Mingles with Jingles Episode 299

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

This talk about the potential deluge of great PC games coming out soon. then there’s World of Warcraft Classic.

Greedfall: http://greedfall.com/en
Warsaw: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1026420/WARSAW/
Modern Warfare: https://www.activision.com/games/call-of-duty/modern-warfare
Mechwarrior 5: https://mw5mercs.com/
Gears of War 5: https://www.gears5.com/en-gb
Halo Master Chief Collection: https://store.steampowered.com/app/976730/Halo_The_Master_Chief_Collection/
Borderlands 3: https://borderlands.com/en-US/
Doom Eternal: https://bethesda.net/en/game/doom
The Outer Worlds: https://outerworlds.obsidian.net/



  1. Jingles talks about Doom Eternal
    Me: I think he’s trying to say is Jingles, slaying demons IS A VACATION!

  2. Jingles, I give you killing Zevras for hooves. For some reason only one in 10 of them have a hoof….

  3. borderlands 3 comes out 13th of september not 14th lol

  4. RDR: You can stream it on a PS4 because your System is conectet to a PS3 System at Sony. Therefore it doesn’t matter which Console you are using. Most PS3 Games are not playable on the PS3. You can By it because your account doesn’t have the information which systems you might have or for that matter, which you don’t have.

  5. about Halo, I first played the game when I was quite little without knowing the plot or the lore, and I found it fine but not particularly interesting; however, a few years later a good friend said “you’ve got to read the books” and I read the first Halo book (the Fall of Reach) and it got me hooked! I’d argue that the world of Halo got me interested in science fiction and science in general, to which I owe and am grateful for to this day.
    long story short, if you aren’t hooked into the story/characters then maybe Halo isn’t for you, and the best place to start may not be the games.

  6. Try The last of us remastered

  7. What game is in the back ground??

  8. Fallen order is set after the prequels, and years before the original.

  9. You can’t RDR on the ps4, normally, because the server Its run on is emulating a ps3, but the ps4 can’t emulate the ps3 sadly

  10. Abdifatah Ahmed Awaleh

    Hey jingles how about death stranding ? Yes its Playstation exclusif but had the potential tout be a good game also when are you going to play god of war 4 ?

  11. RDR2 is a PS4 exclusive? What have I been playing on my XBOX than?

  12. I completely agree with you on waiting for borderlands 3 I’m just going to wait for the steam release I’m going to play it regardless but epic can kiss my ass and after 6 months people will have a lot of build guide’s, so I can pick one that looks best for me. Plus it’s my birthday in March to so I’ll treat myself

  13. Just curious, what game is playing in the background?

  14. xbox = backwards compatibility = Red Dead Redemption

  15. I wish the mighty gnome overlord would do a horror playthrough~ i heard he enjoyed alien:isolation a lot ^^

  16. The respawn thing just gave me flashbacks to the launch of the Trials of Obi Wan expansion for SWG (I know, it was £15 for an expansion to a game that would become unplayable in 2 weeks). One of the quests had a named spawn as the last objective, and the bastard was on a respawn timer of something like 4 hours.

  17. So you started the video saying that the exclusive deals need to stop. And then explain how you can’t wait for a game that screwed over all their backers, who were promised steam keys, when MW5 decided to drink the Epic kool-aide. Sometimes I wonder about you Jingles.

  18. play the ape game, ancestors something

  19. Wouldn’t Borderlands the Pre-sequel have been the 3rd game and Borderlands 3 the 4th.

  20. Red Dead Redemption was a PS3 exclusive?
    *looks at Xbox 360 copy*
    … Sounds about right for Jingles.

  21. Troels Dall Pedersen

    To be fair, SWBF2 has become really good now, and all the microtransaction stuff has almost been completely removed. Also from what I’ve heard, Jedi: Fallen Order has the lead designer of Star Wars The Old Republic on the development team, so besides having satan publish it, I have a good feeling about it 😉

  22. if there was a CoD World War collection which remastered 1-3 and UO. I would still love to see a CoD OT Remaster. Maybe changing some of Ingram’s lines in UO though.

  23. “I hope people don’t buy BL3 on EGS because this exclusivity shit needs to stop!”

    “I’m eager to try out Outer Worlds, an Epic Games Store exclusive!”
    “You bet your ass I’m playing MW5 Mercenaries, a game that piled on exorbitant pre-orders with the promise of a Steam key, only to announce EGS exclusivity days later, then admitting it was on the cards months back!”

    Oh Jingles…

  24. Pirana games is kinda scummy too. Promising steam keys whilst they had allready signed epic exclusive. Wouldnt call that worse then what Rancid Bitchford did to be fair. Link for as source https://youtu.be/rp_eocF-Dqc.

  25. About Classic WoW, I love it to bits and the retail will prolly remain untouched even tho i can play that too when subscribed.
    I was worried about ques but just roll on the right server and it´s no problem, haven´t waited more than an hour to get in since i started on the 27:th even when it says the server is full.
    And Jingles what is the need for 10 GY:s per zone in retail when nothing can ever kill you, unless you mess it up more than even possible? =)

  26. I have RDR on Xbox 360 from release. I have RDR on Xbox 1 via Gamepass. I have RDR2 on Xbox 1 since release. Playstation exclusives? Rockstar are not console exclusive specific.

  27. Control is just out. Your kind of story, completely barmy (and looks great with rtx apparently). Remnant is great, but maybe not a YouTube series.
    Ghost recon breakpoint is out early October too, but I’m expecting it to be disappointing.

  28. Never thought I would ever hear a PC player saying exclusivity needs to stop.

    • I’ve never heard a PC player saying exclusivity wasn’t terrible. Literally that is one of the main driving forces in the PC community behind the whole “PC master race” thing- we never had to worry about stuff being exclusives like consoles…

  29. Daniel Gyllenbreider

    At least WoW Classic might have sparked or resurrected the interest for regular WoW among certain people. I know it did for me after having been away from WoW since Cataclysm.

  30. Jingles, have you heard about the most glorious game for any history loving weeb: Mein Waifu is the Fuhrer?

  31. Well mr jingles, it seems Mechwarrior 5 is also a epicstore exclusive for a while, sadly…… ?

  32. That PS4 exclusive game has been running on my XB1 since launch date. Red Dead 1 played great on my 360.

  33. Exclusivity doesn’t bother me, welcome to capitalism Jingles, I’m not getting borderlands for three reasons, one being what Gearbox did to Submotto, two character abilities and characters look lame, and three I pre-purchased breaking point because I really liked Wildlands.

  34. also throughout most of this i could not stop staring at claire redfield’s ass lul

  35. I had the same issue with Halo, all of them. I loved and devoured the books though.

    • DankMemesAndRuinedDreams

      MASSspec1990 so you think the games are as boring as shit, but love the lore enough to have a halo profile pic… now that is curious

  36. Imagine hating the prequels

  37. Lots of backdated Rockstar games you can get on PS4 which are playable on it. Have you considered getting Canis Canim Edit (Bully) or maybe Max Payne?

  38. Thought you would be looking forward to phoenix point

  39. The Shredded Snorlax

    Ok, speaking as a long time Halo fan, I’ll agree, Halo Combat Evolved was repetitive. But then again, considering it came out in 2001, what else in the FPS genre back then was perfect? Halo has really taken off since then, 2 and 3 are fantastic classics, and 3 ODST and Reach are far from repetitive and have great replay value. For example, you spend the campaign of ODST dropped into a covenant occupied city and searching the city for clues to what happened to your squad, and then playing their mission when you find it. Give the Master Chief collection a try, if nothing else, you’ll get a god number of decent campaigns to play through for background for Mingles With Jingles

  40. JINGLES, go back to xcom and do a walkthrough of the legacy missions that look closer at john bradfords past 🙂 pretty please

  41. Play man of Medan plz

  42. Simple not a fuck up … acting as intended Sony wants you to SUBSCRIBE

  43. Why not play world of warships legends for the time slot of red dead

  44. Dragons dogma… the gameplay alone is enough to get it

  45. Just to elaborate on Halo: the MCC; it’s a incremental release in chronological order. So the devs are working on Halo: Reach right now and that will release within 2019. Once that is done they’ll then begin working on Halo: Combat Evolved (the one Jingles ways is boring).

  46. Did Jingles get his own birthday wrong or did I hear wrong? if he 50 in his next March then he would have been too young (because he would have been in secondary school) and not in the Falklands or the Royal Navy!?

  47. He should play the Witcher 3

  48. Darth Devious Watch One

    No game’s worth signing up with #EpicGamesStore So…I’ll wait for it to launch on #Steam

  49. Am I the only person who had the Eddie Izzard colonialism sketch going through my head?

    “You can’t colonize us, we live here!”
    “Do you have a flag?”

  50. Hey jingles. Game recommendation for you, Destiny 2. Let me explain, pretty much the whole d2 community – including myself – would admit that year 1 content of Destiny 2 is fairly Shit. But they would also say that Destiny 2 is now the best it’s ever been; and with the new content shadowkeep launching soon I’d say there’s no better time to start consider playing. (You could try new light however the free content is year 1. I.e. not the good stuff) I realise I may not have sold it yet so here we go, the game as a whole is now the best it’s been – story is good, new activities are different and not overly repetitive. But most of all there’s the forsaken content which I’d argue is the best dlc Destiny has had, with its raid ‘last wish’ which was so challenging that it took the first group 19 odd hours to complete it. Fun new weapons and abilities were also added. The raids are – for me atleast – the best part of the game, if you don’t know what you’re doing you’ll get punished. If you do know then you should be ok, however for me it beats a borderlands style raid – don’t shoot me I love the borderlands games aswell! They’re just so much better than borderlands’ shoot it for long enough style, in all of d2s raids: leviathen, spire of stars, eater of world’s, last wish, scourge of the past and crown of sorrow there are challenging mechanics, great bosses and encounters and just more than a single boss which you shoot a bit. Sorry for the novella of a review but I hadn’t hear you mention Destiny on your channel before, and with the game’s up and coming separation from blizzard – it’s moving to steam if you weren’t aware – I thought you may be interested. But if you had heard of it and thought it was a pile of crap anyway and just kept away from the subject like the plague then shit… oh well. Great vids as always. Also please look up proper insight to the game from good d2 channels (personal recommendation of datto) as I struggle to explain why 1+1=2 so don’t take my whole word for it!

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