. Jingles, have you heard about the Fractured Space community servers? They’ve managed to get community servers up and running, and you can now play the game again! It’s sanctioned by WG UK too. Here’s a link to the reddit post: https://www.reddit.com/r/FracturedSpace/comments/cff0b6/fractured_space_is_back/

  15. 11:16 Console doesn’t have Aircraft Carriers yet, as a battleship player. That makes me happy

  16. Jingles sir.. when will you show us the footage that you shot in holland.. the museums and stuff..

  17. The Swamp Cleaner

    We’ll get subs sooner rather than later. I’d say by this time next year the issues will be hammered out. But by February we’ll have subs in the live server

  18. Christian Schinner

    Oh i thougt Billy Warren is to blame for everything… goddamit Billy

  19. To the tune of “Yellow Submarine” :

    We all live in a nuclear submarine,
    Reactors’ sprung a leak,
    Now we’re glowing green.
    We all live in a nuclear submarine,
    Mutations among the crew,
    Now we start to scream.

    In other news: Jingles fails again.

  20. learned from the cv rework? they better, after all they need to do it again^^

  21. Perhaps an xp boost for participants would be a good idea to encourage people to take part in submarine battles for testing purposes, even for the players not playing subs…

  22. Well Jingles, so so you think we can hope to get a Mode without Clickers and Bobbycars in WOT then?
    I mean… Both classes are still as wrong/unfinished and unbalanced, as the submaries in WOWs will be 😉

  23. History Gaming Verified

    You allowed the kitty access to the man cave. It is now a kitty cave.

  24. Pffft??
    We all know that everything is Jingles fault.?

  25. Hey hey jingles forever lol

  26. you should get rid of Rita, she is just dragging you down 😀

  27. Cold War Cold Waters for Jingles! Or will we wait another year like for War Thunder videos.
    Also I hope subs return for Halloween or at least get an arpeggio of blue steel skin…….the MC was a sub captain after all!
    But this is like expecting Rita to be battle-ready, so fingers crossed on a meow and bark! Go Boo go!

  28. I think the main problem about the test server is not that people play differently it’s that WG ignore 100% of player feedback. All of the most glaring problems with CV were very frequently voiced by players from the test server, too strong, AA too weak, F spam, slingshot abuse, infinite DD spotting, all of these and more, but WG ignored all of it.

    If they expect people to take time off the actual game to do the testing for them they should AT LEAST listen and use feedback, until then they can give players a shitty lootbox for spending several hours of their time, but it won’t get a lot more people into the PTS

  29. ….too lazy? And tanks is still too small for you, right? Erhm…. not sure I agree on that, Jingles. “Bad players” in tanks, have been according to what I’ve been told, blaming their mistakes on everyone else, but themselves. So…. what did losers do again?

  30. Robert Burns comes to mind when thinking of you #Jingles and your plan’s for any time off. The best laid schemes o’ mice an’ men often go awry

  31. I bet the chaps at Combat South are grateful for all the Jingles fans turning up every time he makes a public plan, and equally I bet they hate having to deal with the saltiness when he’s a no-show 😛

    Hey Jingles, they’ve got an evening game Wednesday, maybe give that a kick? Smaller turnout, no early mornings to deal with, and I think the walk-on fee is a bit cheaper?

  32. I learned a valueable lesson some years ago: never let your schedule rely on a woman. If you want something done, you have to assume you are going alone.
    I have had my fair share of evenings at home alone because the person i was going with could not make it.

  33. Another good vid Giggles…………………….

  34. quick pickup your pickaxes and pretend we were working last week!

  35. What I’m wondering is what nations will have submarines. Obviously the Germans will get subs, but could we prehaps see Norwegian and Swedish submarines?

  36. Not that toned down :)))) The provisional proposed subs start from speeds of 25 knots :)))))))))))))

  37. Submarines will cost wargaming a lot of players if they add them to normal game modes

  38. We need this in podcast form, so that this does use up our data quite as much

  39. Jingles,
    Don’t you know that plans never survive contact with the enemy, aka reality?

  40. Hiya Jingles, have you heard of a game called Void Bastards? My cousin told me about it and it’s addictive in a bad way but that’s OK because it’s fun, I really enjoy listening to these episodes ty

  41. Submarines are coming?
    Anyone else remember all those people saying “it can’t be done because (stupid technical reason)”? I do.

  42. Είστε Τρελοί

    Jingles mah boi, having a relationship with a portuguese girl too, I can safely say that the whole “hasn’t checked whether she still fits in her combat clothing” comment is not going to go on unnoticed. XD

  43. Who cares about “doing something” what does “something” mean anyway. Time you wanna waste is not wasted time.

  44. now I can go to sleep also !!!

  45. Do you have anything to say about the removal of some of the German tanks from the German tech tree and the addition of British helicopters in the upcoming 1.91 update of War Thunder?

  46. Going out with the chick is like:
    They making up for 2,5 h ,because make-up ,right dress ,right shoes ,hair etc. And you can beg her to be a little bit faster ,but no. She must looks like a goddess… Ok.
    Finally ,she’s done. You must only put your shoes and there it starts to be funny:
    OMG you’re not ready yet?! We’re gonna be late!! Because of you! We’re gonna be late I tell you… And it’s only your fault…
    (Sigh) Women…

  47. Get that ball Akizuki, KILL! Good floofball.

  48. Jingles: CVs were OP when they first came out.
    Me Huh: I did not have any good games in CVs.
    Me: Looks at my 47 percent win rate and .5 percent kill death rate.
    Me: Oh.

  49. Oh Jingles you’re so crap. Don’t you know you should never doubt that a girl’s clothes still fit her? By that you are essentially saying she might have gained weight, so you better go take cover

  50. Ah, the Mighty Jingles. As crap at taking time off as at anything else.

    And we would not have you any other way, old man. May you remain crap for looooong years to come.

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