Mingles with Jingles Episode 319

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

Or that time when I lost my wallet and the fuses blew and I painted an M3 Lee and didn’t know whether or not I was going to have to buy a new monitor.



  1. Back in South Africa we have load shedding, meaning that the incompetent and corrupt people who “run” our power company called Eskom can’t generate enough electricity. They then switch the power off, 2.5 hours at a time, once a day.

  2. andorro The Insane

    short version: i lost my Passport down in newseeland, got to wellington to make a new one , come back to the hostel i was staying found the old one -.-

  3. i picked up a couple of Airfix plane starter kits just before XMas, like £10 each, paint, model, glue, brush … really good fun for an hour putting them together and then another couple of hours painting. plus now ive got plenty of glue and paints for the next 10 kits !! so they’re cheaper !!

  4. 模星社 upside down on the mat

  5. Old and Crap once again CONFIRMED!! Its ok…we have ALL been there…

  6. I like , well honestly , i love your painting video narration.
    It actually calms me down, although it is kind of hillarious that
    “somebody narrating paint dry” is so relaxing to listen to. ❤

  7. And Jingles has a senior moment 😀

  8. Hi, Jingles, oh boy I have never laughed so much or felt the pain so much as this episode, you have a gift never loose it, and always check your back pocket. Captain_pugw4sh.

  9. Andy’s hobby shop hq if you’ve not seen it has some good videos think he actually does an m3

  10. Jingles here’s an idea for a diorama …. build a corner of a building so the M3 Lee can hide its left hand side behind it and only be showing its gun, as you would do to hide its weak spots.

  11. M3 Lee is one of my favorite tanks in WOT. I got my M medal in the first 3 games. Don’t know if that is because people suck in it and it was easy but most of the games played with it I had the most kills compared to other tanks. Weird but true. Its an amassing tank!

  12. Make it rusty and broken in a river

  13. Isn’t it crazy how the folks in our lives who can’t find their asshole with a map ‘n a flashlight are the ones who get the free lunches?

  14. Jingles. have you checked _both_ of your back pockets?

  15. I am expecting Warvraft 2 rant next week.

  16. Now I know where to look when I I ninja stealth into your house after doing 6 years of parkour and steal your money, although I’d probaby get caught up petting the cats and dog

  17. Is Ritta still using your wooden TOG? Or are you able to use your own gift for your own uses yet?

  18. Starting to forget things Jingles?

  19. “Dioramas…. doesn’t look that difficult”

    Ah Jingles.. it all depends how far down that rabbit hole you want to go. xD

  20. I is here

  21. Eeww, u would restart your gw habit with space marines wouldn’t ya? Scrap those smurfs and add their kit to the waaagh

  22. Operational Tactics

    Check out my hobby channel if you need some inspiration 🙂 https://www.youtube.com/user/ModelloursWorkshop

  23. Hey Jingels, love the videos! If you’re searching for an awesome model channel look for Plasmo, he is a very good modeler. Loads of tips and tricks

  24. Don’t know if Jingles has seen Night Shift’s channel yet, but bite-size, well explained, in depth videos galore. Plus he’s fairly humorous.

  25. oh jingles, don’t ever change ^^

  26. Jingles, where is th rest of this episode? Checked yout back pocket?

  27. Thanks for sharing, wish I was close friends with you, you guys just sound so down to earth in Findlay and family like. missing that in my life right now I love God bless you and Rita and all of your pets too

  28. I think Rita’s M3 Lee is looking pretty good.

  29. I miss the old mingle with jingles where you used to read your subs questions and answer them. I kinda quit after episode 110ish. Read your comments and interact with us again ??‍♂️

  30. M3 Lee is the best TD in game.

  31. It’s been a while since I’ve watched a mingles, what’s the situation with jingles and rita?

  32. Dear Jingles. If you are looking for inspiration to Diorama and model painting I would recommend the model hero, PLASMO. I’ll drop a link to his channel here below. He’s and absolute boss at painting and landscape.


  33. Jingels have you checkt you’re back pocket for a longer episode of mingels with jingels this weak i couldnt find it

  34. Oh, Jingles, never change!!

    If you’re open to suggestions on diorama & tank videos, check this channel called “PLASMO – plastic models”. Their work is quite stunning, and I specially recommend one video they have about a T34-85 entering Berlin, with street combat modifications.

  35. did anyone notice? When he gives his warnings that it’s gonna be a short video, it’s usually extra long. Now, no warnings and it’s the shortest MwJ I’ve ever seen.

  36. Ah I do love you, Jingles!
    my pocket is the refrigerator…
    Diorama suggestion: do a scene from the winnig m3 turd challenge wot video.
    be sure to include a large rock.

  37. First minute and a half: Boo ate my homework

  38. Oh, great… another fucking painting video. Why not make this BS a separate video line so I can just skip it? Maybe go back to classic MwJ Monday videos? Q&A? Hero stories???

  39. You are so right, once I thought I lost my wallet, called my bank cancelled my debit card and Credit Card, just as i was about to finish the call, I saw right next to my PC, i could stop the cancellation of the debit card, but the credit card was already gone.

  40. Make the diorama of the Lee being shot [and destroyed] by a TOG. It’s the only option.

  41. If your PC crashed a short while after a power fail in the house you must check your PSU and main board! First look at the voltages in BIOS, than measure them with a multi-meter at the connectors, than take out the PSU remove its cover and look at the capacitors. On the MB visually inspect all capacitors and mosfets. Do this ASAP, as failed capacitor can totally wreck your computer over the next few days. Also test that hard drive (perform a full surface scan with HD-Tune if you don’t have a dedicated testing platform), if it has physically bad sectors (unreadable) you must replace it regardless of the software “repair” you performed (guessing you mean that Windows recovery joke, it doesn’t do anything except marking the bad sectors and moving files on the reserved ones).

  42. hope Rita pays you out over the card holder for as long and hard as your navy mates would. Once had a friend while in the army (Australia) get one of those monitors (CRT type) with the above screen microphone and at 6 pm at night he rings me to ask how you get it to work. Turned out the cable with the 3.5mm plugs at each end to go from the sound car mic jack to the monitor was thrown back into the ox said monitor arrived in. Worked this after an hour of trouble shooting not thinking he could be so dumb as to not realize what it was for.

    Got oof the phone with him, then wife and 3 kids(all teens at the time and raised around army) , all knowing he would listen to his phone messages first thing at work on speaker phone while doing the morning routine as a company clerk dealing with the roll books etc and the whole company near his office, rang his work phone one after the other about a dozen times each with the comment “hey (guys name) got your microphone plugged in yet?” .

    So at 8 am I am over at the Battalion HQ and have worded all the HQ staff up and as said friend walks in is greeted by a chorus from all BHQ orderly room staff asking “hey (guys name) got your microphone plugged in yet?”. He was already at point he wanted to kill my wife and kids and he had a mega spit of the dummy at me for wording up the BHQ staff. As he is in mid spit the CO walks out (the LT COL) and with a dead straight face asks him “hey (guys name) got your microphone plugged in yet?”LMAO. He just gave up in disgust and walked out.

    The best bit even 10 years later if you want to get him to react all you had to do is ask “hey (guys name) got your microphone plugged in yet?” and he will fly of the deep end cursing me from hell and back, This is what the military calls having fun.

  43. That is definitely the Tamiya Lee, look closely at the tracks…the side connectors are in the wrong places, the links would just fall apart if it was real.
    Rivet counter here.

  44. ? you are hilarious ? you made my day

  45. Zeydaan The Dragon

    Am suspecting that Jingles left the rest of this vid in his back pocket

  46. Think it’s time for Jingles to pay a visit to the Doctor ???‍⚕️

  47. Nicely done Jingles…(pictures flaming Cromwell modelXD)…Also done this Jingles?

  48. Omg Jingles. It would appear you not only look like 70, but u have the behavior and mental capacity of one as well….??
    Please Jingles, dont ever change ❤

  49. Im in tears! ???

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