Mingles with Jingles Episode 316

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Source: The Mighty

In I get asked a very good question – “What hobbies do you wish you had more time for, continued or got into?” Thus begins a thirty year journey down memory lane, starting with a sketch pad that's probably older than most of you.


  1. You can download videos from youtube in hq. Use mozilla firefox and video download helper.

  2. Grteat stuff

  3. Jingles. There is a free online toolkit you can download called “Tampermonkey”, that will allow you to download your videos in high quality. There are even tutorials on youtube of how to get it working. Good luck with your moving your greatest hits to Floatplane…or however it’s spelled. Cheers from Canada.

  4. Their are 3rd party’s for downloading YT videos

  5. Connoissuer_Of_Classieness

    Would be easier to use a 3rd party YouTube video downloader

  6. Lovely work. I had no idea you were such a renaissance man !

  7. Very good drawings Jingles.

  8. My god I’ve became jaded over they years. The moment I head 2nd tier of subscriptions my brain was working on guessing what this content will be for higher price. Until Jingles said what it is, and then I was generally surprised. Thanks Jingles, nice feeling being wrong about stuff like this for once 🙂

  9. Hey Jingles, if you are willing to pay 10 $ you can download 4kvideoDownloader, with which you can download any YouTube video in original quality. If you want you can use a cracked version too. If you want me to send it to you… Just let me know in the comments, i can zip it right up for you.

  10. DANG jingles, didn’t know that you were that good at drawing!

  11. jingles, if you want to download full-res vids from youtube, you’ll need to figure out youtube-dl. I’m sure someone in your discord can help with that.

  12. Lord jingles! For years i make Airfix models. If you like those models, check out “Quick Kits” by Owen and “Andy’s hobby HQ”.. both channels are awesome!

  13. Bloody hell.. great drawings Jingles 🙂

  14. You know those are better than sketches most people do

  15. Am I the only one that sees Warhammer 40k as the way Jingles started his saltmine with ratlings and squatlings?

  16. Amazing drawings Mr Jingles :O (PS: love all the small Star Wars references lately)

  17. Hmm, your drawings are pretty good Jingles. I wouldn’t mind a Bob Ross series of videos if you wanted to try your hand at that again.

  18. In an alternate timeline, we would have motion comics on Youtube made and voice narrated by Jingles.

  19. Or…you just coud…play the video on yt in 1080 and…screen record 😀

  20. Ive been following LTT for a long time. Floatplane is a good idea if you dont want to get screwed by youtube

  21. not older than me …2yrs older than you

  22. Use the jdownloader, install it, tell it where to download, copy the url of any YouTube video and it will provide multiple possible download qualities including audio only.

  23. Currently painting a 40k chaos knight. Have a look at the death korps of krieg jingles!! Great army with that science fiction/ww2 look.

  24. More Warhammer Talk next time please! What armies do you have? And the old Citadel colours (with the white cover) my not have been the best, but most of them are still useable today, not like the black cover ones that came after them. But i heard that the new contrast paints are kinda nice.
    Nice drawing skills btw!

  25. Hi Jingels.
    Try JDownloader2 with this you could download You Toube Videos and dicide in witch quality you want to downlod.
    You install on your it PC, run it and then you could just coppy the You Tube link. JDownloader 2 should atomaticaly detect it, but somtimes you need try it a second tieme or just try a other video first.

  26. Jingles, you can download videos via 3rd party sites, most of the time at 720p.

  27. jingles, there are multiple websites where you can download any video on youtube. i think the only limit it a maz 2 hours of video, per video. idk if the quality is good but when i use it its definitely not 320p

  28. Tha Campin' Dutchman

    You don’t screw up paintings Jingles. You have happy accidents.

  29. i dont have any problems when it comes to motion sickness but the camera control from the start of the vid is giving me a headach WTF


    so stopped at 1:32 and will finsih on floatplane 🙂

  31. darn i feel old because i am 35 year old….

  32. Get a 3D printer. Design your own figures, print them and then paint them. The quality from a resin printer can be quite insane (but don’t poison the cats, Bo, yourself or Rita – nasty stuff.).

    Printing a full size Seven of Nine atm. On a regular FDM printer though, in 11-12 pieces. Yeah, I’m a SF nerd. Have printed way to much ST, SW, B5, Space 1999 and other stuff already. Yeah, some LoTR and goT too. 🙂

  33. This is easily one of your best videos. Thanks for sharing.

  34. My Summer Car?

  35. Morale: Even tho you upload to youtube, always keep the original video, if not on your own storage, then in a paid cloud storage service, if you plan on having it survive contact with youtube.

  36. You’re a real artist.

  37. When jingles’s old sketches are good enough for/better than modern marvel comics…

  38. This amateur standard… Jingles compared to my artistic abilities you’re a Monet FFS and believe me I tried.

  39. Brb to watch this, watching the one from last week that I forgot to watch…

  40. Jingles check out Midwinter Mini’s on youtube and instagram mate ?

  41. Youtube, pouring gasoline on dumpster fires since 2006.

  42. I wondered where you got this bug. Amazing what stays with you for life. I’m 58 and a gamer driven by my childhood love of SF.

  43. Jingles I though you was going to say you regretted not learning which tanks are which for your WOT videos lol

  44. Hey Jingles: Original BGC was actually released on bluray via a kickstarter about 2 years ago, I think. A quick googling shows it’s still available!

  45. A Miniac-Jingles cross over? We need a colab.

  46. Jingles we of the salt mines and the internet have ways of getting hold of the files. We just need to know which ones you would want downloaded from the google overlords.

  47. Amazing drawings jingles

  48. If you enjoy 40k mods, I recommend watching Captain Shack play the Ultimate Apocalypse mod for Soul Storm. He normally plays, Imperial Guard, but also plays other factions sometimes.

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