Mingles with Jingles Episode 300

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

300 episodes of Mingles? This madness!

And this a
Global World of codes for all you lovely people.



  1. Jeppe Dalgaard Jensen

    Congratulations on reaching 300 episodes ?

  2. I adopted a 4-month-old kitten a week ago, after being without for over a year.

    I almost named him “Ringo,” because… my precious.

    I believe any place that offers cats or dogs for adoption should include one question on their applications: “Did John Wick overreact?” Because if someone answers “yes,” then having a pet probably isn’t the right thing for them to do.

  3. when do you upload a new video from uncharted 4, we miss one from last week.

  4. Im looking forward to episode 400 where Star Citizen is finishes releasing their 2017 roadmap goals

  5. Grats on EP 300 Jingles just keep doing what you are doing this is why we watch!!

  6. 16:09 Prepare for super slow internet…

  7. Jingles, i sincerely hope that one day you’II lose a silly bet to someone who’ll make you finish Alien Isolation :p

  8. 300…congratulation!

  9. How is Akizuki, Jingles? No cat diaries lately…

  10. That’s a lot of watch time.

  11. Hey Jingles, when are you going to finish……

    ….. Mingles with Jingles? 😀

  12. I could hear the emption in your voice jingles when telling about akizuki being lost.
    Congrats on the 300 video.
    Alien Isolation pls, and cold waters.

  13. BTW Jingles, u know that WG banned Honest Gaming? Check his video about it, u gonna laugh so much by the situation. Laugh and cry at the same time… jeez

  14. Congrats Jingles for ep. 300! And even though I’d very much like to add a certain line from a certain movie, I won’t.

  15. Episode 400 update : Cat is now bigger than house episode 300 was recorded in…

  16. why do i have no remember of the finishing lone echo. gotta watch them again

  17. I lost my shit when you talked about Star Ctizen hahahaha I started following you because of your hangar SC videos, turns out the game has not even finished a single game mechanic lol

  18. *Clicks give-away link*

  19. Ep 300: This IS JINGLES!!!

  20. Jingles, been hearing you since wot. So I seen all the mingles jingles eps. Cheers man.

  21. Akizuki’s ears are too big…………………..Not to worry! She’ll grow into them!

    Just looked up the translation for Akizuki. “Autumn Moon”


  22. $cam citizen has been a joke for so many years now
    As you said, I waited 17 years I can wait another one ^^ Meanwhile $cam citizem hopefuls can wait for 71 years

  23. Congrats on your 300 Oh Great Overlord!

  24. I’m pretty sure I’ve watched all your mingles videos lmao. I remember binging them a few years back and I’ve been waiting every Monday ever since

  25. surely you should be giving out WOT codes to celebrate 300 episodes of Mingles with Jingles. after all, that’s what your channel grew upon.

  26. Congratulations on the 300 old man, Bravo Zulu, truly top hole! You’re still a big fuzzy girly man for not finishing Alien: Isolation.

  27. Thanks for all the Videos and videos still to come

  28. ok jingle’s for 300 episodes so start play whole day world of warships and only ship you can play is OMAHA 😀

  29. One Dewpy potato Boi

    Man the catto is sooo cute

  30. Is there any chance that you still have the original files of the missing videos?

  31. It will not be long before that cute little kitten (and I am not a cat person in any sense of the description) will be no longer meowing for its morning chow. Soon you will be awaken to a low grow that quickly escalates to something akin to the MGM lion. This will just be to get your attention that it is time for you to vacate the bunk and hit the galley for her grub. Should you fail to do so immediately, your fears of the alien game you spoke of will be an after thought, of no importance in the grand scheme of life. It would be a horrific scene worthy of Scotland Yard plastered all over the tabloid’s front page. The headlines will read: “Elderly pensioner dismembered by enraged Maine Coon in disagreement over morning Kibbles N’ Bits or Fancy Feast Classic Chicken pate’.”

    Greetings from the Colonies and congrats on the 300. Now you can be a Spartan!

  32. You Soft Old Git

  33. THIS IS…..MINGLEEEEEEEES WITH JINGLEEEEEEES! (go home Leonidas, you are drunk 😀 )

  34. Oh that’s why the cold waters playlist is so short 🙁 rip

  35. We now have acess to Jingles Wifi.

  36. Celebrate 300 MWJ episodes, eh? Play Alien Isolation.

  37. This is Sp… wait wrong 300.

  38. thats why elite dangerous is better because its actually out and for free lol

  39. Mammothking King of mammoths

    Spartan episode.

  40. need more Gnome VS Food or RitaGamer VS Food… something food related

  41. Before I even watch this video I already want to congratulate you on 300th episode of my fav series on all of internet.
    It’s not easy to do stuff like this…looks easier than it actually is but I love it, keep it up old man flambaHug

  42. 6:54 “that game literally scared the crap outta me”
    Usually, it annoys me when people use ‘literally’ incorrectly. But in this case, Jingles, please please PLEASE tell me you were using it incorrectly.
    I do not need to hear some things.

  43. Congrats on 300 episodes of Mingles with Jingles! As for the subject of memes , I’m quite surprised that asking Jingles to finish Alien Isolation has not become a meme yet. For example I bet that Jingles is going to finish his Alien Isolation letsplay before Star Citizen gets all the promised features included. As for the subject of pets…yeah they tend to grow on people and quickly get to have that special spot in our hearts. Reminds me of a female dog me and my family used to own since I was one year old. Her name was Sisi ; black medium poodle. We got her from a refuge. She wasn’t very social when it came to other people or even other dogs. And didn’t like children very much. Not that she was aggressive, she just enjoyed her times alone on her favourite resting spots in the house. She was very loyal and playful whenever we went out with her for walks, be it around the house or farther outdoors into forests. She loved fetching tennis balls, apples in the gardens and other things. Tennis balls were her favourites though. As time went on and she grew older she started having health issues ; she started going deaf, growing tired and even her breath and sight was getting worse. I still remember the last night I spent with her. She was laying on the bunk in the hallway as usual (her favourite resting spot),breathing somewhat quietly and quickly. I sat down next to her and rested her head in my lap, thinking I was helping her fall asleep. Turns out I was right..sort of. That same night ,my dad quickly drove her to the vet but it was too late so the doctor gave her the injection to help her pass on and end her pain. I somehow fell asleep. The next day I went to school and I even cried in class when I shared the news with my class mates when they asked me what was wrong. I missed her that much. We bought a dog two years later when I was about to start attending grammar school. That being said, I still miss her and cherish my memories I have of spending time with her fondly to this day. Rest well Sisi (1996-2009). I hope that when the time comes, we’ll meet again :’)

  44. Jesus fuck the first 4 min annoyed me so much that he just did not a single shot

    What a shit aim and rng game?

  45. Congrats for 300!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. $2 billion to Chris Roberts and Jingles looks more like Sir Terry Pratchett every day. YES JINGLES I SEE YOU!

  47. It’s so cute how much you love your cat

  48. We know a song about that, Jingles.

    “And I’ve known the family to call
    Her in from the garden for hours
    When she was asleep in the hall”

    And I don’t mean to alarm you, but do you know what the next line is? 😀

  49. your neighbours should be very happy free wifi even with the code lol

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