Mingles with Jingles Episode 305

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Source: The Mighty

Welcome to the episode where my microphone suddenly decided it was sick of working for a living and went to live in a commune and became a hippy.



  1. Jingles..
    Red Dead Redemption 2 is coming in PC, correct me if im wrong, November 9(or 6).

  2. Vincent Rico Mercado

    Oh no. Jingles mentioned Ghost Recon.

    So when are you gonna continue Ghost Recon Wildlands?

  3. Common Road Junction

    Great film loved it and great video good to here for you

  4. Holy crap that other mic is terrible

  5. ooooooo love the new intro o lord and savior mighty lord of the mines

  6. Jingles may I suggest – This Land Is My Land as you like western cowboy/indian games? I’ll see myself to the mines….

  7. I also absolutely loved Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. In my top 3 video games ever. Also play as Kassandra, the canon character. Your first video in the series convinced me to get the game. I have never played another AC game, ever. I hope the rumors about the next AC game being set in the Viking era are true. Ubisoft’s handling of the Greek mythology source material was great and bodes well for the integration of Old Norse mythology in the next game. I am proud to see a fellow veteran “make it” after retirement doing something you love and have a true passion for. It shows in the quality of your work and through the loyalty of your salt miners. Lol. Thanks for everything. Your videos always give me a great start to the day. Even on Sunday, where I merely got back a rewatch an older video in your library. Cheers my friend. RLTW/DOL??

  8. Obviously Jingles it was clearly an act of sabotage by Akizuki, to stop you spending all your time speaking to us lot, so you can instead spend all your time playing with her

  9. Power Director? Really? Put on your man pants and get Resolve. And yes, shelling out for Studio is worth it.

    • I must agree. I only use the free version of it. It covers all my needs. And for the USB issues. Might want to look if there is driver updates to the microphone drivers and reinstall it. Windows 10 is a still in a state when you need just to do fresh install. Yeah I know its a pain to install the drives and games and software all over again…

  10. About the new games how about Greedfall? I have been playing it for a week and I love it, it has some AI problems but otherwise I have been really enjoying it

  11. Has Jingles ever played Dishonored? Would love to see a play through of that and think he’d love it

  12. Jingles…. the only one that was ‘neutered’ there, was Boo, because Boo’s a male. Since the cats are all female, they’ve been *Spayed*.

  13. Haha no way you actually did it. My hero 🙂

  14. Assassins Creed Odisey grindy?
    WTF is wrong with all the crybabies from today?
    They want to click 3 times and get max lvl and all gear?

  15. Random pitch drop- gnome magic.

  16. wow the slow mic is creepy as hell

  17. Voice too low? Squeeze balls.

  18. Captain jingles: “destroyer spotted”
    Player: “but it’s a battleship!!!” XD

  19. Sounds like your battleship sank..with you still on the bridge: Under the sea
    , Under the sea, Darling it’s better, Down where it’s wetter, Take it from me, Up on the shore they work all day,Out in the sun they slave away, While we devotin’ Full time to floatin’, Under the sea

  20. Sorry Jingles but I gotta say, f^<# Jack Nicholson, no Joker before or since will ever live up to Mark Hamill.

  21. and all i think of when i hear the name Ubisoft is the original Rayman on PS1

  22. Are you sure the bad guys aren’t working for a union?

  23. Some USB ports aren’t shielded and it could be that some component is interfering with the Mics USB port. So try to change the port for the mic and look if it fixes things. I had a similiar issue with my Behringer mixer, the audio was atrocious with a loud hum, changing ports fixed it.

  24. Jingles, in regards to the statement that children are gifts, don’t forget that Gift is the German word for poison. I’ll just let that statement hang there

    • Gunnar Herzog Boooh, no jokes aside, I find that actually pretty funny, how Gift and gift made me shake my head when I was learning English at school. ???

  25. Best Batman: Christian Bale
    Best Joker: Heath Ledger
    But that’s my humble personal opinion…. ?

  26. My dad calls you the Mighty Chuckles because you Chuckle a lot, I see it now.

  27. I saw the Movie, and I am amazed by the Performance and by the Story and how it unfolded in a personal and “global” way. I can recommend it very much.

  28. You say about Jack Nicolson’s Joker exactly what my wife says about Heath Ledger’s Joker … while praising Jack Nicolson’s Joker to no end.

  29. I like jingles voice too. many times i slept listening to a wows video,cause i watch wot and mingles and i enjoy them and i dont to sleep there

  30. Obsidian’s new game The Outer Worlds is available on the Windows store if you dont want to support Epic?

  31. Jingles there is a solution to your cat quandary. Get a cat sitter, they will come and stay in your house, for a small fee i.e the cost of there air ticket to get to you and they will work from your home for a week or however long you need. They tend to be mobile professionals they have a laptop and work wherever they like. There are 2 that i know of Pawshake and trusted housesitter, links below.



  32. Bjørn Eirik Størkersen

    Captain Jingles comes with the “Surprise Buttsex” module. 200% increased penetration and damage when shooting at the aft.

  33. Hey Jingles, you should come and have fun with us in *Tree of Savior*
    it’s fun and none of the bullsh*t from the triple A scams that they tried to pasted as games.

  34. Get a picture, autograph, or whatever…

    Whatever, Jingles?? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  35. It’s not the software Jingles…
    …it’s you, you’re slowing down.
    It happens to us all as we age.

  36. Alan Rickman could have held a scene with Jack Nicholson

  37. I’ve played brakepoint to completion on PS4, I haven’t experienced any of those issues

  38. 4:55 Don’t worry computer gurus, I’ve got this.
    Jingles – when you reach a certain age, your voice starts to change.
    …congratulations, you’re becoming a man!

  39. As always with software problems, reset all settings, if that doesn’t help, reinstall the software, don’t keep your settings. Good luck old man.

  40. 12:47 if you have never stayed at a pussy hotel you are missing out…

  41. It may just be the circles I hang out in but when I talk to people they don’t compare Joker performances to Jack Nicholson – they compare to the magnificence that is Mark Hamill’s Joker.

    Also, given the audio works right first-pass in the editor, my guess would be that it’s doing some kind of self-calibration that is changing the settings. My first checks would be things like whether Windows is letting software have exclusive device control, or if the software has any options to disable automatic setting adjustments.

    Also, for the love of gods tell me that you remembered to request a creator pass for MCM, ’cause you do produce videos mentioning the show every time. Also I think most of the hotels in the area would be able to host pets for an additional fee (IIRC at the Novotel it’s like an extra £10/night as long as you keep things clean)

  42. You aint wrong with Jack N. Btw Iam back at Division2 after TU6, really like the new improvements, seems like they wouldnt have issues like they had if this bin in at launch. Feels like a solid game more & more now.

  43. I don’t wanna say that joker is bad, but it was very different and kinda weird, I don’t really know what I think about it.

  44. Your mic problem is most certainly hardware. First test the mic on Rita’s PC. Also shake its cable a bit while you’re at it, to check for imperfect connections, a faulty screening or ground cable can cause this as well. If the mic and its cable turn out to be OK you’re in deep doo-doo, as the next most likely culprit is a capacitor on your MB.

  45. what happens when you sink a Russian cruiser do you say we have sunk an enemy battleship

  46. Man you have shit taste Jingles. Sorry Jack’s Joker WAS the best Joker. A JOKER! Like the 1960’s Batman I grew up with. And while I can agree that later Jack did get lazier his acting in both ‘One few over the Cookoo’s Nest’ and ‘The Shining’ were BOTH GREAT FILMS! Those were NOT phoned in performances nor was the later ‘As good as it get’s’ which is his last truly good film. After that he HAS been lazy! And honestly Jingles you like some really crappy commercial ‘sausage’ production films you know.

  47. Im so excited to get horribly confused by Jingles while sailing into battle by calling battleships Togs lol

  48. Screw Pheonix, Screw Nickolson… my favorite Joker was Mark Hamil’s Joker from the animated Batman series when I was a kid!

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