Mingles with Jingles Episode 301

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Did you all enjoy your weekends? Well forget it, it’s Monday! Back to work, peasants!

And as expected, here’s link I forgot: https://publications.parliament.uk/pa/cm201719/cmselect/cmcumeds/1846/184602.htm


System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX100 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

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  1. surprise-nap from jingle´s voice 🙂 best surprise ever <3

  2. Its not outflanking, its surprise buttsecks

  3. Come in big J we know it’s all crap lol mate.Big boys want your money….

  4. Imagine if they (being the gaming companies) begin calling loot boxes “surprise content”. In which rules containing the word “loot boxes” will be obsolete because loot boxes is considered too harsh vs “surprise content”. If they start altering words to loop hole rules, then they are basically ignoring rules set in place.

  5. Oh British.. can’t you just drink your tea?

  6. This is the high-quality content we stay subscribed for. Thank you for speaking up on this Jingles. Appreciated.

  7. i get a headache with this lawyer talk lol what has the gaming industry come to

  8. Joshua Andrew Vives

    I have a question about world of warships I’m still fairly new to the PC version of world of warships it is kind of a grind FYI I sent a invite to join your clan mighty jingles

  9. Think about it. If all the kids aren’t allowed to play WG stuff anymore, wouldn’t that be a good thing?

  10. The funny thing about the current state of WoWS you can purchase “loot” boxes with in game currency so basically you have a converter, purchase doubloons with cash in the shop then boxes with doubloons in the Armory. Personally, I find that most of their boxes have been fair, the least you will get is equal or a little greater than what you could buy it for in the shop. I do see how it could be considered gambling though. I bought a close clan mate 25 Christmas crates because I wanted him to get a ship, I should have just bought him a ship and a couple crates.

  11. 20:00 To be fair, Jingles does have a very soothing voice so I could see that as a possibility

  12. As long as Britain is in the EU the video games industry won’t have to worry about the British parliament but the EU aristocracy.

  13. Surprise butt-mechanics

  14. Millions are being spent on Pro/Con Loot Box’s to protect the children. Here is a novel idea, Take the damn credit card away for said children.

  15. Greetings, Mighty Gnome Overlord… I have a brief comment in regards to Loot Boxes and Wargaming. Wargaming Chicago-Baltimore, the makers of WoTMerc, saw fit to avoid any of the scumbaggery displayed by other Developers who implemented Loot Boxes by doing two simple things; 1) They clearly publish the entirety of possible contents you can get in any Chest 2) They publish the drop rates for each type of possible content. They also guarantee each War Chest(as they call their loot boxes) has the equivalent value inside to the money spent to buy it…… we can argue about the “value” of a single use X3 XP Boost, but at least with WoTMerc you know exactly what you will get and what you *might* get. Joke’s on them though…… War Chests also refund you the full GOLD VALUE of a tank if you already own one that drops from a Chest!

  16. If WG would raise the player age rating, it would be the best thing to ever happen to the game!

  17. 12:10 – 12:30 american media are professionals at this.

  18. let hop the EU/US will make a law on it to make a bigger hit on the game companys

  19. Surprise mechanics is like surprise butt sex. You don’t expect it and when you do get it, it’s not pleasant.

  20. Simple the different government’s want there slice of the loot creates………TAX!.     Matt C.

  21. tbh i don’t think wargaming lootboxes are gambling, because they are guaranteed to give you at least the value of what you paid for the loot box, in contents, so a “loss” is still not a cash loss, as you’ve received items equivalent in value, to what you paid. just my two bits tho

  22. Honestly I’m surprised they would care if they had to increase the rating. Countless people play games despite being under the age of the rating the game is in. Parents don’t really seem to pay attention to that anymore. So if they had to raise the rating, what would actually prevent players below the age rating from still playing anyway?

  23. the big AAA games developers are shitting themselves as oh we are going to have to make a good game to get money. rather than raping the same stuff but in a different package

  24. Funny, stay at a hotel chain, give your email address, get spammed with offers. Its everywhere

  25. Though i do agree with your point on age restricted sales (industry term) working in the bar trade and playing call of Duty contains enough experience to deduce that this recommendation if enforced and pushed into law when Parliament is resumed someone has got to know that empalcing this law will onky curtail the problem it will in my opinion make it more taboo which will only drive if further forward

  26. It’ll be fun watching the CEO’s of these shithead game companies get perp walked to jail.

  27. Fuck EA and fuck lootboxes. How is this even a fucking thing ? If looks like a duck, quacks like a duck and fucking gambles like a duck, then it is a fucking duck !

  28. Hey Jingles.
    Maybe you should make an ASMR video for all those people who tell you that your videos put them to sleep.

  29. So marbles ,sports cards ,Tarzo’s ,jacks ,or anything else played for and lost or won is or can be classified as gambling . In WOT it only cost me time to get loot boxes as well as reward tanks and again time to move up tiers . Mind you now I have hit tier six tanks it does cost me as gold ammo is a must for some tanks as they have very low pen guns .

  30. “I have cunning plan”…

  31. Oh, it’s been a quiet week…except…then goes into a half hour dissertation.
    Thank you Jingles for keeping us apprised of current events.

  32. surprise mechanic and surprise download sound alot like ‘alternative facts’

  33. The only CC that can put you to sleep is iChase, specially when he used to do his in-depth ship history videos. His voice is very monotone when he’s reading a longer script. He’s a good CC, just his voice can be better then counting sheep.

  34. I am glad that *Tree of Savior* is all free to win and no pay to win “””surprise mechanics””””

  35. @11:19 Welcome to American Politics Jingles

  36. I’m not convinced Lootboxes are gambling but it’s obvious they can bring out addictive behavior similar to gambling.

    A key feature in gambling is the ability to “win”, i.e. leave with more money than you started with. That doesn’t happen with lootboxes. The transaction is only 1-way. Money is paid to the game and digital goods only usable within the game pop out. I’d say nobody is going to sink the rent money into lootboxes, but I know how people work better than that. Take the normal curve over a population in the tens or hundreds of millions, you;ll find some.

    Lootboxes definitely can exploit the same compulsive and addictive impulses that gambling does. But they don’t have to. It’s all in what can pop out of one. The more in-game advantage a lootbox *can* give, the more potential compulsive or addictive behavior it can attract. And the closer it needs to be looked at.

  37. I had to pause the video and go get my hipwaders… a lot of BS to wade through here!

  38. I used to listen to your voice to fall asleep, but now I listen to Drachinifel, because his voice and audio is more calm.

  39. So if they pass this law.
    VPN here we come.

  40. I guess Rainbow 6 and Warthunder are gonna be gettin looked at by some point

  41. If there were stockholders for the ESA, there might be but I don’t know, the could sue for distorting the truth. I guess consumers could do the same.

  42. I don’t mind the attacks on lootboxes, I just don’t want them to have my personal information.

  43. I think we already know what’s next. Battle pass

  44. Government controls gambling because 1) it doesn’t get its cut; 2) it wants the monopoly.
    Government will change the definition of anything to anything in order to claim control.

  45. You’re my favourite “fall asleep” youtuber jingles ?

  46. “Surprise mechanics“ also used to describe when you are in bed with your girl an suddenly go “through the wrong hole”

  47. I think loot boxes are fine, as long as they can’t in any way be bought with real world money. I really like them in wows, I usually collect my 3 boxes and then call it a day, perhaps there should be 5 steps of boxes to keep players playing for longer? And, to enforce transparent, list the percentage chances for each possible reward in the boxes.

  48. “im not pirating im suprise downloading them” my new favourite explantion for downloading xD

  49. Fuck Ireland…they voted to kill unborn babies then partied like it was 1999…puppets of the European Union.

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