Mingles with Jingles Episode 317

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Source: Mighty Jingles

In I forget to take my Dried Frog Pills and wander off down memory lane once again…



  1. Love watching this!

  2. JakeNinjaTitan Gaming


  3. so quick

  4. There’s a weird sort of joy to seeing a Jingles video literately seconds after it’s uploaded.

  5. Jingles quiet, im listening to captain jingles misidentiving ships

  6. Jingles, stop uploading while I am listening to a lecture.

  7. Ah yes, it’s monday again

  8. I love when I’m up so late (I’m American) that these come out before I go to bed

    • You’ll have a really shitty monday (shittier than usual) by going to sleep late on sunday.
      I know, I just did it (I’m a very tired European).

  9. How I offended 135 million people in 3 seconds?

    Sailed a British ship in WoWS while singing the French anthem.

  10. jingles stop uploading when i am eating

  11. Bloody hell jingles! I wait way too long for these videos to come out!
    You’re going to make me suck at my job! This is all your fault you know!

  12. Lol, dried frog pills. I think you’re equally lovely but marginally saner than the Bursar, Jingles.

  13. You can to other stores to get the warhammer stuff cheaper by like 20% and no the metal models are a horrible flimsy plastic

  14. Nice, love the Warhammer Time with Jingles.
    I hated playing against Wood Elves with my Bretonians, dang Dryadents and Treeman.

  15. i am pleased to see a discworld reference in the description

  16. Oh yeah the game is way more balanced now. *hids iron hands codex* No no there is nothing to see here.

  17. Better balanced? Hahahahahaha you are a funny old man mr. Jingles, truly, hilarious.

  18. you spent 20 min talking about war hammer i feel scammed cause i have no idea what you were talking about, but the last 10 min were sweat.

  19. I still have all my early 90’s Battletech miniatures and almost all of them are the all metal ones. (including a few of the original discontinued mechs). I miss playing the old table top Pen & Paper game.

  20. Sons of Odin World of warships

    Ahhh Chaos champions – the Smolensk of the Warhammer universe..

  21. which platform puts more of the money we donate to you. in your pocket. floatplane or patron

  22. For minatures have a look round as there’s other companies that do great minatures that are similar or better than games workshop and cheaper

  23. Look at table top tactics paul

  24. I think whoever asked that question broke Jingles, he’s been wandering off a lot recently.

  25. Jingles, have you ever played the Discworld computer games? Eric Idle as the voice of Rincewind, one of the best games I ever played.

  26. My main 40k army is Imperial Guard Steel legion. They are still all one piece metal models. 🙂

  27. it is weird how over the years prices went up and quality went down,…… isnt it suposed to be the otherway around?

    • You’d think, but inflation’s a…canine of the female persuasion. Although I’d dispute the quality going down. The current gen plastics are considerably nicer than what was doing the rounds 5 or 10 years ago.

      Price…yeah…it’s called plastic crack for a reason. But that’s what resellers are for!

  28. I felt like the lootboxes are a.great value for money, i got at least double the value in ingame stuff i paid 25 euros, i got over 7000 gold about 3 million credits and a new tier 8 premium TD

  29. Blessed overlord Jingles, are you thinking of playing one or both of the WH40k battlefleet Gothic games?

  30. Jingles, if you do decide to get WH40K models, in particular the Imperial Guard (Fuck off GW, this or “The Wall of Guns”), you should look into magnetizing the Leman Russ and Baneblade multikits. It will allow for you to get whichever one you want to show for a week or two without shelling money for additional kits.

  31. If you’re talking about Thaindon Elf Lord of Caledor riding Kargos the Despoiler, Fire Drake of the Red Dragons, I dug mine out of dad’s attic a couple of weeks ago. There’s going to be some very careful bending required to get the bannerpole and lance straight on that guy again.

  32. Buy a warlord Titan.

  33. Main reason i stop collecting gw miniature is the eye wattering price tag …. still i want to see what your overlordship can paint up the new model this days

  34. I used to play Warhammer 40K (Emphasis on ‘used to’). I had already built up and painted a 1500 point Tyranid Army which featured in White dwarf along with several on my friends from our Lincoln Games club. I stopped playing after having spent the best part of 8 months building up and painting a 1500 point Slannesh Chaos Marine army. Since the number 6 is the sacred number of slannesh my army was themed around that number. Each squad had 6 members and there were 6 squads in the army (Each squad would have slannesh weapons where possible, hence the high points cost/low model count.) It was a glorious dedication to Slannesh, featuring a Deamon Prince with a Chaos Terminator retinue, Demonettes of Slannesh, Noise marines. etc. Suffice to say an awful lot of time, effort and especially money went into building it all up. Two months after finishing, Games Workshop reworked the Chaos Codex and in one shot rendered my army obsolete as demons (including daemon princes) and Chaos Marines could no longer be in the same army. I was so disgusted with GW I pretty much stopped playing right then and there.

  35. Are you spying on me Jingles? Last Saturday I was in downtown and realized that the local WG Store had closed after like 25 years. When I was a teenager (around 20 years ago), I was in the shop a couple of time. First I was there with “the rich kid” from my class who could actually afford to buy armies and later on when I was actually playing pen & paper RPG’s and I bought single models as a representation of my RPG characters.

    A couple of years I went into the store out of basic interest, saw the price tag for a starter kit and went out.

  36. And so it was, with Realms of Chaos, that HeroHammer was born.

  37. *My Fellblade exits the case*
    The young nerds: “EPIC!”
    The regulars and typically the opponent: “Focus that s***!”
    The Staff when I’m fighting someone they know I won’t play nice against: “Don’t be in line of sight…”

    *After 3-4 turns and it’s still fighting*

    Or the odd time it gets nuked by turn 3… The rest of my Iron hands just steamroll the opponent with firepower they now have no chance to repel. Because they’ve spent their entire turn dumping everything on the Fellblade, which has either just ignored, shrugged off with its health, or thought nothing off due to the attentive care of its maternal Techmarine….
    I’ll be honest, it’s either a death monster, or a distraction so good, everything else just wipes the opponent…
    Positioning is key though, some of my closest (competitive) matches, are on boards with little topography….

  38. ? it makes me smile hearing you talk about WH.

    I’ve been a longtime player and collector of 40k (even worked for them for a while)

    You remind me of this time me and my best mate (friends since primarily school, still are and were nearly 40 now ?) were playing a skirmish at home.
    Ultra marines Vs dark eldar.

    He had all his points in his retinue, lord and Incubus, slay marines in combat. All loaded on a fast transport that could move 24inches turn one and dismount. So they were always in combat strait away. Cutting marines in half like butter.

    I had just bought a whirlwind ? 75 pnts on the battlefield.

    Took a shot at something else as I knew it likely wouldn’t hit the side of a barn with its re roll scatter.

    Well it only scattered and hit his retinue transport! And as it’s was classed as ordinance, on a roll of a 6, you ignore ALL saves, including his 3+ Incubus and 2+ incurable re rollable save on his lord ??? it explodes taking out nearly 900pts of a 1500pt game on turn 2! He didn’t speak to me for 2 weeks ? eventually played me again, on the promise I wouldn’t field the whirlwind against him.

    Ahhh the good old days.

    Love your videos, keep them up ?

  39. I have a bloody mouse in my room right now ? i just woke up to him eating my furniture, im about to shoot his ass.. Im out of traps ?. This is all Jingles fault

  40. One thing i want to add to your rant about the british heavy cruisers slotmachine, is that its not actually gambling, as you always know before hand what it is you are actually going to spend your tokens or doubloons on every time you press that button. The incentive they present you with is not “hey maybe this time you will get what you want if you only spend a little gold/tokens” its more “hey this time you WILL get this, and maybe next time it will be what you actually want to have”.

    Because you know what it is you are getting every time you press that button, but not what the next prize will be, its not technically gambling. its still a bigass cash grab from WG, but its not direct gambling.

  41. Wait till Jingles finds out about Forge World and all their prices

  42. Stopped at 2:00 , grapped me some coffee and cookies.
    Wonderful calm start into the day.
    Thy Sir.

  43. Jingles, please consider any of the many other companies also making amazing miniatures these days from Warmachine to Dark Sword miniatures to even budget companies like reaper before spending hundreds, to thousands of pounds on a company that still tries to milk its customers dry for every penny they are worth.

  44. Mhmm… Indeed Chaos was strong when I used to play at 40k 2nd edition and the brand new codex and army came up… Tho I don’t remember of their champions or their army as a whole been completely undefeated. Your friend was maybe just better than you, or you were confused to play against a new army. With a little time, we figured out how to beat Chaos.

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