Mingles with Jingles Episode 308

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I really to write these video descriptions on Sunday night when I upload the video rather than Monday morning morning when I wake up because trying to be witty amusing when your mouth feels like something died in it rarely works out.



  1. Thank you, Jingles!

  2. Soooo, you going to make videos on Death stranding Jingles…

  3. Ok saying it is Kojima’s best game is way too far of a stretch. The MGS games are miles better.

  4. With any luck I’ll still be able to watch our Gnome Overlord’s videos from my house tomorrow if it hasn’t burnt down in the ever-expanding bushfire fronts here in Aus.

    • Mate. here’s hoping they can slow them down and get them under control.

      Fellow Aussie, just on the other side of the country.

  5. Jingles shooting between cutscenes was the funniest part of the videos… ain’t easy doing it with controller! especially Jingles doing it! 🙂

  6. Jingles, will you play Space Hulk Deathwing with Rita? Was on sale recently.
    Here’s a Russian Badger video about it.

  7. Id love to see a series about death stranding but it would be a shame without your commentery

  8. Hey jingles what ever happened to your old world of tanks buddy Thor?

  9. Doing cowboy shit!

  10. Sea of thieves comes to mind as a good unplugged game, at least until someone kiddie and his crew sink ya not because you have treasure, but because they can.

  11. “unfortunately Fallout 76 managed to not trip over and impale itself on its own scissor this week, so we’re being forced to look elsewhere for a weekly doze of internet drama and catastrophe”

    apparently FO76 banning its loyal players for testing a bug and reporting it to bethesda is not bad enough for a bethesda news

  12. I am pretty sure that walking simulator could be connected with a nature documentary commentary, would be fun

    • ..or inspiration for a drone operator for one of the walking cargo carrying game, ..could also include something akin to the old game Dropship UPF style for added spice too.

  13. Didn’t you finish your saturday video with “It’s just not for me”? I’m glad you came around though.

  14. Arthur dies in the end of RDR2.

  15. Well sh*t youtube

  16. Please do more of them but chat is cool too, hell have eddy and rita over.

  17. Ah, Death Stranding, the game in which they’ve weaponised blood, piss and used shower water.

    Kojima is a name that inevitably makes me go…… yeah, really? I’ll pass thanks. He’s not for me. Plus, you know, the name, Die-Hardman. I nearly break out laughing each time I see that NPC.

    You know, sign me up for supporting an Unplugged series, especially for a Subnautica, like title.

    Though, like many other noble salt miners, I’m here for the salt. I’m here for salty goodness.

  18. Yeah I think I’ll give the UPS simulator a miss

  19. Love to see a Code Vein playthrough, or at least for you to check it out. Thanks

  20. This is YouTube fault Jingles. If you watch arch warhammer video he makes a good point about how they have set it up. They had to settle a lawsuit with the FTC and submit to having their rules on YouTube, and the fine is 42k. Per video. To the creator. I’m pretty sure it applies only to the US though.

  21. the best format is when there is no specific plot in the game, but you do comment a lot. this is why Subnautica was your best series ever, and why Uncharted wasn’t.

  22. I’m sure glad my youtube career ended before it even started…..

  23. Wasn’t the fine per video?

  24. so this means i dont have to watch those f****** ads on YT from 1.1.2020? YEAH baby!!!!!???

  25. Jingles, even if you won’t pre-order ultimate admiral dreadnoughts, you should see it if it comes out on steam approx. next year

  26. If you ever want to be beaten to death by a game, play Escape from Tarkov.

  27. Well that is a sincerely buggered approach to what had been a good law. They just had to tinker with it. Of course attempts to control internet content have been steadily growing for some time. If they ever do this with porno the net will collapse. Theirs a thought. Jingles porno. Lol. Be well. D.

  28. Basically for things like Death Stranding, it’s more like the Interactive Movies of the what.. late 80s and early 90s? Nowadays, I find games like that … well, I don’t quite get the emotional attachment (like Mass Effect) to play them, I just like to watch them for the strength of writing (or lack thereof). There’s also the issue of replayability, which for many, after watching the movie on Youtube… eh not too sure what’s the replay value after seeing the story.

  29. Lazyest video ever yesterday. How hard can i push my fanbase without putting effort in it!

    • Well like I said, it’s an experiment. Maybe if throw enough of these unexpected bonus videos out in addition to all of my regular content I can push all the self-entitled whining bitches into fucking right off?

  30. So if nobody’s going to be able to make money from advertising does that mean YT is going to take a big hit in ad revenue as well?

  31. If you have to say “if any one but kojima had made it….” as an excuse, then surely the game is not a masterpiece. OK, it looks very nice but graphics do not a good game make. I suspect that the ‘kojima effect’ aka rose tinted spectacles come into play here. In my book games should be fun. You have mentioned ‘tedious’ far too often to mean death stranding gets anywhere close to that!

  32. I suggest a Just Cause 3 or 4 video jingles. Continue the Uncharted 4 series!
    **happy perverted noises because this man failed No Nut November**

  33. Im not quite sure about the legalities here but how bout the FTC just go and fuck emselves trying to enforce their rules outside of the US?

  34. I mean, I was one of the people who followed Jingles over to Vimeo (I think that was the site?) until he stopped uploading there, so if you need to find another location I’d be glad to provide ad revenue. Until then, I’ll just keep holding out the shredded ball of yarn which used to be my hope that Bill Gates or someone will decide to make a new site to face-off against Youtube/Google for giggles.

  35. Do the mail and pie delivery quests in the Shire in Lotro and you’ll get all the virtual walking you’ll ever need 🙂

  36. I never liked ads anyway. Don’t get me wrong, I wish all the support for the creators of good content. But I’m not going to miss any of the ads.

  37. I suppose Jingles will have to start relying on his years at sea, and start swearing like a sailor …

  38. Jingles…just deliver lots of profanity because its a perfect way to wreck the algorithm AND be funny 😀

  39. 😛
    I didn’t watch it for environmental spoilers.

  40. To be honest Jingles, I need you talking bollocks over things because I’m watching on my phone while playing things on the PC at the same time. I can’t look down for 45minutes without flying into a floor of some sort in War Thunder.

  41. Now why is an R.E.M song playing in my head all the sudden? Oh right…

  42. now would be a perfect time for a new website like youtube to Rise and take over its place

  43. Hmmm….sound like the tubes is looking to maximise shareholder profit at the expense of contributors that provide content for ad revenue and shareholder profits….can’t be paying contributors at shareholder expense hey? …I say fuck those pricks and if necessary don’t do it anymore. There will be another channel or medium to do this. Tubes will die one day…nothing lasts forever.

  44. I can see not only creators loosing revenue, but YT tanking monetarily as well. I also think this is going to push someone to make an alternative sight for people to upload videos that is strictly donations only for revenue or have an age appropriate grouping. Such as “this age to this age can only go here”, this age to this age can only go here”, and so forth, with a photo copy of your drivers license being needed to join. Don’t have one, you’re restricted to less than mature rating videos until you provide one. I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

  45. Sounds like another “artist” who wants to subvert the audiences expectations. Aaaaaaand frankly I’m sick of that sort of shit. No I don’t care how beautiful the games is I never want to work that hard.

  46. Last time I checked you were a UK citizen which in my understanding should grant you the right to tell the FTC to go fuck themselves, if they want to fine you.

  47. that FTC fine for not ticking the box on WoWS videos really sounds stupid, like, a lot more stupid than usual-lawyer-stuff-stupid.

    it is like saying “It” or “Joker” should be flagged for children because there are clowns in them. it just shouldn’t fly.

  48. The mighty one, the experience from FranLab, if you run your channel without adverts turn on YouTube does not share or recommends your videos or channel to others and also even your subs never get notifications

  49. Sooo… Is this Jingles admitting he’s getting old? Golly, walking in this game is so much easier and relaxing than irl.. Love this game.

  50. I’m not sure you get fined anything, because you aren’t in the US, & US claims of extraterritoriality notwithstanding, their laws & regulations do not constrain you at all. If the definition of a video targeted at children is ‘any video not actively illegal to show to children’ then it is YouTube’s problem, not yours. YouTube has been dragging its feet on providing a route to monetisation for specific genres of edgier content since the adpocalypse,

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