Mingles with Jingles Episode 314

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Source: The Mighty

Ho, ho, bloody ho! Bah humbug etc! I'm out of here the next two weeks or until I get bored and have to scratch my video making itch, whichever comes first. Hope you all have a happy Christmas and a safe and prosperous New Year!


  1. Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas Evil Gnome Overlord :))))

  2. I am, still, curious when or if Akisuki grows into those ears.

  3. I will second that about the people working over Christmas, especially the over worked Volunteer Firefighters her in Aus fighting the most catastrophic fires we have ever seen,.

  4. Everyone cares about Christmas, what about Yule?

  5. Ep 314 and no Pi refference? /Sad noises/

  6. Merry Christmas to all of you guys and happy new year

  7. Wait… Does that mean we can take our annual two weeks off from the salt mines? praise thee, oh mighty overlord! and merry christmas to ya’ll!

  8. Have a lovely Christmas Jingles and relax and enjoy time with Friends and Family and hide that WiFi password

  9. Will see you in 2, max 3 days again 🙂

    Merry Christmas!

  10. Christmas plans you said. I thought you’ll be going to St Peterberg too get a pair of sandals/boots and pay for that in rubles. And i thought youdd speak on getting a visa to russia. ^.^

  11. My wife says that’s very nice of you matey regarding the choccies, she’s a Midwife and shes working Christmas eve and Christmas day so we’re having our Christmas day on boxing day. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to everyone and stay safe.

  12. Merry Christmas, Jingles

  13. You can’t have two weeks off, it’s only been 2 months since last christm….. never mind.

  14. How dare you be back after I start working

  15. Honestly jingles I don’t think anyone would mind if you took a break at Easter and in summer etc

  16. Happy xmas to you, Rita and the kids (Cats) and dog

  17. Merry Christmas jingles

  18. Merry Christmas ?

  19. I work CHristmas and New Year, but I work in a telecom. I’m afraid I may be literally Satan.

  20. Merry Christmas, Jingles! I wish you and yours the best!

  21. Merry Christmas jingles and everyone. Hope you all have a great time and best of luck in the new year.

  22. oh Jingles, did you really intent to post your wifi password to youtube

  23. Do you have any pictures of you from your time in service or just any when you were younger ? I’d like to see little Jingles before all the YouTube business started

  24. oh my gosh jingle my cat has the same bed as akizuki except yours will outgrow the bed my cat for some reason has stayed kitten sized for 3 years lol, have a nice christmas you old gnome :)))

  25. Merry Christmas to you too. Enjoy the season cheer

  26. Yea, I’m working over both Christmas and New Year, working at an airport is a guaranteed way of getting that extra work over days that pay more (in fact, I’m getting double pay on 24th-26th, and on the 1st). I’m not complaining!

  27. Happy Holidays to you and yours, Jingles!

  28. Merry Christmas Jingles! And Happy New Year too 🙂 Thanks for another amazing year with You and Your videos 🙂 Keep it up man 🙂 Its an amazing job You’re doing here 🙂

  29. Gg no re

  30. Jingles: catch you next year.
    *3 days later*
    Alsof Jingles: so it’s still not next year but I just had to share this/these funny review/ clips form various replays…

  31. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Jingles! See you on the other side:D

  32. Jingles…you have shown your wifi password to the internet….*dont look at me, im german, i cant use it*…^^

  33. Merry Christmas!

  34. Europe cracks me up. 50 Pounds a night is considered “amazingly cheap” Why is everything so expensive and overpriced there?

  35. Merry Christmas, you old goat! Much blessings to those who have to work.

    For the first time in 10 years, I actually have Christmas off… because it falls on my current days off.

    Oh well, got to save up money and personal time to visit the Alabama next year.

  36. Have a good “vacation” Jingles.

  37. Merry Christmas and a happy New Year to you, Rita and the Zoo :). Hope to see you soon, and boredom doesn’t settle too soon. I have learned to appreciate some time off this year caring for my uncle with dementia. There are many caring for family members even over the holidays every year. This year I am one of them, but still a tip of the hat for very everyone else going trough the process around the world.

  38. Happy Holidays our Gnome and Overlord! <3

  39. Seasons Beatings Jingles, have a guddun.

  40. 0:25 “I am cr@p at absolutely everything else that I do”

    Well Jingles, you are good at something; otherwise you would not have 623k subscribers.

    Merry Christmas to Salt Lord and to all his followers !

  41. The worst thing with a mum or a dad having to work Christmas is they get used to it and they cant celibrate Christmas when they do get the time.

    God Jul or Merry Christmas everybody.

  42. Merry Christmas Jingles and to all the other Salt Miners.
    On behalf of the emergency services, thank you. I myself am in the Fire Brigade and I’m on call most of Christmas day and Boxing Day. Although I do get to be at home till the alerter goes off.

  43. Is it just me, or Jingles does resemble Serb on the last photo?

    Also, judging by the growth rate of Akizuki, Mighty Overlord is “gonna need a bigger” table.

  44. Awwwww… Akizuki is so adorable!
    Merry Christmas Jinggles! Hope you have a great festive season!

  45. “Shiny”

  46. All the best Jingles “Dave ” , Rita , the mighty Boo and the 3 fur balls . P. S . Dyed the Gandalf outfit red with white trimming yet ?

  47. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, oh Mighty Gnome Overlord!

  48. That is really great, about the NHS workers

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