Mingles with Jingles Episode 324

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

Tomorrow I reach level 50, soon I’ll qualify for an Epic Mount!



  1. Kinda funny while your talking about the copyright claim stuff the renegade on the AMX team is losing his shit lmao

  2. Superbam is clearly a case of “if you can’t beat them, join them”. Let’s just hope they stay legit and not collect the rights to a lot of channels just to claim it for themselves.

  3. Happy birthday jingles

  4. Happy Birthday Youngster! (I’m 54……) If you haven’t grown-up by the time you reach 50 you don’t have to………..

  5. Could it be Ed watched Drachinifels Wednesday Video this week and then send the story to jingles?

  6. And now Rita slaps a copyright strike on this video because it contains her voice oh the irony 😁😁😁

  7. Hoeg Law has a recent video on the topic, where a law school had a video on copyright claimed.

  8. Happy Birthday!!! Onion Cake for Jingles!!!

    Excuse me Mr. Jingles, can I Troll you since you are a retired UK sailor and I am a retired US sailor?

  9. Happy birthday jingles I hope you have a great day

  10. Congratulations Gnome Lord, you are exactly one year older than my little sister.

  11. Patrick Asselborn

    Wow… now we know why the engagement and mariage didn’t came thru

  12. I’ve heard that story recently, you’re also subscribed to drachinifel? 😛 Also my birthday is also march 10, happy birthday in advance!

  13. happy birthday sir.. good health to you always..

  14. you should tell they story about the lusitania

  15. For those trolls

    #1 F*ck off

    #2 No – right off – over there.

  16. Turning 50? Been there done that. It does give you a certain perspective on life, because typically max life is 100. So Happy Birthday Jingles, you’re half way to death.

  17. That pirogue sounds like a real treat. Also: “Did you forget something in your back pocket again” was totally deserved.

  18. oh Jingles… Trindade != Trinidad :o) the battle You mention was fought near Trindade Island near Brazil :o) Trinidad is of Venezuela’s coast.. ;o)

  19. Haha!, owned by Rita again with but a single line!

  20. 50 and the GF is 29 ….. Happy Birthday every day I think.

  21. Patrick Asselborn

    Jingles is getting soo old tomorrow that he is gonna have a special emplacement at a museum. ….

    I can already taste the iodine in my mouth of the discord salt mines…

    Please master gnome lord have mercy on your free to watch subscribers

  22. Have a Happy Birthday Jingles, hope you have a wonderful day.

  23. Haven been married to a woman that had a 30th birthday, let me give you some advice. The best thing you could do is pretend to forget about it. Let it pass without saying a thing. That is a gift in its self. But we know you Jingles and I don’t think you have it in you to not jokenly poke fun. So enjoy your birthday, because we all know how you will die at the hands of Rita next year. She will also probably bury your body with onions.

  24. Happy Birthday early Jingles!

  25. I would love to see Tank fest but I dont want to get my ticket and then find out that it’s not gonna take place because of COVID shit ban … Hundreds of events in Europe are canceled because of this…

  26. Happy birthday for tomorrow old man. I reached level 52 on the 1st of March

  27. Happy birthday Jingles (my brother from another mother) from the other side of the pond.

  28. epic mounting ? sounds dirty …

  29. ok Jingles, you’re hereby condemned to spend the rest of your life at an onion farm, on a diet of onion soup.
    Was signed, the overseer of the salt mine.

  30. TheNerfPlayer12321

    My god that last story at the end had me rolling for a good minute

  31. Only warped and twisted people don’t like onions, onions go in everything.

  32. Jingles – just hit 63, 50 is barely out of being a teenager

  33. Happy birthday, but level 50? Son, July 29th I reach level 69. And you never talk about a woman’s age, talk about being demonetized!!!

  34. Yoshitaka Oftedahl

    That story reminds me of the meme where there are 2 spidermans and they are pointing at each other

  35. @The Mighty Jingles did you whatch drachinifels video about that fight? (and armed merchant ships)

  36. HAHAHA

    1. F.. Off

    Jingles Genius

  37. Rita will bake you a fried onion birthday cake, with boiled onion icing.

  38. Old git. Happy birthday

  39. Gunther Ultrabolt Novacrunch

    I’d rather have ULTRA strict copyright rules than the opposite (China).

  40. 🥳HBD🥳 in advance jingles, half a century, it is something !
    …Wisdom incoming… 😉

  41. New subscriber who is Rita?
    love the videos jingles happy birthday

  42. @jingles wait another 10 years

  43. Ooooohhhh he said Frank’s hot sauce! Copy right !

    Just kidding Gnomish Overlord.

  44. Sharp in-take of breath .. ‘Does this mean a copy-right claim from our Drach?’ Jackanory Jackanory ……

  45. did you know that Chris Barrie (Arnold J Rimmer/Mr Brittas) did the voice of Ronald Reagan on the Two Tribes track by Frankie Goes To Hollywood?

  46. Well happy birthday in advance you old Givzer 😀

  47. Do you have the gold for the license and the actual epic mount?

  48. One reason for that third ship (the second German ship) to leave the area would be that it was now a life saving operation. Shooting would have been a war crime, a trap was, as you said, a very real possibility. A local cease fire to help save the crew of the stricken ship was of course the action sea laws demand, but at war you have to think about traps and survival as well.

  49. Whenever you make a video that’s gonna get claimed, you should put something so horrendously obscene alongside the copyrighted clip that the video can’t be monetised

  50. Merchant cruisers see Drachinifel recently for full story regards.

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