Mingles with Jingles Episode 318

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

In which an old dog argues that if can learn new tricks, anyone can learn new tricks.



  1. this is a good monday
    i haz vacation

  2. Great Video Jingles. Any other models that have caught your eye?

  3. Very nice model ?
    Is it a Space Wolf or a colour scheme of your own invention?

    • Looks very much like a Space Mutt to me…

    • @SonsOfLorgar sure, it could be a custom great company of the space wolves, I just don’t remember seeing seeing the default colour scheme having a yellow rim on the right hand pauldron, hence my confusion.

  4. Motivational speaking by the Gnome Lord. Now get back to the mines and meet those increased targets. It wont dig itself out!

  5. Being the baby of the family, I was always told that I “can’t” do this or that, and I took it as a challenge. Because I could see my own brothers and sisters doing exactly what I was told I couldn’t do. It got me in trouble more than once, but the word CAN’T became a challenge to me. Never stop learning.

  6. Question: why wasn’t Jingles any good at painting miniatures?
    Short answer: He didn’t have any reference material.
    Long answer: There was no internet.
    I’m not sure you know how length works, Jingles.

    Edit: Nice painting btw 🙂

  7. Michiel van Hemert

    aaaah yeah, the good old times,….teaching yourself to climb a tree ,….etc…most advanced ‘tech’ had a 9volt-battery in it 😉

  8. i paint and play warhammer 40k. jingles do you know much about the stories and history in the 40k universe if so what army/faction do you have an interest in ? because a lot of the draw to the game is more than just building the miniatures and painting them

  9. “you’d take months until you figure out how that third pedal works and that there is more than one gear.”
    You either just burned either the starting engine or your gearbox, depending if you started the engine while not in neutral, or changed gear without engaging the clutch. Messing up that badly wouldn’t take months

  10. Tbh I went fishing with my dad a few times. He obviously knew what bait to use and what kind of fish were there, but apart from that… you just throw a bit of eat-things into the water and throw the hook with the bait there. Then you wait and magic; you are fishing.
    I always tell people it’s a fun thing to try. In water there is always a bunch of plants, but as you sit there watching the float for a while, they just disappear. Your brain just stops seeing them.

  11. Dragon and White Dwarf were my teachers, lots of painting tips and tricks in both. I mostly stuck with the basics except for champions though – prime, base coat, ink wash, edge shade and dry brush.
    One important note though – not only Primaris but an *Ultra Smurf* Primaris? Oh dear… 😛

  12. I did something similar around July. I picked up a guitar and started learning on Youtube and if you don’t like the first teacher there’s about a billion of them. I’m not great but I also got much further in a minth than I did in a year of taking lessons.

  13. They’re bringing back old fantasy btw. Finally admitting Age of Sigmarines sucks, and giving some choice.

  14. but can you draw a tank?

  15. Your model looks wonderful Jingles. Nice job! I hope you stick with it. Akizuki enjoys watching you paint them. <3 ?

  16. You haven’t inspired me to try something new but you’ve given me motivation to get better at a current hobby. I’m a weekend cyclist and finally back to comparable speeds to 26 year old me. 33 year old me now isn’t happy to stop there and I’m going to push them lower and keep enjoying my hobby.

  17. o yeah , age of sigmar 😀
    the “favorite” part of warhammer 😀

  18. Always wanted to learn how to draw, might as well begin

  19. Building models is quite relaxing, I finished a 1/200th scale Bismarck last year… took me seven years to build as I did it from scratch. Current build is 1/200th scale HMS Rodney along with a clipper ship in 1/96th scale. In planning is the Great Eastern at 1/96th …. Keep doing the models mate 🙂 …… Oh and all those ships are radio control as well lol

  20. Don’t worry, Jingles. I’m painting my second WH40K Razorback. I feel your pain.

  21. anyway talent without skill is nothing

  22. Did you ever draw naughty images? Maybe of Stephanie Beachum or some other hot British actresses from the glorious years of the late 20th century?

  23. nice Wolf Jingles!

  24. Geoffrey Richardson

    You forgot about learning about SEX!!!

  25. Yea I’m sticking with that I can’t draw artzy stuff, tried it for a couple of years, was never extremely competent.
    At least I can do technical drawings. Using a bunch of tools to make everything to the exact measurements it needs to be is easier than freehanding anything.

  26. So sketching isn’t much different to sculpting Michelangelo’s David then – just chip away all the stone that doesn’t look like David.

  27. Hi Jingles, “IF” I may be so free to introduce you to a couple of great YT channels to watch for inspiration:
    Luk Towan: He is doing modeling and panorama’s into great detail.. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjRkUtHQ774mTg1vrQ6uA5A
    Andy’s Hobby Headquarters: He owns his own shop and build models..He will show how to paint the models as well. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChnAgeghaNKLdftbfJY8zNA
    qdc748a: He claims to be an amateur, a pretty good one i think https://www.youtube.com/user/qdc748a/videos
    PLASMO – plastic models: He is doing a lot of different stuff, incl. Warhammer 40K https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC53hZgZPlQmKWFRFSpxbSxw The WarHammer vid https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SPp8NJ95H2s

  28. The Badass Bassist

    Just as a tip, overlord, pick up a jeweler’s visor. It makes a world of difference when painting figures, especially with the tiny details

  29. Looks great man, I used to paint a few BattleTech mechs back in the day and model aircraft.

  30. Geoffrey Richardson

    Very well done trooper

  31. awesome Jingles, check out Sam Lenz as well he does a twitch stream a few nights each week day
    Modelmakingguru is also fun to tune into.

  32. great stuff jingles

  33. Nice figure painting, and impressive drawing skills!!! Nice to see that you have other hobbies than video games, and you talk about them.

    I also agree with your point that the Internet made learning new skill a lot easier, I learned how to turn excel into a workhorse for my job (didn’t have the opportunity at school). Now I’m learning how to do leatherwork in order to get my mind off of office work.

    I have one question if you don’t mind, you have an interesting watch, can I ask what it is?

  34. Excellent work

  35. well i did have also problem how ever, when i was painting with mine friends i did ask mine self. can i change mine Imperial Guard looking better. and i did and mine friends did also adept on higher level. i was really proud of it 🙂

  36. 17 minutes for a Mingle with jingles? I’ve been scammed!!

  37. My cousin had the worse painted WH40K models when we were younger but he’s gotten really into making them now took over his kitchen table with paints and the whole 9 yards. Him and his wife paint them together and they are just as nice as the ones you see in the codex.

    Btw those sketches are on point ??

  38. jingles should try fishing, it would make a great video

  39. That’s a very nice space marine there, Jingles. Now you’ve just got to paint the other 30 or so, and their armored support.

  40. Jingles…nice choice of Chapter, and thank god you’re not painting Smurfs!

  41. Yes yes. Altho the internet shows us its easy to learn these things it is a double edge sword. Because now you see the newer generation questioning what there good at or special at. As these videos show and explain that its easy to learn. It doesn’t feel like a special talent only few can do does it? Then if your good at it are you special? Or just like the rest?

  42. For Russ and the Emperor Wolf Lord Jingles!!

  43. Looks good buddy.

  44. Give this man a purity seal.

    That ultrasmurph looks amazing.

  45. Dilophosaur sniper

    that miniture your showing us isn’t bad

  46. Well, that’s not too awful for a first try. You might find it easier to get some of the niggly details if you paint it when it is partially disassembled, rather than fully assembling it first. I always used to leave the arms and the base off and then put them on after painting.

    I also suggest doing batches. So for squads, I used to do five or ten at a time. That way, I could mix up a single large batch of the primary armour colour and have them all look consistent.

  47. Another figure painter recommendation I would suggest for Jingles perusal: Angel Giraldez, long time studio painter for Corvus Belli. Recently started doing tutorials on YT and has helped raise my game significantly.

    Also, I’d love some hobby streams to help motivate me to get my lazy ass in gear on the massive wall of Eldar and Japanese Sectorial Army I need to build :p

  48. Jingles have you ever made an air fix model. I just finished my BF109 that took a week to do and learnt so much from YouTube and my mistakes. The model turned out better then I expected.

  49. Space Wolves?

  50. Wait until you discover the wet palette.

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