Mingles with Jingles Episode 302

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

It’s been an interesting weekend. And when I say interesting I mean in the sense of the old Chinese curse “May you live in interesting times.” Make yourself comfortable and I’ll tell you about it.


System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 10×1080 resolution


  1. Random cat related story for you Jingles…I live in a block of flats in N.Ireland. On Friday last week there was a youngish Cat turned up on the ground floor hanging around the lifts. I left it there first few times I dondered past(stopping to stroke it cause it’s a cat being friendly so has to be done). It was quite dirty and a bit skinny but obviously not an actual stray. I was trying NOT to take this cat in because I can’t be paying for vets to have it checked out n such ?

    Anyways, after a night playing Warships I dondered back down to check if the cat was still there…and she was. I couldn’t resist anymore so I took her in. Got her fed(left over chicken) and some water. Cleaned up puke because turned out cats don’t react well to wolfing food down skipping the chewing stage(who knew). Gave her a bath(have the battle scars on both arms for that endeavour) and settled in for the on going battle of catching kitty waste coming out the not cute end before it hits the carpet with mixed results.

    This cat followed me around the flat constantly and as I didn’t want to risk a wet, smelly present on my bed I ended up passing out on the couch. Next morning I woke up with the cat on my chest fast asleep ?

    Because I was convinced this was a lost pet I reached out to a lost n found pets bunch on Facebook with a photo of kitty. Barely an hour later I got a reply confirming they had found the owners…bugger ? After a bit of back n forth I cut out the “middle man” and exchanged details with kitty owners and that’s when the fun really begins ?

    Turned out little kitty had made it nearly 5 miles from home so first issue? Dude I was talking to wanted me to bring kitty to him. I don’t drive and funnily enough, don’t have a cat carrier sitting around. Eventually convinced owner to come get kitty.

    He showed up in his very nice 5 series with family in tow all suited up. I brought the cat down as he didn’t want to leave the car(even with wife and 2 kids guarding it) in such an area. Handed the cat over and

    1: not even a thank you
    2: bitched that I didn’t put the cat in a box/bag to give him and even had the balls to ask if I’d bought it any toys or food to give him.

    So all was well, right? Good deed done and kitty reunited with it’s family? WRONG!

    A few hours later I get a txt from this dude who turned out to be a lawyer btw…

    “Hi *MoaReload*, we are home and cat is well. I took her to the vet to have her checked out. Vet gave her a couple of shots and apart from being a bit thin she is fine. The bill is £120. Please contact me so we can arrange payment.”

    …”please contact me so we can arrange payment”?! “You what mate?!” I thought. So I called him.

    He was deadly serious. In his little lawyer head he believed that as was the last person responsible for HIS cat I was liable for the vets bill and he was willing to throw some “I know people” threats around. Silver lining though, I finally got to use the phrase “Seriously, are you ficken wired to the moon mate?!” in an actual real life conversation ?

    Now I’ve lived in N.Ireland for coming on 19yrs so I “know people” too. 5 minutes after calling one of these people I got a very apologetic txt explaining it was all a misunderstanding and finally a thank you ?

    So yeah, that was a fun couple of days and I really miss little kitty ?

  2. @Mighty Jingles you could save yourself the £80 and watch the campaign cutscenes on Youtube.

  3. It’s not really an algorythm tho, they’re just unverifying everyone because noone has given the evidence that they now need to 😛

  4. Your inability to plan your life more than 6 hours ahead : I fell off my chair laughing at this because I can relate .

  5. Hi Jingles. I’m currently in Makati, Manila and saw something at a restaurant called The Filling Station with the name Akatsuki on it and thought of you instantly. I took a picture of it and will email it to you.

  6. The Mighty Jingles – Sponsored by Thomas Cook


  7. Do you have any sponsors into ball shaving or carpel tunnel? I think that’s your target audience.

  8. Where is Adm. Jingles in WOW?

  9. Whatever you do, don’t get into the grand strategy genre by Paradox Games (Europa Universalis, Stellaris, Hearts of Iron, etc).

    Unless you catch them on sale, they’ve been charging full price for 6+ year old games (and their myriad of DLC). Last I looked, to get the up-to-date EU4 was somewhere north of $300 (not on sale). For a game with original publication of 2013. [Full disclosure: they are still adding new DLC, but that has its own issues, like: what if you don’t want that game change? They do have bundles, but then they throw in a TON of things you don’t need, so you can ‘save’ on them, but still bloat the price.) Biggest savings can get the price down to the $150-$200 range, I think]
    Don’t get me wrong, I loved the Paradox games (up to a point), but their policies and practices are killer so I don’t buy from them anymore. 🙁

  10. well Jingles i have to say:

    1) you’re mean to Rita ….( i want to see a video )
    2) youtube has always been shiit …. ( i still want to see a video of Rita )
    3) 100$ for a 3 year old game? maybe they think it’s like wine.

    (oh and i still want to see Akatsuki kill Rita’s feet in a video)

    i remain
    Lorn Harding
    a totaly crazy Canadian

    P.S.: i forgot to say PLEASE. i’m sorry.

  11. Jingles it’s easy. Just use a code word like chariots or something when you want people to know it’s you.

  12. Sounds like YouTube’s up for a class action lawsuit

  13. You do a wonderful Mighty Jingle’s imitation.

  14. Велин Недков

    Lol Jingles, payback is a must aint it …
    wake Akitsuki for breakfast. while she* is sleeping ….
    Oye! Time for breakfast!
    – see how it goes 🙂

  15. I must admit, I’m a bit disapointed. I was expecting some pictures of Jingle foot armor…

  16. I want to see Mario Cart videos!!!!?

  17. Hmmm, is it possible to unionize youtube content creators so when youtube does stupid stuff like this, they have to pay comp?

  18. Based on what you said about sponsors I guess we won’t be seeing any Male Enhancement products anytime soon?

  19. You could try uploading to bitchute 1 hour before you do on YouTube.. it’s a start anyway

  20. I’m pretty sure the highest edition of CoD MW 2019 is $100. That’s just eyewateringly expensive.

  21. Cat Man – U Dog U 😉 …Nipple`s & Toe`s …. What weird Pic`s , that produces 😉 P.s. Great Art Work – in the End !

  22. your a evil man Jingles 😛

  23. Was it just me, or did it look like the King Tiger used a aim-bot

  24. Digitis Transierunt

    Infinate warefare on xbox was less than 10$ ??????

  25. youtube wants to become netflix and remove uncontrollable content.

    By 2024 II bet Jingles and everyone’s accounts will be BANNED, and youtube will just air clips of corporations. This is why we need to break up the trusts!
    Content creators are being SILENCED and viewers are being MANIPULATED to watch only what advertisers WANT you to watch!

    It’s just a shame youtube is UNPROFITABLE and therefore has no competition!

  26. Give me your address and i’ll send you a copy for PS4 that costs me 8 bucks in canada. No shit mate.

  27. My cat is used to be fed at 7 AM every day and it is definetley my favourite part of the day to wake up, feed him and then he finds a spot to sleep somewhere on my bed

  28. It gets even worse, when you consider cases like Jeff Quitney’s channel. Here was a guy who took old public domain films, digitally cleaned them up, and posted them for free. His channel had old advertising films, military training films, science, engineering… And then one day, YouTube nuked his channel off the face of the earth. Some anonymous dipshit went in, and copyright claimed films that have been public domain for decades. Not only did they remove the channel for copyright claims, they refused to even acknowledge his appeals or discuss it. Jingles, if you ever see this… Check out Jeff Quitney’s channel on Vimeo. He has put in a lot of work digitizing and uploading to save otherwise overlooked media from the dustbin of history. (Plus, his videos don’t have the stupid watermarks that scumbags like periscope films or critical past have.)

  29. Why don’t content creators unionize in a way. Like a few of the really big channels leaving would screw YouTube over.

  30. awwww! boo’s awesome

  31. This is called the Agile system. Which means the youtube or Google basically breaks their own ethical policies. For quad pro quo setup financially. Agile system = to zero ethics and zero integrity.

  32. On crack lol lol its monday hurray lol

  33. Oh, it‘s the pet news again…
    After skipping the first for minutes he was still going on about the pets. So I figured I might as well stop watching….

  34. Call of Duty: Black Ops III (Released Nov 6, 2015) $59.99 OR with all DLC for $129.90 on Steam

  35. Seems like they are taking the “Fyre Festival model!” Just need some “influencers.”

  36. I enjoy your videos very much and learn a lot on how to play different ships on World of Warships. So why do you have a video of the USS New York playing when you give zero comment on the video or the positives or negatives about the ship. I guess I’m one of those people who did want to hear about playing the New York. Better yet what to do or what not to do.

  37. Jingles salty sailor words started leaking out today boys, i love it.

  38. You nasty, nasty man. There will be a special place for you!

  39. Fuck YouTube, fuck vulture techno capitalism

  40. Nobody:

    fucking Activision:

    you want our games your gunna pay $100 for it if its 3 years olds or not

  41. funny how people still believe all these “mistakes” and “half-baked algorithms” are just that – mistakes. These companies (YT included) are huge, NOTHING just “happens” in such corporations, unless it’s planned, approved, financed, developed, tested, approved for release, etc. The real mistakes that happen in such corporations and are released into the wild, are usually corrected very fast or they cost a lot of money. Most go by unnoticed.

  42. Dammit, Jingles… You tell us funny cat stories, but no video to accompany them?!?

  43. Why do I not give a single shit about COD’19? Because it’s just Call of Battlefield 4. It’s CoD 4 with mixed elements of battlefield 4. It doesn’t do anything new, the story is shrouded in mystery (no idea what the fuck we’re doing) and even the pre-order bonuses are abysmal.

    If you’re planning on getting CoD 4, just buy BF4 for cheap and maybe get either Ghost Recon Future Soldier or Escape from Tarkov for the gunsmith.

  44. My cat usually comes purring next to my head at about 4:45.

  45. At 5:00, Not sure that Rita wants your amputated toe as a surprise. At 6:00 you evil mastermind

  46. Where do we have to look for Mario Cart Pro Tour. Sounds kinda fun provided not too grindy P2W

  47. Al least it’s a whole game rather than single premuim tank or ship. You can complain but I know which one is the real rip-off

  48. YouTube is dead, there is no use in starting a channel anymore, you will never be able to make money on it. But if you think it’s fun, then that’s another matter.

  49. To whomever on YouTube/Google is responsible for these algorithms that keep shitting up a good thing:
    *Don’t be too proud of this technological terror you’ve constructed. The ability to destroy a channel is insignificant next to the power of the Internet.*

  50. Masterplan: Prank Girlfriend with Cat Nibble Toe Attack Training , Execution: Announce devious plan to the public prior to commencing Attack Result : FLAWLESS

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