Mingles with Jingles Episode 315

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

In which I talk about the new ( old) games I played over Christmas and finally take the hint and sign up to publish my videos on Floatplane!

Video also available on Floatplane: https://www.floatplane.com/channel/TheMightyJingles/home



  1. The Mighty Jingles

    You may see ads in this video because Disney monetised the shit out of it.

  2. Jingles still rocking the i5 7600 and gtx 1080?

  3. Oh, I loved Battle Isle. I played it on a friends PC rather than my Amiga 500 though. 🙂

  4. Basebuilder game where you get to unbeatable – Jingles really needs to play rimworld then.

  5. Jingles your an inspiration thank you!!!

  6. I remember the 80’s when Disney first went evil. During the mid nineties it felt like people who grew up loving Disney movies wrestled control back for a while.

    But yeah, they’ve gone evil again. (sigh)

  7. Have you now on Floatplane woohoo !

  8. Jingles is back!!!! Yay!!! Happy New Year mate 🙂

  9. I’ll watch you on float plane if you put the old mingles with Jingles intro back

  10. Actually Jingles – just get people to download BRAVE. Its free, blocks all advertisements.

    Been watching every one of your videos AD-FREE for the last two years.


  11. when you say helium 3 do you actually mean hydrogen 3? Hydrogen 3 is an ideal fuel in a fusion reactor, helium 3 does not, and cannot, exist

  12. @ 20:20, Thanks Jingles, it makes me feel better.

  13. have a good week

  14. The Star Wars mod reminds me of the one for “Sins of a Solar Empire” Damn that one was nuts!

  15. I’m convinced the way Jingles says “vitamin” is the reason why the Argentinians invaded the Falklands.

  16. I am like you Jingels. 50 years… my wife love my beard because it covers my ugly face. The more, the merrier…
    I still love her and she loves me more by the inch… (still talking about bearlength..)

  17. Frickin love leagle eagle

  18. So Jingles, when i went to watch a movie over christmas i saw a poster for an upcoming movie that you might have a strong interest in; It’s called “Midway”. Currently it’s already out in the US(about 3 months ago) and coming to Australia january 30th and may have already been shown in the UK or be an upcoming film. Also “1917” will be good to watch.

  19. How is Jingles not gonna talk about the new Star Wars movie?

  20. Even the Nine Hells will join with the Blessed Fields of Elysium when it comes to combating the Infinite Layers of the Abyss, Jingles.

  21. So what jingles is telling me is that I’ve been playing empire at war for the past 4 years without knowing there is light at the end of the tunnel?

  22. Too young to remember Settlers?! Settlers 3-6 are some of my favourite games! Damn I must be getting old 🙁

  23. What are WarGames?

    You just brought back some of my first gaming moments with The Settler’s. It was a game I won as a prize in school on a disk but now it doesn’t work. Downloading it right now from Steam!!!!

  24. The Northern Warrior

    oh well my Grandpa just passed away today, atleast I got some Mingles with Jingles to cheer myself up

  25. I found Star Wars: Empire at war on Steam (gold pack). But where do I find the remake mod? Any help would be great.

  26. yeah. internet access is better in the UK. oh…….THAT one is funny!!!! 😀

  27. Zero the Wanderer

    I highly doubt it’d be able to be done, but I’d love to see all of your old videos that had copyrighted music be uploaded elsewhere. I got you to re-do a story from one of the removed videos, but it wasn’t even the right story!

  28. When Jingles calls something complicated, I think you should take it with a grain of mined salt. He is, after all, a bit shit..

  29. Make star wars video because op

  30. Wait a minute…. Anno 2205 is set in the same universe as Deliver Us The Moon? I’ll be damned.

  31. ?‍♂️ our gnome overlord has discovered Anno, if he starts Anno 1800 we won’t hear from him for months….

  32. hanikrummi hundursvin

    love your stuff, but already got an adblock add which dont cost any money.

  33. This looks a lot like Cities:Skylines

  34. Dude, the broadband is excellent here. Don’t know what you’re talking about.

    I have Verizon FiOS. I’m getting about 760 Mbps down, 935 Mbps up as I type this.

  35. Legal Eagle is awesome. Also for copyright law, see Lawful Masses with Leonard French

  36. Jingles plays EAW? SWEET!

  37. Battle Isle loved that game….

  38. I know it’s unnecessarily picky, but in vaccum space why would the smoke from the Venator all be going “upward”? 21:42

  39. Why you are not making wot videos as you did back in the days ? I was watching you for the wot videos that were so funny and interesting but now not so much …Now you play that wows that i dont like a bit … Ive learnd to play wot from you and your tank reviews because you yere so patient to show us all the weaknesses of the tanks and stenghts. Make more wot videos !!!

  40. Jingle should try spore….
    Yeahh it’s old but it remind me of good old EA

  41. you can find StarWars ships and StarTrek ones in Avorion and build your own if you have the patience

  42. yea Jingles back

  43. Jingles, for Akitsuki’s first birthday I reccommend a can of people tuna and a bag of catnip.
    Has always worked with my felines….?

  44. 16:56 “Realest lore you are ever going to get” Still more lore friendly than Disney.

  45. I’ll have to check out floatplane. I’m one of your patreon supports Jingles and I wish I could give you more money. Add some tiers brother. Let us pay you more!

  46. 11:36 Oh Yea! It’s my favorite star wars game ever.

  47. So the free internet, world wide web, is over, and the pai-to-acces-shit has begun for real, the way it was suggested in the first place, only in the mean time we gave away our right to privacy. Capitalism at it’s best !

  48. now WHY would I want to spend 254 PHP on monthly subscription..on FloatPlane?? 5 USD may not be a lot of money for somebody in the US or Europe but 254 PHP is quite a bit to spend on a channel…

  49. I got EAW on sale for like 3 dollars a while back on steam. I was so excited. Side note: that Venator SD captain probably shat themselves when a Super Star Destroyer came out of light speed.

  50. Jingles Check out ‘The Expanse’ a beautifully made Scifi series(Amazon Prime) with mostly Scientific probabilty of the ships systems and defenses, no Lasers except for targetting, Political intrigue over the Solar System, the UNN(Earth), the MCRN(Mars) and the faction of Belter Independents(Outer Asteroid Belt), and a Manufactured Alien Menace(The Protomolecule), I would recommend you take a peek the ships are wonderfully done and Scientifically Probable. 🙂

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