Mingles with Jingles Episode 311

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

Mickey Mouse really pissed me off this week and not just because what did to Star Wars Episode eight!


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  1. Talking about Disney? It’s clearly a video targeted towards children.

  2. Listeded to this now my toast is soggy ☹️

  3. Capitalism leads to terrible outcomes for the consumers as companies cater solely to the needs and wants of their shareholders? Who’da thunk it?

    • Maybe you should thunk a bit harder. You don’t please shareholders by generating (overall) terrible outcomes for consumers. If consumers aren’t buying, that’s BAD for shareholders. Shareholders like to see profitability, growth, stability. You only ensure those by making a product that people generally want to buy. It’s also perfectly possible to be a consumer AND a shareholder by the way.
      Without capitalism, Star Wars wouldn’t even exist in the first place. Nor would the computer or phone you typed your message on, nor would Youtube, nor would any of the games that Jingles plays etc.

  4. Attack Helicopter ́

    Funny how the real piracy in the old days was the same in principal…. Piracy started to get away from a slave life and social ranks where you couldnt advance if you were born in the worng family and to pay the system and the nobles back…

    Kinda like todays situation, only without the bloodshed and the violence… East India Trading Company could be easily Google of the past time….

  5. Jingles- you said nothing, vis a vis the large amount of peoples information stolen through Disney+ and sold for nefarious reasons. Yes, that’s a Thing. Disney has been thrashed for their really lax IT department over the years. Evidently, even if you sign up for something at one of the Disney theme parks here in the States you need to make sure you don’t put out too much information as it’s easily compromised. I’d say you’re better off without any of that nonsense.

    Annnnd, I believe the version of Rainbow Six you were playing was Rogue Spear. The only reason I remember that is I had that exact game. My girlfriend at the time was ready to kill me because I spent more time planning missions than I did planning dates and other things that we were supposed to do. Whoopsie.

  6. Looks like this is perfekt time for you to activate nord vpn and go on tpb to watch the movie before you are 50 yo.

  7. You need a proxy server jingles, like a VPN and ping yourself out of a country like Sweden,usa or Australia. This will let you then go online and find the movie streaming free now all u have to do is cast that to you big screen TV ?

  8. Most pirated versions have no problems with copy protection/DRM (once cracked). One of the unusual ones I read recently was the latest Grid game needs DX12 for the release version, but the pirated version had DX11 also…

  9. UH-OH! Disneys in trouble they’ve pissed our Mighty and Supreme Gnome Overlord off!……

  10. Honestly, Jingles, I think they very well know about this effect, probably a lot of their own team members, but nothing gets proper approval from a higher up, given, to them, it probably doesn’t even matter.

  11. Disney is trying to take over everything, we have uncovered the plot!

  12. Ugh imagine a Disney version of Punisher and Daredevil :/ both great shows

  13. Paul. It is mostly an EU commission problem. They past a law that says a streaming service needs to have 40% EU content.
    So not entirely all Disney’s fault.

  14. I live in the United States. I have the ability to pay for a Disney+ subscription. I have pirated every episode of The Mandalorian so far. We hate Disney too.

  15. Last time I was this early, this trend wasn’t a thing!

  16. hmmm back to the under 30 minutes mwj^^ … black friday % reductions

  17. The mandalorain was absolutely great!. Disney made the biggest mistake ever. Not releasing the mandalorian for everyone in the the world. Which is why everyone is just watching it via online streaming sites or just downloading it.

  18. I agree with our Gnome overlord about Disney, but for different reasons. They declared the Expanded Universe non-cannon. I understand why they did it, but it still hurts. Yes, the EU wasn’t entirely without lemons, but I read all the books and played all the games for decades, back when George Lucas said no more movies: the story now falls to all these creative sci-fi writers and comic book artists. Then, in a single day, Disney said that all of that universe building didn’t happen. Basically fan fiction. Emperor Mickey should be thrown down a shaft on the Death Star.

  19. I listened and took in everything you said in this video…
    But the actual footage in the background made me sad.

  20. It’s not actually Disney’s fault that Disney+ isn’t coming to the UK until March. It’s Sky, they have the licensing rights to distribute Disney content on their Sky Disney channel until it expires in March, so Disney’s hands are tied and they have to wait until that ends..

  21. I have to ask… when Jingles got Rainbow Six and had to pirate it while sailing abroad… do you think he was on an Anti-Piracy patrol at the time?

  22. Not only Daredevil but foremostly excellent Punisher!!! Loved both shows like hell so yeah – fuck Disney!

  23. quote of the day: ” mickey mouse …See that finger? Sit on it and swivel ” . Im almost 50 and ive never heard that one myself ^^ THUMBS UP

  24. a crappy script is what the mandalorian is all about, now Carl Weathers and Pedro Pascal are good actors but Gina Carano can not act and the script is no help to any of the cast and i was surprised being that Jon Favreau was involved as a writer and Producer, but i do agree about Solo being a lot better than most have said it would be and that was Directed by Ron Howard who proved that with the right Director even a ok script can be made into a good movie. IMO JJ Abrams could learn a lot from Directors like Ron Howard his SW and ST films just make you wonder what they could have been if a real Director had been in control

  25. To be honest if there was one streaming service where I could watch any films/TV shows for a good price then I would probably get it but now if I want to do that I have to spend 4x that amount on a half a dozen deferent providers. It’s all just fucking ideotic now

  26. Jingles, have you tried using a VPN to connect to Disney+?

  27. Twisted Plot Twist

    the Mighty Gnome Overlord clearly seeing through Disney’s plans lol

  28. All very good points about Disney but the ending of that WOWS replay somehow seemed totally apt because no matter how hard you play no matter how good you are the bastards are out to get you

  29. jokerspet karlsson

    so does this mean u will be pirating the mandalorian? 😀

  30. “See this finger? Sit on it and swivel” genuinely laughed xD

  31. Jingles play more of the tank mechanic simulator please!

  32. Preach it!

  33. “Bethesda shuts down Fallout 76 survival server”

    The game is dying!! *crab rave dance

  34. I watched all 4 episodes today. Mandalorin is good. It’s not unbelievably fantastic, great, give me a hard on must die for but it is a solidly good show. Way better than the shit sequel trilogy, I absolutely agree with that. Disney is a disgrace. The mouse can go suck an egg to put it politely. Mandalorin is a bright spot along with the new game fallen Jedi game in an otherwise dismal Disney Star Wars. I haven’t played it myself but Everyone so far has said it is by far the best Star Wars game to date. Definitely a game I’m going to get when I can afford it.

  35. Disney created by a pro Nazi now living the Nazi dream

  36. All the spin-offs are great, but the new trilogies are absolute dumpster fires
    Don’t worry, the cast still get paid and Disney is still making huge profits

  37. It is not nature of the beast, it is greed of the beast.

  38. So, hows the Jingles breeding program going? Been several years now ??

  39. “See this finger? Sit on it and swivel.” DAMN hero… I haven’t heard that phrase in since I left the US Army in ’94. Must be a Gen X sorta thing.

  40. Typical for Jingles to not use his VPN for the only thing it’s good for. But I agree with the sentiment towards Disney, for many reasons.

  41. Very well said about Disney.

  42. Literally the only reason I haven’t started boycotting Disney is because my friends keep making it public outings to see the new movies and it’s nice to hang out with them. You better believe that if they start considering hopping onto the “fuck Disney” train, I’ll be the first one selling them tickets.

  43. I feel like I should pass this on to people here.

    If you don’t have the patience to go through the full text of the End User Licence Agreement, I do not blame you one bit. Now as far as I’ve been….. well, cheesing it, this applies as much to music CD’s, DVD’s and games.

    You are allowed to have a back up copy of such media so as you can have access to the media contained within, as part of your purchase if the original form of it breaks or becomes corrupted.

    Now, at least in Australia, it turns out that copying a DVD and breaking its encryption is more on the illegal side of things. So can eye patch source your backup copy and be following the law.

    Yes, really. This song says it better than I could ever. Well, technically privateering, it’s legally protected.


  44. You hit the nail on the head for ‘The Mandalorian’ and ‘missing out’. The series is very good, but I have to resort to pirating it to watch it as well. Hopefully, they’ll release it on BR in the future, so I can throw the makers (and Disney…) my money anyway. As for the ‘missing out’, I’m just glad I quit social media like Facebook and Twitter years ago. I’ll resort to fora on topics that interest me, like I did in the olden days, and perhaps Reddit when I really need to. That’s turning into a hive of scum and villainy as well these days…

  45. “Fuck Disney” i won’t forgive them for episode 8 either.

  46. The sad part is Jingles… The way Disney last reacted to s*** storms like this, they canceled any and all future planned work bar “The rise of Skywalker.”
    Because they can’t take a damn hint anymore, and accept, perhaps they made a mistake. They can admit making any f*** ups anymore.
    So why is it sad?! Because Disney is mos going to assume the Mandalorian is not profitable, because “it’ll just be pirated again, and we’ll loose millions!” and, just like you said, they’ll hammer down even harder on anti piracy measures, that we know don’t do s***. It really just takes one person to successfully pirate it, and everyone has access.

    • I’m sure the Disney+ service overall will be plenty profitable and that’s what matters. I’m also sure there will be Mandalorian merchandise and videogames and whatnot that will generate it’s own profits. I just hope the new movie will absolutely tank and they will never dare to inflict crap like that on us ever again.

  47. Jingles when you gonna play Fallout 76.

  48. that is a fun story i boght hearts of iron 3 on steam the game kept crashing at launch and instead of paradox fixing it i wass all like f it and downloaded a pirated version that actualy worked stable

  49. Jingles, I perhaps have downloaded a few recordings of game OST’s, and downloaded orchestral recordings, that may indeed have been pirated. But that has been my limit. But with the Mandalorian, because Disney are asking Irish viewers to way 4 months!!!! I’ve been watching it online.
    Because (and I’m sorry for the language) F*** Disney. The last 20 years of Disney have been an exponential crash in their reputation, and the curve started to fall when they bought LucasArts.
    A day, I’d be happy, mang shows gave been aired the same. A week? I’d be upset, but I could live with it. I don’t love on social media. 2 weeks and I’d be furious, and probably only make it half way through the season before looking online to see if someone is live streaming it etc.
    But Disney’s publishing department thinks 4 whole f***ing months! is an acceptable wait for an audience base this big, and a fan base this dedicated?!
    F*** ’em all! and I hope they’re all fired like Disney seems to enjoy doing when a department fails them.

  50. Wait. People are still playing Fallout 76????
    Wonders will never cease.

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