Mingles with Jingles Episode 321

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Source: Mighty Jingles

In which I get back from Tank Museum after spending the day looking at really, really, really small tanks.

Models for Heroes: https://www.modelsforheroes.co.uk/



  1. When you get called, best way to respond is “This is an ex-directory phone and that includes British fockin telecom! We pay the Fucking bills now GET THE FUCK OFF MY PHONE LINE!!”

  2. Ian & Caroline Duckworth

    Done but that was funny where did you hear about us answer mingles with jingles

  3. 7:10 OH GOOD LORD

  4. I have a 58% win rate in warships . and i get hate for not strapping the team on my back and carring harder . look its a game . never let it get to you . and please dont be toxic to players . when im in the shit . and its 4 v 2 and i know we can still win . I speak to my surviving team mate . im very polite . and i ask him or her to do the following . 9 times out of 10 they agree with my plan and win or lose it dont matter we gave it our best . and i message them after and say . hay we gave it our best . good job for doing this . and maybe we shouldnt of done that . you was a good team mate . and i hope to see you again . i ignore all hate messages . cos its just not helping . i make mistakes in the game and fail hard sometimes . im new to the akat . its a great DD . but im not great at it . when i fail i dont go off on my team . i aplogize for being an idiot and getting myself pwned . and alot of the time i tell the enemy gg i deserved that. it dont take alot to be nice to people . and most of the time they will reflect the kindness back on you . give it a try . and Bryan dont give up . if the game is fun to you . you can noob it up and ill carry your ass . i just want you to have fun . carring your ass to victory is fun for me . there are more kind players than toxic ones . its a shame the kind ones are not seen and the toxic ones stand out . but trust me we are out there . and we have your back

  5. My win rate is a rather average 53% and I still get hate messages when the game goes bad from my team, also from the enemy when all goes well (usually for alleged cheating). If it bothers you, just turn off chat and block messages. Or do what I do, troll the arseholes. Have fun! xD

  6. We have that in the US…its called the Do Not Call list. And it…does not work. Because the telemarketers are smart…you report a company and number, and they start going after those people. At which point the telemarketers close their doors, change their number, reopen with a different name, and start again. Or, they just move overseas where US laws don’t count, and go back to whatever scam they were running completely safe from being prosecuted.

  7. you guys got private messaged after the game ends? here i thought the Asia server is the worst, apparently not. Never got any hate messages in the lobby at all, for the last 2-3 years of playing WOWs

  8. Wait, you’ve only just got a ambulance chaser call? i’ve been getting them for 10 years of my life! Jingles you lucky git!

  9. I have had people pm me with toxic hate messages over winning a battle at the last minute. On top of the fact they were MVP of the battle. I just sunk the final ship in order to win the battle.

    Needless to say, there are folks that just cannot be happy unless they are being toxic with other players. Moreover, you can also have a bad win/loss rate if you have poor luck getting teammates that purposely throw the match, in order to troll the people on their team.

  10. Well went i go see any model show i will get put in my place then the next thing that got in my mind is i want to do that

  11. I recently uninstalled WoWS. Not because of the toxic player base along though. I find the game is getting more “money grab”y. And the balance of the new ships is so ridiculous that is almost impossable to have fun in the old ships anymore.

  12. Good morning Salt Mine Overlord! 😎🇺🇸

  13. best part of assholes trying to insult you is they think they’re so good but clearly they’ve never reflected on themselves
    almost as if they’re trying to make up for their own shortcomings (literal/physical or otherwise) by dragging others down to their level

  14. For the Aussies out thier it’s called the do not call list https://www.donotcall.gov.au/consumers/consumer-overview/registering-numbers/

  15. Brian, HARDEN THE FUCK UP!!! and stop being a fucking victim. If you let the comments get you down, that’s on YOU for LETTING them get you down…

  16. Ohmahgawd a tank with the stig!

  17. know how you feel so many cry barbies playing on line games these days

  18. I think most of us get frustrated when you lost your 10th game in a row and specially you just seen the game you have a kraken and a 250k dmg go to waste. But if you look at it, you are playing a random game with other who DO their thing, they believe is what THEY must do. If you really that good you can react to your teammates and to that what is going on in the mini map. Play it to your benefit and try to be the wheel that turns flow of the battle in to a win. But then again this is maybe 5% of the player base? And I’m certainly not one of them ☹
    By the way win rates say NOTHING only how much luck you had with the other 30 players you played a battle with. And 47%-45% is mediocre.. and not bad.

  19. When I am playing World of Warships and I know there’s a new player on our team… Yes I sigh and yes and moan, but you got to think, everyone has been in this position. We’ve all been noobs, so too all of you thinking your bad cos of other people telling you, your not bad your just getting to grips with the game.

  20. Dear Jingles, In Poland it is against the law to call people with advertisements without them agreeing to receive such call. Approval has to be acquired before making the call, not during the call.

  21. Flambass has also started doing a step by step of his games explain why he does what he does witch I find helpful.

  22. reg. wows, i often get angry, when i see players doing absolute nonsense…and i have the feeling, that recently that kind of playstyle is spreading (not only on weekends). Therefor my conclusion is: the toxicity has a reason…it doesnt comes out of nowhere or the bad manners of players (ok there might be some of that kind too)

  23. I have been on TPS for years and get calls every week. It doesn’t work.

  24. jingles you bloody troll oops i meant gnome

  25. Jingaroo, you forgot one piece of advice. You can block and report (It works! I got banned from chat for a few days!) people abusing you!

  26. I bought a phone from BT many years ago. It has a feature built in that screens calls. If I have allowed you through, you are in my contacts or I have dialled the your number you are on a ‘white list’. If you are not and you dial me you get a message saying its a screened phone and to record a message saying who it is and then press # (you then go on hold for the next bit) . If you do that then my phone actually rings and plays the message so I can decide to accept or reject the call. If I accept then you get through. If, on the other hand, you don’t leave a message and press # my phone doesn’t ring, it just displays the missed call number.
    I have not had a single spam caller get through in over 4 years.

  27. Happy to see you had a great weekend. You met up with an old friend, promoted a good cause for your Vets, realized that you can do and have to do better on your dioramas. As a bonus feature you gave us the latest and greatest information on the universally used across the pond ambulance chaser schemes. If I am involved in a car “accident” I will definitely know it. I have a license, I have a large SUV and I drive all over the place here in my home state of N. Carolina. I will be the one calling the lawyer, not the other way around. Thanks Jingles, keep it up and continue to have a good life.

  28. Some amazing models there…

  29. Here in Germany there is no need for any registration. Cold Calls are illegal no matter what. So if you just receive one, which still happens, you just enter the website of the Bundesnetzagentur and report that call. They will handle this.

  30. Diorama looks great!

  31. In the US, there’s the Do Not Call List, which helps some, but they are getting more sophisticated in there methods.

  32. DNCL here in canada but it does not stop the scammers from india and other places.

  33. Have you ever considered doing an ASMR book reading jingles?

  34. I can relate to Brian here. I played alot of battleships but after a while of getting yelled at I was at my wit’s end. But I was told to try something else by a friend so I Picked up Italian and British Cruisers and hoo boy that italian SAP is just delicious

  35. A low win rating is not all the player. there are times you get matched with morons who have no idea. and there are a lot more of them then so called good players.

  36. He can hide his stats in WoWs.

  37. Thank you Jingles.
    I’m not going to whinge about WoT or WoWs players, I will just say I don’t play anymore.
    The US has the do not call registry, however, the US government doesn’t enforce it.
    You can call your telco and very often they have a blocking service, which might even be free.
    Beyond that, there’s
    Mr Number and RoboKiller, which are apps in your App Store that will block numbers.
    I’d also advise you to look up “caller ID spoofing.”

  38. in australia its through our service providers it costs $2 a month , but your number is private and anyone who calls that isnt meant you report that number and its classed as a federal offence , i use to get 5 calls on my land line a day , now its once a month if that

  39. 0:58 they were once in the position you were jingles, you know what they say : rome wasn’t built in a day

  40. Username McUsernameFace

    Brian’s experience is why I have battle chat off and messaging set to friends only.
    I have a 52% winrate on Tanks, so not totally awful, but don’t play games to read barely literate rants from the first person to die.

  41. TPS does not work with international calls. I still get all the scam calls and I’ve been registered for nearly 10 years. I just abuse them until they put the phone down. Blocking numbers doesn’t seem to help,they change them daily.

  42. My sister called you jigles!!!!!!!!!!! lol 😛

  43. In the U.S. it’s called the “do not call list” and it doesn’t work. There are so many calls here that they just don’t have the resources to chase them all down. Great concept on paper!!!!

  44. Great info for TPS! I’ll look for it in my country.

  45. Here in Australia it’s called the do not phone, do not call register.

    As for learning other ship lines I’d recommend cruisers. But not any cruisers that are too specialised. Maybe jack of all trades cruisers like the German and French. They are more versatile.

    Flambass is another good one to watch on YouTube. And I found a couple of guys on the NA server who are pretty decent to watch. Mount Batton is one but I’ve suddenly got a brain blank. Pointy haired Jedi is another on the EU server.

  46. Hello Bryan,

    I understand your position, and have been there a few times myself. Usually what I have to do is take a break from the toxic environment of Wargaming games altogether, and play something else for a while.

    If you’re interested, the retreat game I usually use is called Mabinogi. I play on the Alexina Server, and my in game name there is Mrpirate. If you decide to hang out with me, I’ll help get you some decent starter gear.

  47. Winrate% is overrated, I stopped looking at it long ago. I see it more like a reflection of the potato teams I draw that couldn’t be carried if I had Flamu and Flambass as squad mates….that has me wanting to not log in more than anything else. Chin up

  48. While hiding chat and abusive spam is one thing, I’d prefer to kill the chat in the first place. I’m not sure how best to do this. Because for all the Bryans who carry on through, there will be numerous others who do just give up trying to play in a toxic environment. Telling someone to deal with it is just allowing toxic critics to carry on being toxic.

  49. Never think you are not as good as a modeler compared to someone who has been doing it for much longer, use other people’s work that you believe to be superior as an opertunity to learn.

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