Mingles with Jingles Episode 306

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Another week, another Mingles with . If you’re not interested or don’t care about the data breach revealed by Tech Crunch, feel free to skip ahead to 17:27

Nord’s Date Breach Statement: https://nordvpn.com/fr/blog/official-response-datacenter-breach/

What Nord Are Doing: https://nordvpn.com/fr/blog/security-plan/



  1. It is so hilarious to hear people hate so much on epic games daring to sell a game. It’s not like steam had a basic monopoly on many game tiles in the past. Fuck competition with steam I guess. Cant allow that to succeed can we?

  2. Take a drink every time Jingles says “Take it up the a*s from China” 🙂

  3. So, how goes the turning off then on again

  4. Oh Jingles, the Yen is the Japanese currency, Chinese have the Yuan.

  5. jingles should do 1 for ‘life of a dragon’ game….the lying bastard…

  6. 36:10 Actually Jingles, the chinese currency is the Renminbi. The Yen ist the japanese currency.

    “shotgun loading” – Oh, ok, back to the salt mines.

  7. The Lord of the Memes

    I was really expecting him to talk about mixer again with Shroud having moved of recently

  8. The outer worlds is available on the XBOX PC store as well.

  9. Btw Jingles, you can get The Outer Worlds on the Microsoft Store for a dollar right now! Just get their game pass(Microsoft owns Obsidisn now)

  10. It’s on the Windows store aswell

    • yeah… about that, no steam no buy for me. i want to deal with the least amount of windows features as possible.
      im sure jingles feels the same way

  11. I got lucky, there is only one server center in the USA so I was worried about internet speeds.. So I had not gotten NordVPN yet, lucky me. I think I will wait a while longer. Was it only the backdoor of was it the backdoor and three windows that got busted open?

    Fallout 76 scrap box = scrap disposal box.

    The Outer worlds is available on the MS store front for PC, while not giving a penny to EPIC (not).

  12. 32:00 NAUGHTY DOG!!! Uncharted 1 2 3 4, Last of Us! Jingles!!!!

  13. I had to laugh when Jingles talked about that dumpster fire of Fallout 76, however he forgot to mention a couple things. I you buy the package you get Fallout New Vegas which if anyone who plays 76 already owns BUT you also get a copy of Outer Worlds. So Obsidian and Bethesda aren’t that upset with each other and Obsidian assures us is NOT an Epic Games exclusive but we won’t see it on Steam until Oct 2020! So instead of giving Obsidian the finger I will waggle all my fingers and give them a whole bouquet of FU’s

  14. Jingles, you massive noob! You can get The Outer Wolds from the Windows store. It’s also on the Xbox PC Gaming Pass subscription, which is basically the best value for money you can get on PC.

  15. Last time I was this early Jingles didn’t have a evil corporate Overlord! ??

  16. Responsibility. This is how its done.
    Thanks Mingles for not duck and cover.

  17. To comment on Anthem, I got it for hooping 9£ to see the game before it disappears into the void… And apart of infinite loading screens and unending dialogue pop-ups, it’s alright, endgame content is lacking slightly, bit it rains loot, and it’s getting me excited, but so does Destiny 2 (which is free) and D2 is Chuck full of content… Oh wait it’s behind paywall isn’t it (DLSs) . So rock and a hard place again. But since D2 is (for whatever reasons) lacking any quest structure of main storyline, I have to give it to Bioware, it’s not as terrible as people say ( at least no now) with clearly written storyline (which is about 3/5) and terrible loading screens and very lackluster and clunky social tools ( clans, friend lists,…) .
    And for Russian-bad of CoD MW , I think that their reputation is well deserved by their actions in every conflict they involved themselves in ( Afghanistan, Korea, Siria and mainly Ukraine), they did a number on my country Czech Republic… So I’m inclined to believe they would…
    NORD VPN doesn’t really surprised that much, they can’t really announce “We are vulnerable y’all” anytime something goes to poo… it’s unfortunate that It came after a huge sponsored campaign all across YouTube rs I watch… Looks suspicious.
    Quite a video my overlord, got me all railed up ?
    Thanks and have a good week Cheers

  18. Isn’t every CoD just crazy in it’s story? 😛 It’s always the russians and the crazy arabs (I refuse to call those idiot’s muslims)

  19. Actually jingles, you can play The outer worlds on PC without paying a penny to epic games. its on the microsft store, which works on pc.

  20. Jingles, you’re assuming that people actually research and properly read about stuff – you’re that guy, I’m that guy, but loads of people aren’t. If some one wants a VPN, he/she will most likely just google “Best VPN” and get a quick top 5. Among those hits are a story about one of those VPN’s being hacked. It doesn’t matter that it was 6 years ago and they have a completely different structure these days, your impression is “Oh, definitely not xx VPN, they don’t know what they are doing” and you move on to the next in line. So for a company selling trust it’s really bad to release any news about issue, even if the issues has been resolved, because people generally can’t be bothered to spend 10, 15 or even 20 seconds reading about stuff, they just see your company name + issue and move on.

  21. It’s pretty obvious that Modern Warfare went for the whole Syria thing, where US forces are actually supporting the Kurds and the Wolf and his organization is meant to represent ISIS. And we all know just how much regard the Russians have for human life, or are we not allowed to speak about Georgia? Or the things they did in Syria to support Assad?

  22. the t-50-2 with the old clown car lack of physics

  23. 33:30
    but that IS true you dummass gnome . Russia/soviet union has done worst things than 3rd reich , and only stupid westerners ignore that.

  24. All those World of Warships replays where people don’t use premium consumables….

  25. The Outer Worlds is not an Epic Exclusive… it’s also on the Microsoft Store that everyone has access to that has Windows I’d say. And for me it works perfectly fine from there and you know what? It cost me a single €. The Game Pass is fantastic and even if I ever cancel it after the test month, this was very well worth it. 😉

  26. I got the Outer Worlds, I didn’t get it from Epic Store…lol

  27. Get Outer Worlds, and you get everything, Fallout 76 should have been.

  28. Ameer Usman Jogezai

    JINGLES . You forgot about naughty dog’s uncharted and the last of us. Plus Project Aces , ace combat series ( if you dont look at assault horizon. ).

  29. I bought Outer Worlds from Windows Store 🙂

  30. Actually Jingles you could play the Outer Worlds on PC right now on the $5/month Xbox PC game pass 😉

  31. The rot started when tod became beholden to shareholders !!!

  32. Jingles for god’s sake do your research you can play outer worlds on the xbox app on the PC.

  33. Let’s be honest, As far as I’ve been aware of Behtesda’s existence, (about 16 years ago) they have been shit all along. One of their games ruined my hard drive twice thanks to a file corruption. Since then I’ve never played a Bethesda game and I’ve been shiting on them to preven friends from buying anything from them either.
    Now fiven your last cynical slur, Russia won’t deliver any visa to you the next time WG invites you to St Petersbourg…

  34. If you have Xbox Game Pass on PC, you can play The Outer Worlds as well, on PC.. even if xbox on on pc is beta.. and can’t be recommended but you get it for free with most new amd gpu:s.. 😛

  35. Get a Xbox games pass for windows you can play outer worlds on a PC and not give a penny to epic

  36. Jingles you can get The Outer Worlds on PC from the Microsoft store (presuming you’re running windows 10 it’s prob in your taskbar) No epic games store, launcher or account required

  37. But Jingles, you can play the outer worlds with the windows 10 store

  38. I don’t mind the 17 minutes of nord VPN chat. I listen to your videos at work because your voice is significantly more soothing than the office background! Feel free to talk about whatever.

  39. some random albino dude

    incorrect jingles you can get the outer worlds on pc with microsofts gamepass for pc, so you dont have to give epic any money

  40. Jingles, Yuan not Yen 🙂

  41. Alucard Vigilate Dismas

    I haven’t played it but I find the Russian thing funny considering it’s had a number of Russian protagonists and even YURI, a PLAYABLE CHARACTER lmao

    Obligatory “actually Jingles” the Yen is Japanese, you likely meant Yuan

  42. Got both my Email account and my STEAM account hacked once.
    Luckily i could get both back without any damage.

  43. There’s being transparent and then there’s admitting to too much, too soon. Perhaps NordVPN were trying to find out the extent of the issue before reporting it? Whereas, reporters being reporters decided to run with it as soon as they had any whiff of a newsworthy tale.

    Not vetting your vendors though, that’s pretty bad, especially if you’re in the privacy protection business.

  44. “I honestly would not be surprised if at some point during the course of the singleplayer campaign of Call Of Duty Modern Warfare…” and my mind went: “Get a call from Putin”? 😉

  45. Jingles, I fully understand your worry about NordVPN. However, as you mentioned.. paraphrasing here.. If you’re not a complete and utter idiot, clicking fake links, then you wouldn’t be effected. Let’s assume most of us who DID subscribe to NordVPN after your sponsored video are not those idiot people..
    I really think you should continue to have NordVPN sponsor some of your video’s.
    My sincere and kind regards

  46. @36:10. Did you really say Yen? That would be Japan. :). If it’s was Yuan / RMB that’s correct, but FML if it did not sound like Yen.

  47. oh sh…t 41 minutes! Thank you Jing!

  48. Your gnome-ness,

    The PRC (China) has effectively two currencies, the Yuan and the Renminbi.

  49. The issue here is that a company that sells privacy failed to alert their customers about a possible privacy issue due to a data breach immediately. The problem was not “fixed”, the fake servers were up and running (or did they ban those keys from the app?).

    Banning the keys would have been very obvious to the affected customers, and they deserved to know if they had been in contact with the broken server.

    Of course, you should never entrust anyone online with your communication partners and your data.

    So end-to-end encryption on the application level, vpn to access the Thor network, another vpn, then another sting through Thor from another site and your communication might be reasonably safe.

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