Mingles with Jingles Episode 303

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

Rita’s away again so it’s you, me, Boo and the cats again. Whatever can we talk about to keep us busy for the next twenty minutes?



  1. Jingles, go back and check out PhlyDaily. The selling point for War Thunder Realistic Battles would be Low Tier battles (mostly from Reserve – 5.7/6.0)

  2. Jingles you might be interested in C&rsenal chanel on youtube(if you don’t know of it already. Hustory on firearms from WW1.
    You like Forgotten weapons so you might like them too.
    They have ling videos tho. Really looooong 🙂

  3. Come to the USA! We tolerate hideously huge numbers of undocumented aliens here!!

  4. 2:20 sounds a whole lot like Egypt

  5. You tube doesn’t review anything unless the video gets reported, doesn’t matter how long its been up, if someone says, “but youtube, my prissy panty feelings were offended by this vid….” then you get de-monetized unless the channel producer has a revenue stream greater than the channel.

  6. Well jingles, as far as weapons go there are 2 big trains of thought; those of the Democratic Party, which is we shouldn’t have them, or that they should be heavily restricted, and that of the republicans; which can largely be come and get them, I subscribe to a smaller branch of that thought, the constitutionalists, who believe that if you can type your free speech on your phone instead of a printing press then I should be able to have an AR-15. This comes about from the gun protecting the speech which protects our rights as Americans to believe, think, and speak however we see fit

  7. Impeach the orange Clown

    Dont worry, limeys. If Brexit gonna be a disaster ill send you some care packages from germany. you will love the gingerbread biscuits.

  8. Jingles: I’ve really gotten hooked on Drachinifel recently, along with you of course.

    • Especially since he started narrating his videos himself, instead of using that damn computer voice that was painful to listen to… Drach’s voice is _so_ much more pleasant to listen to! 😀


  10. I have a good joke for you: Balance in War Thunder

  11. Personally I am glad that youtube does not feature firearm advertisements and I do not think that is something we should encourage in any way.

  12. you’ve already shown that division2 gameplay bit in a previous mingle with jingle or played the same mission in a very similar manner also
    boy is the UK parliament shit, remember remember the 5th of november

  13. Everyone seems to be moving to Twitch. It’s now not possible to make money on YouTube any more.

  14. Maybe Portugal needs a another invading

  15. ironically, There’s Always Going to Be a Douchebag popped up on my autoplay list when I started this video. Preceded by a World of Tanks Advert

  16. Let me contrast the Portuguese embassy in London with the Indian embassy in San Francisco for you. I needed an Indian visa on short notice and arrived at the Indian embassy with no appointment on the Monday the QE II arrived in San Francisco for the first time on a round the world trip with a lot of Brits who also needed an Indian visa, so I waited in line, presented my documents and paid the expedited fee. My passport arrived in the mail on, IIRC, Thursday with the visa.

    India is not known for its efficient bureaucracy.

  17. Jingles really you talk all about embassies but you still have not showed you the fancy coin I gave you at Tiger day last year from the US embassy in England you will get an angry email. Show off your gift!!!

  18. speaking of advertisements on YouTube, does anybody get the Ad for Black Rifle Coffee Company? Murica doesn’t like its guns my rear end

  19. Is it just me, but wouldn’t it be a lot easier and cheaper to just marry Rita!. problem solved!.

  20. YouTube is part of Google. It is well known that Google is leftist. That explains nearly completely why YouTubes advertising policy is the way it is, namely firearms.

  21. Not sure if you’ll read this, but in relation to your talking about advertiser’s on YouTube…

    …I had an advert the other week for a missile system that would be shown at an expo in London and if I was interested, I should pop along and let them know. Even came with a funky iPad for targeting your missile system with…

    …because I’m sure I’m exactly the sort of person who’d be buying this kind of thing ?

  22. Did Jingles just say… *the Netherlands*

    *_G E K O L O N I S E E R D_*

  23. That Finnish bloke is just a joke.

  24. The amount they’re going to earn as part time teachers in Spain for a few months probably wouldn’t even cover the extra expense of traveling across the country and back to get their papers.

  25. Still waiting for day I’m gonna see Jingles character in The Division using the FAL (L1A1 SLR for you brits)

  26. was it 10k subs to get monetized? i thought it was 1k subs

  27. Wait, why does Jingles need a Russian visa application? Hey, Mueller! I think I found the collusion!

  28. Have always wondered… how do we actually leave replays for jingles to watch? does he have an email one can send it to or would it be best to just upload it to a replays website for that specific game?

  29. ok, make an honest women out of Rita – problem solved ya limey bastard. quit fooling around dumbass and quit ur whinging.
    brits ? honestly. you ppl should pull your collective noses out of your dictionary once in a while

  30. Ya yeet Australian Visa system is Neat

  31. YouTube (google) is a complete SJW company so guns are bad to them.

  32. hahahaha US doesn’t have a gun market but Limey bastards can’t buy a kitchen knife???? way to go dumbass??

  33. christopher halderman

    I find it really sad and disheartening that channels like the world war 2 channel have monetization problems because the talk about Nazis- in a purely historical sense. Apparently learning is scary and bad, so should be quashed!

  34. Imjusttoo Dissgusted

    nope, it is that YouTube Hates guns. its run by leftists after all. though I live by the former Olympic Arms AR15 factory and they had to had people to keep up with the demand under the last president, Under the current one they went out of business. No Banning hysteria to drive sails up, not to mention 8 years of AR-15s being sold like hot cakes by half dozen makers the market got a little saturated..

  35. I believe Los Angeles is about 5 a five hour drive from Phoenix, maybe 6. I have done a Las Vegas to Los Angeles drive in about 3 to 4 hours myself. For a lot of Americans it can be done there and back, with a visit to the embassy in one day. Though its not fun or easy, but it can be done, especially if done with two people. I don’t know about Europeans but a lot of Americans look at a 5 or 6 hour drive as relatively easy, and many find if preferable to flying. I do a almost 11 hour trip to and then 11 hour back almost every year to see family. Iv done 17 and a half hour drives. If the scenery is nice, you don’t hit bad weather or traffic drives like that can actually be quite fun.

  36. Hahahaha descobrimos de onde saíram os nossos muito eficientes burocratas do Brasil hauahahahah

  37. Regardless of the reputation we have over here regarding firearms, the political and media atmosphere towards them is very hostile at best (Gun manufacturers are not allowed to advertise via FCC regulated means, so television and radio). Factor in where YouTube/Google is based (Silicon Valley, CA) and the laws/PIGs (Public Interest Groups) dictating things here in CA in general, and that city in particular and the bullshit they’re pulling makes sense. Doesn’t change that it is still bullshit.

  38. Felling Forgotten Weapons and InRange viewer 🙂

  39. They don’t enjoy advertising, Jingles. Never seen a gun related add on Youtube or elsewhere on the internet…

  40. The difference is that if they are on strike then after 4 months you won’t get a stock email reply

  41. Jingles, the YouTube review/censorship of these words is actually somewhat new. Dave of EEVBlog did a test a couple days ago when they demonetized a few of his vids. For example, the word “bullshit” in the title would lead to demonetisation, and when saying “bullshit” out loud, the automatic captioning would just outright skip it.

  42. Twitch has a CEO that’s from the UK’s 77th Brigade. (Propaganda Dept.)
    Might be the same with You Tube.

  43. LOL – The day after watching this video with you mentioning how YT find 3 of your titles troublesome they go on and recommend: WOT – There’s Always Gonna Be A Douchebag.

  44. Khắc cảnh lê

    “YT just wants to get rid of independent content creators. The very thing that made it great.”
    Thank you for pointing out something that so many of the little channels have been saying for about 3 years.
    Now open up a channel on BitChute as well and quit letting YT get away with this.

  45. The Swamp Cleaner

    You’ve been demonetized. Welcome to the club

  46. At about 19:00 –

    I don’t know. The current US market is flooded with AR-15 clones running the gamut of quality from “a wonder it functions” to “milspec is an insult” to the point that Colt (the company that introduced commercial AR-15) has pulled out of the civilian market to focus on their military contracts, and Remington Arms is going bankrupt… again, because their quality control problems caught up with them. Ever since Military Surplus stopped being cheap and the Assault Weapons Ban expired, the AR-15 has become *the* modern sporting rifle. And this isn’t even going into the Not-An-AR-15-But-Does-The-Same-Job sort of guns that are for all intents and purposes the same gun with a different disassembly

    That and Youtube doesn’t like the idea of Mossberg, Ruger, Kel-Tec, and Smith & Wesson advertising on their platform. Lest the advertisement get run in place of some random actor telling us how bad we are for disagreeing with their cause of the moment. Google gets to pick who buys ads, and I”m pretty sure a powerhouse like Colt has tried.

  47. Well Jingles, while on the visa subject, all non EU citizens when they are in EU and want to apply for any type of visa (except if they get married with EU citizen) need to apply for the visa in their home country. I was in Czech Republic and had to go back to my home country to apply for visa… Considering that you told the story happened in Spain, I could assume that same rule applies for whole EU. So, get your visa before coming to EU if you want to stay for more than 90 days (or work).

  48. You forget the part about warthunder where the latest patch introduced heavy cruisers for the navy part.

  49. I don’t want to get him in trouble so he will remain Captain Nameless………………thank you Lewis. LOL Don’t tell him Pike.

  50. Hey Jingles (or anyone)- what is the third-person shooter in this vid at about 9 minutes in that takes place in the Washington DC metro? My Dad made acrylic “push to call” buttons for the emergency call units back in the 80s and 90s on a custom contract. The last time I was in a metro station (in 2018) they were still there, and if they somehow miraculously got modelled into the game it would be pretty spectacular to show him! Thanks.

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