Mingles with Jingles Episode 312

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

In which we celebrate an entire week in which Fallout 76 hasn’t done anything catastrophically wrong (that we know about), take a cynical look at the latest copyright disaster on YouTube and propose an explanation as to why 90% of the new European Destroyers in World of Warships seem to come in flat boxes with assembly instructions.



  1. First 😀

  2. Only 1 person can be first boys

  3. YouTube continues to get worse whats new lol

  4. Yo jingles you own me BEER !

  5. Early cool

  6. Hi Jingles 🙂

  7. Woke up at 2:30 am to watch this

  8. The glass is filled to exactly to where I want it 😛

  9. Well, anyone claiming anything on any video, (99% of the time) doesn’t affect Google/YouTube. They still get payed the same amount by the advertising bodies, and still give the same fraction of a cut to the channel. Or in this case, the same cut, to now share amongst the channel, and any claimant(s).

  10. Jay Albert Castigador

    Ahh the Patent Trolls have expanded into YouTube Copyright Claims

  11. I can’t believe the glorious Czech fleet isn’t even represented in Pan-European line.

  12. mondays sucked before jingles

  13. 1 /2 full or 1/2 empty. No, the paranoid in me says somebody poked a freaking hole in the same glass

    • The engineer in me says the glass is twice as big it needs to be.

    • The Waste water tech in me Knows colleagues up to no good practical jokes spent the better part of a whole day in the workshop to slowly drill a tiny hole in the glass without cracking it and then filling the hole with a transparent water solluble paste.

  14. If no bad news about 76, why are you mentioning it? 🙂

  15. Why care about having your nation in the game, I want Pepsi in the game. Maybe as an April fool’s joke.

  16. More like the British couldn’t stand ANYONE having a contending empire themselves and so…..fuck the Germans. The Germans DARED to build a worldwide economy and navy themselves to compete with the British one. The British couldn’t have that so they looked for ANY reason to go to war with the Germans to bring them down. The British won, but it cost them their empire. Greed was the over arcing cause for WW1. The stupid thing is, the royalty were all related. Millions died for royal and corporate greed.

  17. And yet the Dutch are still one of a few (but first) countries that the US carrier groups dread as an opponent as the Walrus class subs are known to “destroy” US carriers without beeing noticed untill the Dutch would inform them xD

  18. SurpriseBlue Viana

    This is the youtube fault!..They must put obligation to the people make the complain to prove there claming.

  19. Even i got copyright claimed, me, a 150 sub channel. wtf?

  20. Finland mentioned. Torilla tavataan!

  21. boo the weekend is over? its friday what are you talkin about its yay weekend is just about to start!

  22. Hope you already have the ilmarinen Pillow from Flamu’s store 😀

  23. Are you going to do an updated man cave video Jingles!

  24. Interesting mingles this week Jingles ??

  25. The Tank Commander

    Hey Jingles! Just wanna say I sent the invitation to Rita’s discord! If you need to see it again, just tell me and I will post it again! Can’t wait to hopefully see you on my post-surgery livestream! See yeh later! Happy Holidays and Long Live the King of The Gnomes! -The Tank Commander

  26. Solution to the European tech tree “problem”: alternative lines with mixed nations next to a Swedish tree (they might as well make that one exclusively Swedish)

  27. the glorious 1 8 th century ironclad … far ahead of its time and under the command of Nemos Grandpa.

  28. i for one dont think its a problem that the new “pan-european” destroyer line is filled by swedish ships. they had the biggest northen european fleet in the period WoWS covers. they had coastal battleships cruisers even a hybrid cruiser aircraft carrier thing. i am a dane and i would not consider my nations fleet from the period to be suitable for WoWS, we only made 2-3 paper cruiser designs that could be interesting in game. the only real ship i would consider would be the Peder skram from the 1960´es but she was equipped with missiles in the aft (big no no i know) and 2, Mk 28 Mod 2 5″/38 caliber dual mounts forward and some 40 mm mounts as AA

  29. The Greek navy Destroyers? Maybe one or two?

  30. Yes, don’t forget the Austrians.
    It was an Austrian who invented the ship’s propeller.
    The British donated a prize of £20,000 for this but they screwed Josef Ressel and divided it among five British inventors.


  32. You forgot the Greeks, old man. We need the Georgios Averoff in game

  33. sorry jingle .but the danish navy was build by denmark ,and it had in all 121 ships in service from 1939 to 1945

  34. ahh, it’s 4am still up but rdy to go to bed. ::Jingles vid pops up:: well i’ll watch it before bed 🙂

  35. and there we see why dividing Europe into small bits, is not good

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