Mingles with Jingles Episode 310

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

It’s that of the week where I forget take my medication rant at the microphone for another hour before falling asleep in the middle of a sentence.



  1. One Dewpy potato Boi


  2. Showing gameplay=aimed for children: youtube bans all gameplay uploads and “letsplay” channels
    You’re not advertiser friendly: youtube disallows ads on most channels
    You’re not commercially viable: youtube deletes most channels
    …….so youtube practically deletes itself and all reason to use it. Helloooooooo Vimeo! (etc)
    Maybe now people will upload things to the internet that they find interesting and want to share instead of kids leaving school thinking this is a job? If you was in school in 1995 and you said “I want to be on TV”…that was a job back then, fine.
    However because you couldn’t choose what you wanted to watch or when you wanted to watch it, It had adverts and it often wasn’t free because of TV licence it slowly started to die over the years. *THAT* is why youtube etc became popular, Because all that was fixed.
    So now youtube is screwing itself and the youtubers/TV hosts are freaking out about losing thier jobs.
    You want to upload videos? Do it, there’s plenty of places.
    You want a job? Take an apprenticeship as a brick layer or something.
    I think you might appreciate the irony Jingles. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wTP2RUD_cL0

  3. Jingles: “Instead of going after independent content creators, again, youtube uses it’s resources and algorithms to identify which of it’s millions of user accounts have clearly been fraudulently created by children under the age of 13?”
    Youtube/Google: “That that would cost MONEY and EFFORT! We simply CAN’T afford to do that!”

  4. Connoissuer_Of_Classieness

    Adpocalypse; don’t swear, they’ll think we’re unsuitable for adverts.


  5. It was when you said this channel isn’t for children I was hoping you were going to say “and to prove the point here are some sexy young ladies”

  6. Can’t wait to get the “we at YouTube reserve the right to sneak into your house at night and fuck you in the ass whenever we feel necessary” on the TOS.

  7. got you as my captain why do I have lose captain points to put you on

  8. Sounds like another ploy by u tube to get rid of channels that they deem polictaly incorret

  9. 24:46 I think forgotten weapons is still monetised you might be thinking of Inrange the other channel Ian is involved in that actively demonetised their videos.

  10. Its not youtube’s fault for parents who cant control what their children is watching

  11. Jingles if s**t hits the fan and you have to stop doing YouTube how about streaming on twitch or mixer

  12. 19:11
    stop taking money ….
    name ONE corp wich will turn down proffit .
    really , sometimes i thing people should go back to daycare 😀
    yeah , right….
    a corp will spend money to check wich little cunts are lying about the age in registration form 😀
    that will include me , coz i never give my real data in online registration forms , and i would say 25 % of ytube accounts , coz kids dont care about that , they want to watch what they want to watch , not what some old farts in some moral highground comission come up with .

    Damm ,Jingles , you really lost it .
    like hell i am gona prove anything to ytube . especially giving them my real data.
    and yes , i am 30 + male who works timber industry , and i do watch fortnite and nickolodean from time to time .
    and if ytube decides i am fake accoutn , ok , i make a new one.
    and then another , and another and another , and you get where i am going with this…
    you really expect that even if ytube bans all the false age accounts , the kids who made them will not make new ones ?
    what the next step ?
    ban certain IP adress after limited times new accounts are made from it ?
    any other stupid ideas ?
    And yes – My little Ponny has 60 % adult fan base .
    Most people who watch my little pony are adults.

  13. 20:44 Uh oh, I feel called out 😀 But, to be honest, those ads don’t do anything for me so, yeah.

  14. I cant wait for this to start to kill off cunts like that morgz and other like him

  15. I am waiting for the time when there will be a class action against YouTube for felony … even during the adpocalypse the video had ad and the revenu was 100% for YouTube …

  16. Who’s ready for Adpocalypse 2: Electric Boogaloo?

  17. Just add a 13+ logo in the topright of you video´s for the duration of the video´s and if youtube disable´s your video´s SUE THEM

  18. My kids love YouTube Kids, we keep a close eye on it, but so far everything has been kid friendly. I’m guessing that a load of stuff will disappear from now then?

  19. Oh yeah! Jingles Ik you aren’t a fan of the prequels or that uhh.. one movie.. but what do you think of the Mandalorian!?

  20. fallout 76 not fucking up for a week is like not mastrubating in “no nut november”

    it can’t be done :p

  21. Bless you Jingles.

  22. Jingles, have you heard of radio commander? It’s an indy game the has made it on steam, where you play a radio commander, using a radio to command your troops in the Vietnam war. It’s a bit different as you are in a tent holding the radio looking at the map and putting tokens to mark your troops and enemy, you even have to ask for updates about ammo, wounded, moral, who’s where, and what and where they are in contact, it’s very interesting and I think you should give it a look especially given your audience, also have you heard of Ultimate Admiral Dreadnought? Look it up. You’ll like it I swear.

  23. Just slip in a fuck now and then and you’ll be fine Jingles!

  24. I hope who ever in charge of the decision to be kill by a fucking robot or AI or whatever the fuck that he/she love so fucking much

    Fucking imbecile bastard

  25. Hey jingles, as a minority of this channel being 17 years old, am I affecting your channeling any way? Do I need to unsubscribe and subscribe on a new account where I lie about my age?

  26. Hey Jingles, will you do an updated man cave video?

  27. im the 3.2%

  28. 2 weeks in a row with nearly an hour of Mingles with Jingles.

  29. Yeah but at least this stops stupid videos like win 10000 grand for something stupid you can tell jingles doesn’t have any children the kid channels teach kids such bad stuff it does my head in like one guy let’s his 5 year old play vid6games with him games shouldn’t be played by a child in the uk it would be classed as child abuse

  30. Protecting the damn children is not the government’s job. What the hell are parents for then?!

  31. Another week gone by

  32. Just,a,minute…i,love,fortnite,,,and,i,watch,nickelodean,all,the,time.

  33. Go to fucking Youtube Kids then, it was there for a fucking reason

  34. 30:23
    well there is bitchute mate….
    upload your videos there and live on your patreons and be happy.
    and you fuck up the google a little 😀

  35. “You see, kids…” – AI detected children’s content present.

  36. Mr Ridley Animation

    Oof rip YouTube content creators

  37. As a navy man yourself jingles what’s your opinion on HMS Hoods bell being returned to Portsmouth? Should it’ve stayed with the ship where so many lost their lives?

  38. So here’s a thought.

    Bin Youtube, and upload your content on Pornhub?

  39. lol – unfair and painful is correct – that’s life kids

  40. I think it is pretty safe to say that Youtube is a leader of modern technology! Kappa

  41. Your solution on identifying kids accounts and then simply not track them… Ummm… Isn’t that tracking them? I mean to find out that someone is watching only Nickelodeon and My Little Pony, you have to track them, right? Logging what someone is watching is quite clearly tracking them. It’s almost the definition of tracking them.

  42. Hi Jingles
    YouTube is probably not telling you the reasons because they don’t know themselves. Because what you usually call an algorithm is most likely something most people today call an artificial intelligence but what really just is a pattern matching engine. One of the problems with such engines is you have to train them. So you basically provide a whole bunch of properties for each training video to that engine and tell it whether this has to be flagged or not. Based on a huge number of such training data sets the engine will assign weights to the individual properties.
    The result of the training will be a function combining all the weighted properties in a way that resolves to “true” for all these training data sets it is supposed to return true for and “false” for every training data set it is supposed to return false for. Nothing more but also nothing less.
    If the training data was properly selected the probability that it will return the result it is supposed to return is quite high but not 100%. If the training data wasn’t that good, comprehensive or representative of what it will see during normal operations the results will be rather arbitrary.
    But the biggest drawback is, since your result is calculated from a whole bunch of properties no one can tell exactly why one video passes the test while another one doesn’t.
    And that’s why YouTube can’t tell you what is wrong without some actual humans checking the video in question.

    Keep up the good work,
    Sgt hawk

  43. if i remember correctly “LURE OF THE TEMPTRESS” was the 1st adventure game where NPC had some kind of behavioural patterns.

  44. You could just quit Youtube and enjoy retirement…?

  45. Jingles go to Flowplane ?

  46. I’m waiting for the day when creators will be spared from the algorytmen for a monthly fee…

  47. So, YT now cracks down on children content, flushing them into adult content (or to less protected sites).
    The remaining kids content will display “untargeted” ads which will soon be mostly for kids, because advertisers aren’t stupid.

    Maybe you should target the fucking advertisers if you don’t want ads for kids?

  48. The first words this wont be as long as last weeks video… Looks at the time 53min… Well its shorter alright but cmon :D.

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