Mingles with Jingles Episode 320

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Source: The Mighty

In which I suggest that Electronic Arts could learn a thing or two from Games Workshop on the ignoble art of scamming your customers, and discuss the legend of German engineering superiority in World War Two.


System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

If you have a World of Warships replay, consider using a hosting service like https://replayswows.com/

Just be aware that I get hundreds of emails every week and I can’t promise that I’ll show what you send in.


  1. Yay jingles is back! ?

  2. yay now monday can truly begin 🙂

  3. Hey all!

  4. I have never began this early

  5. Nice job on subnaitica

  6. Only 100 episodes until 420 jokes start

  7. The Last time I was this early the Missus was very unhappy…..lol Yeah I’ll get my coat on the way back to the Saltmines….

  8. Thank you Jingles

  9. Another celebrity’s pussy exposed on the internet….i hope you catch them…

  10. Hey jingles I think they have released the rules for Warhammer 40k for free online now

  11. Guerrilla Entrepreneur

    Giggles good video…………..!

  12. It’s ep 320…yet thumbnail says its 319…

  13. So Anyways I Started Blasting

    My doctor diagnosed Jingles as the cause for my insomnia

  14. Hey Jingles the core rules are free, it is just the extra stuff that you have to pay for.

  15. The Tiger 1 is nowhere near as slow as some people say

  16. @Jingles the pile of unbuild models we proudly refer to as “the pile of shame”

  17. Perfect. Sitting around the corner from where I have an interview in a few. Very calming distraction

  18. chapter approoved is online as well

  19. Jingles, you would hate Gundam plastic models, AKA-Gunpla. There are hundreds of pieces in them

  20. Jingles: Its very easy to buy models.

    Me: *looks at my 260+ kit stash*

    • This is why I put all the new stuff into the cupboard of shame, so I can’t see the pile of stuff unless I go looking for it.

      Which might be why I keep buying new stuff because I can’t see the stuff I already have.

  21. Akazuki is such a smart cat, love her comments!

  22. Darkness Nighthingale

    Here cause I can’t fall asleep.

  23. I never understood this insistence of British to constantly refer to Crete almost as something completely different than Greece. In official papers too. It’s like someone talking about England and Norfolk or something. So weird.

  24. Yeah, about that plastic crack…
    Don’t tell my mum where my student loan went…
    (It wasn’t drugs, booze, women or textbooks…)

  25. Goodnight people. Do some of you just sit and spam the refresh button???

  26. About instagram: The thing is, Instagram was meant to be the sponteneous capture of a moment with your mobile phone camera. it’s in the name: insta, from “instant” and the greek suffix “-gram” meaning “something drawn”. It was not intended to be a platform for sharing carefully currated and heavily postprocessed pictures from your DSLR. Platforms such as flickr is much better suited for those kind of images, but have a much much smaller audience. So people go to the hazzle of transfering their pictures to the phone and share them on instagram instead.

    Incidently, there is a Windows 10 desktop app for Instagram (find it in windows store), and you *can* upload pictures to your IG from it, but it is by no means a peasant app to work with, quite sluggish and buggy.

  27. Actually Jingles, you can. In the Windows App Store (if you have W10), you can get a PC app that works reasonably well 😛

  28. You really need to write a book mate.

  29. Til jingles watches magicarpusesflyyou tube

  30. 4:25 – “£300 of models you haven’t started yet” – Pfft! Amateur!! – Try £2,500 worth of aircraft and armour kits I have stashed away unstarted…

  31. Only £300 worth of miniatures, Jingles? If only…

  32. Jingles, have you considered buying and painting ship and tank models?

  33. Love the video sir, can we have more history vids as for one I love them. Keep up the stonking content o7

  34. Actually Jingles, the M3 Lee did not serve in North West Europe in 1944…
    More importantly, where did you get the patience to assemble crew figures with 84 parts?

  35. @Drachinifel, what do you think of this

  36. More scruffing on the top turret but well done nice work.

  37. uuuum jingels the rulebooks for D&D are not realy free even the online ones, you can get the basic set (and it is REALY basic) for free but anything else is $$

  38. 300 pounds of models: In currency or in weight?

  39. Your right jingles, In Rommel’s diary after the African campaign he was trying to convince the high command that they needed to stop building tanks (no fuel),instead since they were now fighting a defensive war they needed to build 75mm at guns (horse drawn or even man handled around battle field. Also the need for anti-aircraft vehicles and light armored vehicles to protect their supply vehicles . He knew how the allied air forces, could destroy anything moving in daylight. And without air support the army would be unable to move.

  40. 18:34
    nope , tiger was a good tank . in the role it was made . Problems started when some genius started using heavy breakthrough tanks in the role of mediums , and did not do proper maitnance in time .
    How does the saying goes ? if you judge a fish for her ability to fly , the fish will spend its life thinking it is stupid.

  41. The endless rules updates are why me and my – admittedly small – group of friends stick to 3rd edition Warhammer, and focus on what would be referred to these days as narrative or open play, moderated by a GM.

  42. I always enjoy listening to you talk about military history. Thank you.

  43. I haven’t really done very much with models since my uncle died before 2010…maybe I should get back into it.
    Also, wen pir8 gaem?

  44. jagdtiger is unnecessary but tiger and panthers were neccesary for low on fuel and manpower germany.

  45. Well if germany had 100 u-boats at the start of WW2 AND if the royal navy had the same ships than they had yes Britain prob. would lost the war.
    The “problem” is that if germany went all u-boat style the RN would have prepared better against U-Boats since they wouldn’t fear any surface raiders.

  46. Same f-ing thing happened to me and instagram. Made an account then like a day latter my name and e-mail had been changed to some Russian name and .ru e-mail. Quality.

  47. 19:50
    also not true.
    only thing difference for tiger driver was to remeber bot to rev up engine more than 3750 rpm and the engine and transmission would serve just fine. Also – you ever been in early ( pre 34-85 ) T34 ? The turret is cramped , the visibility is shit , and combat efectivnes is way below pz3 or 4 .

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