Mingles with Jingles Episode 313

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Source: The Mighty

The raging Dumpster Fire that is the USS Puerto Rico dockyard grindfest in continues to burn unchecked, and now Wargaming Saint Petersburg's General Manager is throwing fuel on the fire. The smoke and flames are so thick that hardly anyone noticed that Bethesda Software screwed up AGAIN!



  1. I’m gonna buy other games that Jingles has recommended instead of spending a day on WoWs. Because of Jingles, I’ve already purchased Subnautica, Assassin’s Creed Odyssey and The Outer Worlds, among others. I may just spend my money on Star Wars Fallen Order instead, and that’s an EA title! Or perhaps Deliver Us the Moon. That looked like fun.

  2. Caveat Emptor…though I am surprised that WoWS would stoop this low. They were the good guys of WG!

  3. Lmao, There’s an old saying we have here in the states which became popular during the 90s, and although I haven’t heard in a while, it’s still apparently relevant. It goes like this: “never trust a fuckin Russian”.

  4. I got the Renegade for around 20-25 EUR with a 60% discount. Keep in mind the “package” didn’t only contain the tank but other things as well (crew directives, reservers, premium time and equipment.

    Let me add to that RU statement: oh you’re sick? you’d rather sit, rest, recover? Well fuck you, give us the money you’d be spending on food and/or medicine because no way in hell you’re doing this grind unless you’re some kind of disabled unicum (really wanna see the ven diagram for that one)

  5. come to war thunder! they introduced the Graf Spee lately 😉

  6. Money I’ve spent on PR so far = zero. Suck it Wargaming!!! And feel free to fuck off!!!

  7. Part of me knew it all along. From the moment I uninstalled world of tanks and switched to world of warships that was “better” and “ethical”, non bullshit unlike world of tanks.
    I knew it that they too would go that route. I was hoping that the gut feeling will be incorrect and that I was being irrationally afraid, but I see I was correct all along.
    Oh humanity, what has happened to gaming in recent years….

  8. My thoughts on this. How about a class action using EU consumer law against WG? Also how about a boycott – if enough of us stopped playing for whole of Jan 2020?

  9. Not changing how I play. Not changing how much I play. Will collect any freebies I can. Will not spend a penny on the PR. Job done.

    Just think WG how much money you could have made if you hadn’t been such a set of greedy shits.

  10. You know if they had just sold the ship on the premium store for half the price that it currently is, I would think that they would’ve made arguably more money going down that route instead of what they’ve done.

  11. No it’s not even technically possible to get that ship for free. It’s only THEORETICALLY possible….

  12. My first impulse was to report everyone i see in a puerto rico, because by telling WG that scams like this are ok they just encourage them to repeat this sort of practice

  13. Damn this PR stupidity. But what I’d like to know is what game does Jingles have playing in the background?

  14. I’m so fucking disappointed in Wargaming. I quit playing WoT Console because of this kind of bullshit. Warships was a breath of fresh air. This Puerto Rico thing and the statement from Lesta? I’ve spent my last penny on you guys. Fuck you.

  15. so basically everyone didnt read the fine print after a previously work in progress thing went live, even though everyone knew by now that everything on the test server is subject to change, as pointed out on multiple occasions by jingles and other people, and now everyone is pointing a finger at wg for not telling them about it even though theyve had years of experience on the same shit over and over again, so whats new?, i mean whats the point of printing a manual if nobody is gonna read or use it anyways right?

  16. WG NotLikeThis

  17. As a really casual almost weekend warrior…all I can say is “meh” was never gonna spend money on something that expensive…and I would need 2 years to complete the tasks… 😉

  18. Took one look at the directives and than nope not having it. Didn’t look again cose i am not crazy.

  19. can people make a pretty legitimate argument to dispute charges if they used credit cards?

  20. Jingles, you talk a lot about the fear of missing out, lets say someone is in it’s grip. How do they kick the fear of missing out?

  21. Jingles any reason why you have started to swear so much more these past few weeks?
    I have been a subscriber and have watched most of your videos for most of the time you have been on youtube, and it is not that I am offended or against using swear-words… But it has become a bit obsceen these last few weeks…

  22. I’ll never understand WG fans..

  23. Wot console has had the winter, spring, summer and autmn games. Each consist of three directives. Alpha, bravo nd charlie. Complete a,b,c get a free tank, complete a part get 25% discount. Compelete all games. Get a free tank. Compelete a some of them. Get a discount for the tank. So yea. I dont feel cheated at all.

  24. “I am not gonna tell the whole thing, just the short version”
    “Spends longer talking about than in the dedicated vid”

  25. Jingles do us all a MASSIVE FAVOUR and send a Press Release on this topic to BBC, Sky News and CNN etc and someone will pick it up I am sure. If you really care for the community DO THIS!

  26. Luckly I pulled myself away from wargaming so I don’t need to bleed money anymore. My money can go to something more useful.

  27. Hmm… only one click away to my “Programs and Features” and press that magic button. Gaming industries (well some of them) seems forget why games was created, to entertain us, to lose our stress, to have fun with some challenging puzzles, to solve problems in a very healthy and rewarding way. But when game(s) gives you so much stress, outrages and even frustrated you a lot, that games is not worth to play (IMO).

  28. Dear, Why cant we afford rent this month?? Uhhh sorry honey, i bought a fictional ship that i’ll never get to physically touch.

  29. Haven’t paid anything for this event I have a life and a family and as a casual player not going to give WG anything unless things change not holding my breath though.

  30. Already seeing PR’s in battle… mostly in co-op mode… Guess those guys are to embarrassed to show their stupidity in random.

  31. I just want to say first. Hello jingles. The second thing is I watch every posted video of flam, and you. And to hear about the as you put it dumpster fire W.G. started really blows my mind. Yes I’m a console peasant on the weekends. But with my job I do carry a laptop while away from home. And this outrageous setup they have started with the P.R. makes me wonder if I’ll continue playing the game. I’ve always liked Wo W BUT just don’t see how they could thibk the gaming community is that ignorant.

  32. Just thank for this film i hope that something change in WG but truely i know its just a wish ;P

  33. Did ,Jingles quit the community contributor program? These two videos are highly critical. And WG does not feed dissidents…..good on you jingles

  34. WG need to post the spreasheet showing how many players acutally completed for free.
    lots of players are requesting refunds for the boostera they’d paid for realising just how F’d up this PR event is.
    WG … both middle fingers ….back

  35. You need 1000 points per minute if you want to get PR for free including the instant boost so good luck for grinding hell or hacking WG.

  36. At the very least Dice eventually listened to the criticisms, and both the Lootboxes and the “grind” are basically completely gone from Battlefront 2 now.
    WG just keeps doubling down on their nonsense…

  37. Well, I bought the Goritzia more or less by mistake – “New ship in the shop! must have!” – and then found out you could get it for free. But then, I like the game and WG needs money since it’s a business, and now I got a shot at the PR …

  38. Holy s…..it got serious by the end. Seriously, this is completely stripped out of humanity. This is not even on the same level as loot boxes. Here, they are hiding the fact that it is nearly impossible to do this without investing into them a lot of money, huge amount, and then just not getting anything out of it most of the time. Simply, they are gambling on people time, money, feelings with knowledge that the ‘game’ is rigged up to not pay out 80% of the time and on your way out they’re gonna pat you on your back and say that if you give them a little bit more money that you have in your socks, a nice limo will take your broken ass back to a hotel. I think I’ve seen it somewhere already.

  39. So Jingles, clearly WG holds us in contempt. How do we make them regret that arrogance?

  40. Guerrilla Entrepreneur


  41. I’ve said it an awful lot over the years, but War Gaming is a very weird company. A very very weird bunch who have very very bad ideas. Or worse no ideas

  42. After being fed up with WoT, I set a basic principle: never spend a A PENNY on a game advertised as free to play. I dont care if I dont progress as fast, I wont be richer if I have all those t10 ships, I dont mind if my flags ran out…etc. I just play if I feel like doing it, and if Im starting to get pissed/bored the slightest, I stop playing, even for weeks. Im good with that. So I wont grind/pay for PR. The most important lesson that Jingles told, and also WG teaches everyone, in their wierd twisted way, is to learn cutting your losses, dont let your emotions or ego controll you in decisions involving money! PS sry for bad English!

  43. you could have saved us and yourself a lot of time and just put a link to your Puerto Rico video where you spent 27 minutes saying exactly what you said here.

  44. Vincent Rico Mercado

    I think someone from World of Tanks infiltrated World of Warships and tried sabotaging it.

  45. “I am both fluent in English and in bullshit” The Mighty Jingles.
    Wow. When did the Geordie become fluent in English? 🙂

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