Mingles with Jingles Episode 307

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Source: The Jingles

Seriously, you spend an entire year complaining that there’s nothing on worth playing and then a dozen great games all come along at once. It’s like waiting for a bus!

Jim Sterling speaks!


System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution


  1. Eelke van der Weide

    EA = 5 years PR for game 1.5 years making the game

  2. oi Jingles, but you’ve forgot Christmas event in world o tanks and lootboxes!

  3. We want Akizuki, we want Akizuki, pls pls pls! We will take extra shift in the salt mine, pls!??

  4. Mr Jingles… do you read these comments? Understandable if you don’t, but, do I have to call you Jingles? It feels wierd.

    • The Mighty Jingles

      I’m accustomed to being referred to as Lord-Admiral The Mighty Jingles, Ruler of the Universe, Master of All He Surveys, but I guess you can call me “Jingles”.

    • @The Mighty Jingles And the Master of Salt. Salt mines, salt water and salty comments. All hail the Mighty Seasoned one!

  5. Well Fallen Order is made by Respawn Entertainment the creator of Titan fall series and they have a good record so far but we all know that EA will REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE micro-transaction somewhere but we will see what happen after it will launch.

  6. Don’t forget Battletech Big J.
    Also there are dlcs about to come out ?
    Control and Remnant were also good, and perhaps Greedfall.
    But what’s interesting is that they’re AA not AAA.

    PPS – go play the Empire at War mods on Steam. That game is STILL awesome. ?

  7. I don’t need any of those triple-Meh mega titles right now. I buy them a year later when they are cheap. I had enough good little niche titles this year to be happy.

  8. Another thing FO76 took out, that people liked in the other games despite them being bugridden. Mods. Player mods.

  9. I can recommend a couple games for you I do recommend a controller for these games: Dishorned 1 and 2 amazing games and you should play them

  10. Bold Persian Immortal

    Jingles modern warfare is awesome

  11. A Star wars game where you play a ginger. Let me guess he turns to the dark side.

  12. Thanks Jingles… normal service resumed.. no mention of that company. Really good mingles!

  13. I know you ripped on last Jedi but I’m curious, are you looking forward to Rise of Skywalker? Any hope that it’s gonna be great or could you not care less??

  14. I cannot get out of the first stage of planescape. It’s very frustrating I’ve literally clicked on everything. I uninstalled it ages ago and went and looked for play throughs but watching a play through of planscape is very painful

  15. Jingles, you should play *Tree Of Savior* if you are looking for a good game with deep lores.

  16. You forgot to mention a game, that in his genre, missed a good tilte in many years: “Planet Zoo” coming tomorrow too! 😀

  17. Ubisoft agrees with you as their income over the last year is down 93% as compared to the same period the year before.

  18. I only have eyes on ‘The Last of Us Part II’, coming-out for the PS console in February, 2020.
    I DO wish Naughty Dog had done a release of that series for the PC, however. The DLC alone would’ve been *EPIC* !!!
    Re: Bethesda… eeyeaahhh… I tried their online EOS, and quit after a week.
    I’m STILL playing Skyrim, and some of the DLC/Mods are just amazing! Sadly, it’s so friggin’ ‘Buggy’, I’ve YET to be able to ‘Retire’ in one of my many built/bought houses, and just watch as the REST of the NPC’s went on about their merry little lives.

  19. Seems like just yesterday I was watching mingles with jingles 69

  20. Leeroy Jenkins

  21. “Spectacularly good games.”
    –CoD Modern Warfare. Nope, not giving money to CCP General Activision Blizzard.
    –Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order. *HELL* no! I’m not paying the Pope of the church of the dread god Gimmecash
    –The Outer Worlds. Okay, I’ll admit, I’m gonna be a hypocrite here. I caved; I needed some more Obsidian in my life. Absolutely love that game. Still presided over by Don Epic of the Moneygrub Mafia.
    –Red Dead Redemption 2. Rockstar hasn’t pissed in my wheaties enough to wind up on the Do Not Fly list, but the game’s been out enough that most people will have had the game’s story spoiled for them, myself included. Now, I don’t know about you lot, but that is a wee deal breaker for me; I want surprises, you sons of bitches! I might get it later, but there’s sure no urgency.
    –Steel Division 2. Ah yes, the Russian mafia this time around. No thanks, I don’t want the game to suddenly change out from under me again. (EDIT: It has come to my attention that it was published by Paradox rather than Wargaming. Doesn’t make my fears any less founded; I like the games Paradox publishes, but they have a habit of changing the game out from under me. Looking at you Stellaris.)
    –Death Stranding. Alright, killing the snark for a moment. I genuinely don’t understand the appeal of Kojima’s stuff. There’s nothing about the MGS series that clicks for me, gameplay, story, and *especially* the writing. I know some things get lost in translation from Japanese to English, but there’s just sooooo much wrong with the writing. I kinda wish I liked it as much as everyone else seems to, because Kojima himself seems like a cool dude and I wish there were more creatives like him, but I just don’t get it. Okay, snark back on.

    So, in this list we have two games I’m interested in buying sometime in the immediate future. Of everything only four I’m confident will be any good (counting Death Stranding in that, my own misgivings aside). “Spectacular” my blubbery white ass! Thank god for the indie market, otherwise this would be a total famine year for my poor PC.

    • As pointed out numerous times i really dont know how someone could be that stupid to pay 60 bucks on EPIC when they can play the entire game for ONE dollar on Microsofts Game Pass on PC first month trial membership (which u can cancel ofc when u arent interested in the rest of the library that comes with that insane dumping price which goes up to a insane 3$ after that or something?) Comes along with the new XBOX Live PC Beta app which is a night and day improvement over the current iteration implemented in Windows 10 btw. I really dont like the MS Store at all i think its shit…but the purchase process on this one went as smooth as butter if you have paypal or a credit card whatever because its entirely handled by the new application. Didnt take more steps as any steam purchase if you have already setup your payment options and went flawless and fast with good download speeds as well , the app also does not get in your face or annoy you with shitty process eating slow ass front page animations like the bloody EPIC app.

    • Steel Division II is NOT published by Wargaming.
      Steel Division II is published by Paradox, and is the FIRST 3rd party game to make it to the Wargaming launcher. Wargaming has NO hands in development or management.

    • @Corius perhaps steel division 2 actually be worth it if not loaded with macro transactions like the others are. Hopefully no $50+ transactions in it

    • @The Infidel How about before you insult me, you consider alternatives to “He/she is stupid”? Could be I didn’t know about the Microsoft Launcher until after I’d gotten the game. Could be I don’t use Windows 10 because I like retro gaming and Windows 10 tends to be less cooperative on that front. Could be that I wanted to give more money to Obsidian regardless of some going to Epic. Could be a combination of the above. No need to be a jerk.

    • @Corius Thank you for clarifying that for me. Still doesn’t change my concern about the game getting changed on me; in fact it made it worse. Paradox has a bad habit of forcing changes from expansions onto players, whether they like it or not.

  22. Still playing SWTOR, great game, go back and try it

  23. I found that i like watching people playing ww2 RTS games rather than play them … it comes down to me being completely useless when the shells and bullets start flying.

  24. I just realized that i bought at least half a dozen pre-EA-Star Wars games, (including one battlefront) but none of the EA ones… and not because i boycot EA (i do, but that came after those games) but because i didn´t feel any desire to play them.

    Good job EA, you manage to deliver shit and earn a lot more money doing so than developers which actually create good games!

  25. em , jingles ,explaine me , how can EA make SW TOR if they hold license from 2013 if SW TOR is Launched in 2011 ? 😀 😀 😀 😀
    you probably meant to say – SWTOR was made by bioware 😀 😀 😀
    learn to use google mate 😀

  26. shhh how about borderland 3 , you can get it for free from certain source and then play with 3 other friends in LAN mode

  27. Try Ultimate Admiral: Dreadnaughts.
    basically a game made for you and if u got to that titel pls try Naval Action from
    the same guys. would love to see u there.
    MfG Morros

  28. I’m just gonna share a free to play zombie survival game on steam called dead frontier 2
    It’s still WiP, unfinished but the developer(that’s right, one man) is still positively working on it. It’s like a budget resident evil.

  29. Code Vein, The Surge 2, The Outer Worlds, Metro Exodus, The division 2, Red Dead Redemption 2. Slay the Spire, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, Boarderlands 3 just to name a few

  30. Jingles, I’m not sure sandbox stuff is your thing but you might enjoy Satisfactory……..oh wait no, its an Epic store Exclusive, never mind. I’ll get back to the salt mine.

  31. Danish guy here. Its not MaDs, you dont say the D so its just mas. Btw love mwj.

  32. Mies P61SleepyTimeGal

    “Dripping like a sceptic asshole”…..Réally Jingles.

  33. greed fall you forgot greed fall

  34. You’re wrong about the new SW films & saying Disney don’t know how to make Star Wars films is avoiding the last 3 lucas made

  35. Said it before and I will say it again – 25 hours of gameplay of Outer Worlds is utterly disappointing. The game is great but really short. If I compare it to Skyrim or New Vegas… I really hope they will make a huge DLC soon.

  36. an additional little gem is Afterparty the game, it is cheap only 15 Euros and great fun, so far only available on epic game store but please play it!

  37. Hey Jingles, maybe you should try Satisfacfory. I think it’s a great game!

  38. Did you play kingdom come deliverance?

  39. Even playing Outer Worlds on PC, he still sucks at aiming ??

  40. If you’re enjoying Planescape, you might want to give Pillars of Eternity and particularly Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire a try. Developed by Obsidian BTW. These games single handedly made me a fan of party cRPGs (I was always more of a one-character guy, from the days of Fallout 2) and piqued my interest in DnD. Deadfire especially is amazing, especially in terms of character builds. So much variety.

    Also, I’ve noticed you seem to be very fixated at AAA games. I can tell you that the AAA market is just the tip of the iceberg. There are so many bloody amazing games that people just overlook because they’re not published by some moneygrubbing moloch of a studio. For instance, Diablo 3 was the fastest selling game in history, at the time of its release. Diablo 3 was also another thing. Dogshit. The loot system, levelling system, story, just basic ARPG design was all fucked from the ground up. Meanwhile, you got games like Grim Dawn that most people outside of dedicated ARPG fans haven’t heard of that is, IMO, by far the best ARPG game I have ever played. And that’s saying something considering ARPGs are my favourite genre. Then you got games like Darkest Dungeon, They Are Billions, FTL, just tonnes of outstanding titles that don’t bear the AAA stain and are as good, hell, better than AAA titles because they’re made honestly, not with the intention of milking every damn cent out of you on preorders and special editions and shit.

  41. Battlefront 2 is a very solid game now. Should give it a try Jingles!

  42. Transport Fever 2 is coming early 2020.

  43. Steel Division II is NOT published by Wargaming.
    Steel Division II is published by Paradox, and is the FIRST 3rd party game to make it to the Wargaming launcher. Wargaming has NO hands in development or management.

  44. and i love how jingles says – go play outer worlds.
    yeah , like we look like morons who will user epic store or buy sone play station 😀 😀 😀

  45. Not a 2019 title but you ever play We Happy Few?

  46. For germans out here.
    There is a youtuber called Steinwallen, who let’s plays titels like Hoi4, civ titels.
    He builds some stories around the plays supported by a community who writes also short stories around the events occouring in the game.
    Letters from dock workers to their wifes.
    Debates in parlament regarding strategic and foreign policy decisions.
    Battle reports, etc

    He and his community are creating a great deepth to these games and the comment section is fun to read with a lot roleplay.

    If you can read german, check it out.look for “community Lp”

  47. I mean sometime just because it new doesn’t mean it going to be better. there’re a lot of great pc game out in the market Ace Combat 7, Enter the Gungeon, Maximum Action, World in Conflict, Hot dogs horseshoes and hand grenades(for those that have VR support), C&C generals zero hour(althought I have to admit I prirate this one) and that is just from the top of my head

  48. I loved Fallout 4 especially the build aspect of the game

  49. Although Jingles rarely talks about them, looks like more or less the only decent game developers left are “we leave greed to others” CD Project Red, can’t wait for Cyberpunk 2077

  50. Cannot wait to get my hands on death stranding I loved the metal gear solid games and can’t wait to see what kojima can do when told to go wild

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