Mingles with Jingles Episode 309

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Source: The Mighty

This weeks’ episode is once sponsored by NordVPN. Go to https://NordVPN.com/ to get 70% off a 3 year plan and use code JINGLES to get an additional 4 months free.

Do not adjust your sets, this episode IS over an hour long, you lucky, lucky people.



  1. First!
    My word, an hour of Jingles
    /opens bag of popcorn and puts feet up/

  2. Jingles!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. First view first comment first like yay ???? jingles in your biggest fan

  4. I’ve done it again!!!!!!!!!! First in! So happy, happy happy!

  5. Howdy Jingles

  6. Skip to 5:00 to start the video

  7. ou… 1 hour long video? nice

  8. I know I’ve made a serious mistake when I’ve stayed up late enough to see MWJ posted

  9. A bit of a warning regarding the possibility of circumventing the great firewall of China with NordVPN. The Chinese government can’t see to what site you want to connect and therefore yes you can circumvent the great firewall, but it can see you are connecting to NordVPN. Therefore it already happened to foreign businessmen who tried this method that the Chinese government kicked their hotel room door in and took that to a chat without tea at the next police station.

  10. i want assasins creed oddys

  11. no thats not kinda what happend to nordvpn… one thing is, to make sure your your servers are not comprimised BUT he other thing is COM MU NI CA TION. if you take so long to take to inform your customers then you show your total lack of caring about them. additionaly they did not inform the customers they were found out. so no, it is not kinda the same….

    anyway, waiting to play rdr2 but waiting for those bugfixes befor commiting money and time 😉 another 2 months perhaps

  12. Dear Mighty Overlord,in case you arent aware,your mingle with Jingles playlist is a mess at the moment.You might wanna double check that.Thank you for taking your time

  13. This time, “only” 5min ad for NordVPN…

  14. Completely advert free thanks to you guys on patreon….or so.

  15. thanx sir jingles!

  16. That Royal Navy story reminds me of the first 20 or so episodes of MwJ

  17. If you have to disable AV just for a game to work, your paid AV sucks.
    Just use the one from Microsoft comes free with Windows 10 installation, I never got any virus on my PC.

  18. “Mingles with Jingles Sponsored by you lot on Patreon”…

  19. In regards to Rockstar not having to do testing for the port… technically they did, because porting a game to a new system post-launch usually brings about a whole new set of problems that have to be ironed out.

  20. To quote Des Mangan of SBS fame, specifically on a movie called Killer Condom.

    If the title offends, the movie surely will, so don’t watch it. That way you have nothing to write to me and complain about.

    Ah, Des, I miss the man and the cult movies he showed. He even called a movie weird.

    Which he didn’t do for things like Killer Condom.

  21. his voice is back , yey

  22. I thought the Orange shop sold phones?

  23. I literally started watching the video. Really, 1 hour! Good to see that old habbits die hard 😉

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