Mingles with Jingles Episode 322

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Source: The Jingles

In which I question the intelligence of senior executives at Electronic Arts, come to the realisation that you sick puppies really enjoy watching me cry tears of fear, and almost answer the question of what I would change remove from World of Warships except Aircraft Carriers.



  1. WOW should work leagues into the game where players with higher skills are grouped into a higher league going down to players playing not so well in lower leagues. That way matchmaking will become easier and the players will try to move up. You won’t have a seal clubber situation anymore. Same can be done for CV’s. If you choose to play in a league that include CV’s then it’s your choice. That way everyone will at least enjoy the game instead of getting frustrated and angry when your ship is sunk by a player that has 10000 games under his belt and you are just starting out… . . Basically a cross of COC with WOW, sort off… . .

  2. jingles u can kill nemesis, if you do all the time you even get strongher

  3. if they really want CV in the game, I would say, make aircraft limited like how they were before the rework.

  4. What they still need to do, IF they Wants aircraft carriers to stay in the game, is to stop giveing them the infinity magical factory they have, and remove the magical recall you cant hurt my plains now, back when you could Counter a carriers by shooting down all there planes you at least had a chance, thats why cruisers did escort for the BB’s and over all an AA cruiser was soo feared, now its just a ” ohh what ever, he will have a new squad ready by the factory minions in 2 mins and My AA’s are gone from the HE spamm and the fires” they might as well just as wel lsay fuck it, and remove the ability to lose any secondarys and AA gun’s
    and just make it in to the Joke and in Arcade game it is now.
    im not asking for total realism, but the rework they did to carriers just tog the last from me, so why I stop’d playing .
    if carriers have ” infinity” planes, then why should any of the other ships have a limited number on there consumable at all.
    just pull a WoT then, a cooldown on your repair and other’s and just add the credit cost instead.

  5. Just read about the Star Citizen drama… Makes one to think that video games are hard to produce.

  6. Man I still remember old CVs, the rage I got when enemy fighters did not get tied down but somehow magically escaped the dogfight by strafing away. crossing drops, timed so that there was no way of manoeuvring that would let you avoid torpedoes, leaving a fighter hovering above a cap circle so that it spotted anything coming in for a surprise cap. And of course, CV snipping, in a rock-paper-scissors mechanic Carriers were the biggest bane for other carriers. especially if there were two IJN CVs who decided that your ships doesn’t deserve to live anymore and jumped you with 4 to 6 torpedo squadrons and a minute or two later you got another vawe incoming to finish you off. Was it fun, no, not above tier V or VI. Was it better than unbeatable CVs that get plane generators from Starship enterprise? eh.. kinda.

  7. There is an easy solution to the carriers. I do not agree on deleting them but propose make the spotting idependent from the other ships. Make it that the planes don’t relay enemy positions. Its even somewhat historical accurate because planes never gave an accurate position of enemy ships. The carrier can still ping the map to let you know the general area of ships but you can’t fire directly at them. Ofcourse they do need to make some things about the carrier better then because otherwise they wont get much experience, because the spottingdamage gets negated.

  8. Damn, i still expecting your old opening theme, have it ringing in my head before he video

    God damn copyright

  9. i hate arty

  10. i was main dd and quit game couple of weeks ago. i am one of the early adapters where there were only 2 line of ships when i started playing game. have countless hours playing game. but finally after the CV rework DD’s are not playable anymore. playing cruisers, hiding behind islands and spamming HE is no fun neither BB’s. so, thank you WG for ruining such a good game with such a good mechnics in it. Well Done!

  11. tweking numbers…they fucked up the destroyers to beggin with, i was a dd player since the beggining, not any fucking more thanks to those retarded wargaming aholes that consider dd’s way to powerfull to a point that had to implement consumables and captain skills just to fuck up destroyers…

  12. I watched that playthrough of Jingles and ‘The Beast inside” and seeing as misery loves company I convinced my wife to watch it. She jumped at all the right times but there was this one point she she screamed and jumped and the coffee she was holding flew up and landed all over her, but the best part was the cat who was sleeping peacefully behind her and the dog who was behind me. They both jumped up and raced for the exit to our computer room but the dog was a bit slower and the cat ran right into her and procceeded to attack her because she happened to be in the way of his escape. I was rolling and my wife looked at me and said, “its not funny”. But oh yeah it was!

  13. there is a man called Jingles and all he does is just talk about nothing that he is getting boring to watch in sted of talk about the games he like plus giving tips out how to play

  14. I loved to play CV before the rework because of the rts style gameplay and the challenge it brought with it but now CV gameplay is a joke eventough I´ve tried to like it.

  15. I’d say that I see CVs in about 80 percent of the battles Im in, in the NA server. And out of that 8 of 10 CV battles, at least 2 of them have multiple CVs.

  16. It would be possible to fix carriers in world of warships, I play them myself and I agree with Jingles.
    1. Remove rocket planes, want to hunt destroyers? Use HE dive bombers. Don’t have them? Tough luck.
    2. Make it so carrier planes spot only for themselves, and carrier (ship) itself spot like every other ship normally, for everyone.
    3. Optional, with the submarines coming to the game, give CVs planes with depth charges.
    And that’s it. I think it would drop the unfairness level to at least 50% of the current one.

  17. I don’t like defending big publishers, but the comments about Star Wars Battlefront 2 are actually kind of misleading.
    Yes, the sheer audacity of the concept must’ve come out of the most insane shareholder in the lot, and the fact that they ever even *considered* that these things could be sold to a general gaming audience (which isn’t the FIFA audience), reeks of ignorance that goes beyond anything that is defensible.

    But Star Wars Battlefront 2, whether you enjoy the core gameplay or not, had its microtransactions disabled day 1. Yes, the progression was still shit until half a year later, but there was no further way of spending money on the game other than initial purchase.

    I wouldn’t be bold enough to say that EA *learned* from SWBF2, but I feel like the game *itself* deserves to be defended, especially considering its huge turnaround.

  18. Cv rework remains the worst update WG implemented to wows imo.
    I played them regularly before 8.0 update, now I just never play them or occasionally if I have a mission or to earn tokens for 1st win with all my ships, except that, I completely let down cv gameplay, I hate it, it’s just boring.
    Previous gameplay was such more tactic/technical, it was fun and required to gain skill and have an overall perspective + manage multiple squadrons in the same time to be good.
    Now it’s just shooting fish in a barrel from the inside, just for the vague excuse to be more immersive (from squadron leader perspective, not cv perspective, wich makes gameplay such more poor), wich is bs in practice…
    Wanting to please the masses doesn’t improve quality of the game or entertainment, and at the end, everyone still complain about them… but now, we must all deal with a simplicist and boring cv gameplay instead of what we had before, and cv remains the master asset of a team due to his nature (not a hasard BBs declined after cv became masters of oceans irl after all).

    But well, need to do with…
    Anyway if the purpose of cv rework was to attract more players and make it easier, then mission accomplished for WG, who cares it impoverish the overall gameplay…? 😩

  19. They should improve AA on every class, exept from carriers and make them weak against HE shells or improve AP damage against them.

  20. Beast Inside Nooooool

  21. Hang on a minute… THIS ISN’T SUBNAUTICA!

  22. Jingles why not do more Atlantic fleet videos on Saturday I really enjoyed watching your Atlantic fleet videos but then your stopped doing them and only done 4 videos on Atlantic fleet I really enjoyed them piz do more Atlantic fleet videos on every Saturday if you can

  23. Let’s add a class of ships that ended the era of battleships and changed the way we fight naval battles forever, what bad could happen? – Wargaming

  24. So Jingles, what happened today in history…?

    The CV play in WoWS is just unfun for non-CV players, and I’m not even sure if CV players actually enjoy them. If your ship (BB, CA/ CLAA) has decent AA, they sort of become an annoyance, with little or no interaction. If your team wins, the CV just drag out the game because they are so far in the backfield.

    One suggestion is just to limit the number of aircraft more. Right now, the early and mid game is more of just reacting to aircraft icon, and the late game is chasing down CVs if you are winning. Make it a more critical cost/ benefit tradeoff deciding where to send the aircraft.

  25. 1:58 “Not Electronic Art’s finest moment”
    *Yeah, that’s like me telling my family that dropping out of college to become drug addict isn’t the finest moment of my academic career*

  26. Jingles for the honour of the commonwealth, you must complete Alien Isolation.

  27. There are still a really really big skill gap between good and bad carrier players though. Yes it’s easier for bad players to do better in a carrier now but there’s still no comparing to a really good carrier player. So in that regard WG failed spectacularly.

  28. you cry over CV in WOWS. but in WOWS the othere CV on your team and fly over and spot the Red CV and you can kill it.. in WOT wee dont have that.. is only if a light tank player have more then 70IQ it can be done.. but how likey it that?! Next to 0….. soo Jingles Cry me a River

  29. do you want a few of your subs to come round and keep you safe while you do beast inside jingles? lol

  30. How about adding a range limit on the carrier airplanes. This would reproduce the operational range that carrier had. It would force them closer to the frontlines.

  31. “Actually jingles, the carriers in world of warships are realistic because they totally the main power behind fleets during…jingles…?”

  32. “Hope you’ve all had a good weekend”
    Good weekend? GOOD WEEKEND?
    I’ve been having jumpscares of my own reflection in the window thanks to your bloody game!

  33. Re: EA…
    When it’s the bean-counters, ignoring the reality of modern Gaming/Gamers’ likes/dislikes, are the ones calling the shots?
    You get what EA has become infamous for. (Bethesda, TAKE NOTICE!!!)…
    Re: The Beast Inside?
    I just have to chuckle and shake my head… Unless/Until you’ve actually lived through and experienced REAL LIFE, homicidal danger (or supernaturally-inspired)?… ‘Games’?… pfffft… Yes, they’re FUN, alarming, challenging, sometimes nerve-wracking,,, (IF they’re good!)… REAL worry/anxiety/fear?… no. Pixels never hold that kind of apprehension for me. (I do enjoy yer videos, however….)
    Re: WG’ing CV rework..
    I have nothing polite to say about it.
    In fact, I’ve *DELETED* this game from my PC, because of it.

  34. Just make a new game, world of assholes and pit arty vs cvs. Sky cancer be gone! I quit both wot and wows because of them.

  35. How to counter a Carrier? tell WG to get bent and leave. Simple…and that is what a lot of us DD players have done….moved on to a better game. As Jingles just said “if your a DD…your f@cked”…Thank you Jingles for a perfect description of how bloody f3cked WOWS is with CV in it. But WG doesn’t listen…doesn’t care and don’t give a F@ck about anyones opinion…check please!!

  36. Could maybe the submarines become the counter player of the CVs?

  37. Those games are designed by Psychopathic minds and are enjoyed by same.

  38. how you counter cruiser? With BB AP? Nope, that doesn t really work these days. You would mostly get overpens…

  39. On the North American server I frequently see rounds with 2-3 CVN’s per team.

  40. Watching Jingles rant about CVs is the best thing ever!

  41. On the Console version of WoW, loads of people want carriers. I really hope they don’t. The biggest problems we have right now is the tankiness, accuracy and penetration of the Jean Bart premium.
    Be careful what you wish for!

  42. Jingles: pliz talk abut Arty in the next Monday

  43. I think carriers can and need to be fixed. They were too important in naval history to put aside.

    The problem in WoWs is that the only thing a carrier is afraid of is a group of ships. One ship, even with the best aa in the game, cant do much against a carrier, but 3 ships combined will cost a carrier the entire squadron, possibly even without an attack. I think the solution in when only one ship at a time can damage the squadron. This way the effectiveness of aa cruisers can be increased a lot, while the carrier can stand a better chance against several ships with bad aa. This means that a carrier has to look more at the ships it is targeting rather than the size of the group, and therefor it gives more of the rock-paper-scissor idea. At the same time the aircraft are still under attach from aa for longer with a bigger group, giving a group an advantage over a single ship.

    A second change would be to bring back a fixed maximum of aircraft. This way a carrier will have to be more careful about losing aircraft. I think the time needed to get these planes active should stay, so there is still a big incentive for carrier players to switch between the aircraft they have to use if they want to continue to use full squadrons. This change would make it more meaningful for a ship to shoot planes down, knowing that the carrier has less planes, while making it slightly more skill-based for the carrier to choose which planes to use, so he/she doesn’t end up with a half squadron at some point.

    A possible third change would be to give them more utility. This could be by giving them a utility plane that can do things like capping and dropping smoke. If you can only choose between this plane and 2 other plane types in a loadout, it would also result in a situation where the player has to either use a half squadron for an attack, or use a utility squadron. This brings in a lot more skill as ik requires the carrier player th think ahead to make sure he/she can always use a full squadron and also contest caps and help the team in another way when it is needed. Another advantage of this change would be the removal of some combat potential, giving enemy ships some time where the carrier can’t damage them.

    I believe these changes would make carriers more useful, more fun to play against, give them a better place between the other ships and also increasing the skill gap again.

    If you read all of this, thanks for the time and I would like to hear what you think of carriers and how to change them

  44. how to counter carriers? stay with your team, realize that they can’t be in two places at once, wait until you see where the planes are before going for them, and use torpedoes. its REALLY not that hard to get up on them as a destroyer if you don’t YOLO away from your teammates’ AA bubbles at the start of the round.

  45. Regarding horror games, I cut my teeth on Clive Barker’s Undying and Eternal Darkness so they don’t bother me quite as much (Undying with surround sound in a dark room? Wear the brown trousers…) but I will give Alien Isolation it’s due, definitely scary. Amnesia now, just don’t. Yould most likely shit yourself and/or have a heart attack. I nearly did…

  46. Jingles, O Lord of the Salt Mines, have you considered if and when submarines are introduced to the game might they be a counter to carriers? They have the ability to go completely undetected, and pretty much invulnerable to torpedoes. They are able to sail right under other ships (risky, but possible) and their torpedoes are homing. Hopefully not as bad as the most recent rework of them, but still a torp that is homing and causes an automatic citadel might be a good counter against carriers. Of course it then begs the question what about the other ships, which is something that Wargaming does need to address, but it is still a possibility.

  47. I would stick all the dudes from WG that say that CVs are ok and GUEPARD and make them play 5 games in a t8 game with a carrier. And let them tell us afterwards how much fun they had

  48. I dare WG to split Random Battle into two, one with CVs and the other one without and reveal number of battles in each mode to the player base.

  49. Unless they do something to change it, submarines could be a strong counter to carriers. Based on those videos you’ve done of submarine gameplay, submarines really only have one trong counter: destroyers with depth charges. But if the destroyers are unable to take out the submarine, it could potentially rush behind the enemy line, and harass the carrier. Speaking of which, what submarines will come to WoW? I hope we can get from nations not already in WoW.

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