Mingles with Jingles Episode 325

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

A major patch just hit World of Warships, and with Wargamings’ cries of “No cruiser left behind!” ringing in our ears, let’s take a look and see just how well they’ve lived up to the hype…



  1. As long as my Kutuzov is good, I’m good.

  2. I haven’t played a single game of WOW but still love watching any video with jingles

  3. Josh VerSchneider

    So Jingles, what your saying is that Wargaming set a goal, achieved it, and still made the game worse? Kinda reminds me of a different rework around small floating cities with planes.

  4. It should be noted that not only did World of Warships have a major update come out recently, but War Thunder had update 1.97 “Viking Fury” go live today as well, which brings with it full access to the Swedish aircraft tech tree with the newly-added J35 Draken capping off the tree as the top-tier fighter, and begins the CBT for Swedish ground vehicles, along with adding new vehicles for other factions such as the long-awaited English-Electric Lightning and AH-64 Apache.

  5. Remember when world of warships was fun?

    Pshht I haven’t played since they massacred my destroyers like 3 years ago

  6. WOWS thinks anything less the 75mm of steel plating will bounce a 155mm or 203mm naval shell. Go home WOWS you’re drunk! I know, it’s just a game where people shoot each other. But come on, at least try to emulate what actually happened to ships during WW1 and WW2. If a tank armed with a 20mm auto cannon can defeat a tank, why even use naval guns in WOWS? It’s like that game Jingles is playing, a grunt with two different rifles? Realistic, hell no, but it;s just a game and in a game the enemy can hide behind a bush and Jingles has to hit the enemy at least five times before he kills him. Face it, we’re all a bunch of boys who like shooting at things and people without going to jail.

  7. My brain has melted

  8. We all know that WG knows how to make the right decisions.

  9. Sounds too me like what they want you too do is still take the IFHE skill and then spend all your doubloons on buying up signal flags that will increase your chance of starting fires.
    So for my Dallas at tier six things are still going too be as it is. Load the fire starting flags the HE and the Demolition skill and go too town burning it down.
    Now that being set aside! What I want too know is, if there is any truth too the news I heard. That the U.S.S. flint that is currently able too be bought in the armory for steel. Will be being changed too being able too be bought for coal instead?

  10. 15:18 That’s not a Helena that is a cleveland… ( ͡⚆ ͜ʖ ͡⚆)

  11. Much ado about nothing, don’t worry Jingles all this will change again.

  12. Bloods coming out of my ears….

  13. Meh… I haven’t been playing since WG ruined the game and carriers, and I didn’t even play carriers, I ~think~ I have/had a tier 7 one at the time, and I rarely played it but the RTS play was perfectly fine and frankly superior to the “one wing mode” nonsense… Wargaming has a long and thoroughly documented history of not giving a hot seaming crap about the player base, no matter how much they back pedal, no matter how much they PR and spin and pretend, the one and only thing they care about is shaking the player base by their ankles until every last penny drops out. I do not begrudge Wargaming a single cent of what they earn, and I’ve given them a fair amount of money when I was enjoying their games, but that enjoyment came to a crashing halt when they felt they needed to remake an entire segment of the game, for the worse at that, and rather than listening to the player base they just flipped the middle finger the entire time and said “this is what you’re getting, and you’re going to like it…” the old CV play was just better.
    Now they’ve spent the last several years contorting the entire game around battleships, which led into the CV rework via pandering to their every last whim, and the current thing upsetting them is that they may now suffer the inconceivable fate that their armor may be pierced, or that fire starting shells may start fires… Yeah… You may be a battleship, but you’re not impervious, steel isn’t indestructible and there are plenty of things on a ship’s decks to damage and set on fire.
    Sorry, but not sorry, it’s about time the battleships were made a hair less “confident” that they can just face-tank anything smaller than themselves.

  14. Sir Jingles, laughing at dumb things and people while making us feel better about not being dumb ourselves.

  15. Bold Persian Immortal

    I have a feeling WOWS wants to close down and go out of business…

  16. I think the idea is kind of good. HE is the meta in WOWS you can’t angle against it you basically can’t do anything to avoid taking damage. All it takes is two or more ships spamming you with HE and your going to burn to death or loose a majority of you HP because not matter how smart you are with damage control you’ll still get set on fire and continue to loose health.

  17. So…AP spam is coming to be a thing now?

  18. Bitch Bitch Bitch

  19. We need a mod pack that’s shows all this in real time

  20. Keegan Clements-Housser

    I like how this patch is just going to encourage even more fire spamming on account of that being the only reliable type of damage for a number of ships.

  21. Well when you rain as much fire starting HE down on your targets as Atlanta and Flint do you don’t need to pen just watch em burn…. Same for Smolensk.

  22. its a complete shit show…at wargaming…net

  23. 2% fire chance of the demolition skill…that will set the world on fire? No but hell no: not going to happen. Its so sad…they seem to have little understanding at wows. Just sad and sickening really.

  24. I have no regrets about giving up with WoWs.

  25. I’ve played WoT for 7 years and basically know the weakpoints to all the tanks.

    One thing I never understood though is why HE does so much damage to battleships. Don’t get me wrong, I know it’s a balancing thing. Battleships technically should be dominating Destroyers and Cruisers realistically but in WoW’s it’s not necessarily the case. Hell, I lose battles against cruisers in my battleships because the dispersion is so awful and I can’t get any good hits off meanwhile I’m getting spammed down by HE and fires. Maybe I’m doing something wrong. Idk honestly. I lose chunks of HP faster to HE than I can dish out with my battleship’s AP rounds. While battleships have to get lucky and get good penetrating shots Cruisers just need to spam their HE, hit the target to do damage, and wait for the battleships to burn to death. Cruisers really shouldn’t be bouncing or standing up against Battleship AP rounds. It doesn’t make sense. Yet battleships don’t stand a chance against Cruiser HE rounds.

    If and realism is what Wargaming wanted they failed fuck-all. And if balancing is what they wanted… they fucked up anyways.

  26. Jingles putting USS Cleveland as the captain of USS Helena.

    Jingles plays Azur Lane confirmed.

  27. Wanna know if your HE will pen a ship? Shoot HE at the damn ship and see what happens… Only takes a single turret or full salvo to find out.

  28. I haven’t played in a while but still try to stay up on the latest BS in the latest update since WG seems to think they need to do entire game mechanic overhauls for every update… You’re adding new ships faster than we can comprehend them, and before anyone can play with them to see how powerful/unpowerful they are WG changes the game mechanics yet again.. Let us get used to the game as it is jesus. Also they change IFHE and only give free captain respec offer for 6 days? Of course today is the day I catch up on the news and go to respec my captains for free after yet another entire game overhaul and NOPE “offer expired” fuck you veteran player! Keep up faster asshole!!

  29. Luxurious Exotic Driving

    Battleships taking damage? Battleships being just as useful or prior to patch useless as cruisers? That’s illegal, battleships must be superior! It ain’t world of warships without useless cruiser that are filler ups for the rest of the ships..

  30. Rabble rabble rabble rabble

  31. Dont play World of Warships.
    Dont care about the patch.
    Watched whole video.
    liked whole video.
    Gonna bitch anyway.

    i’m a simple guy, i see Jingles… i click.

  32. Now a WoWS fan, but I do enjoy hearing how WG has managed to mess stuff up again. 😀

  33. Meanwhile, IJN DD and not-yet-Tier X-BB skippers just shrug their shoulders and watch the power creep tick them that next bit further into utter irrelevance.

  34. I play BB’s and Cruisers for the most part. I tell my friends, that if you play BB’s, you must embrace the burny-burny, because that is your normal state of being….

  35. The Real Ulysses S. Grant

    Thank god coronavirus didn’t shut down mingles with jingles

  36. im just gonna fire the guns and say a prayer

  37. Another great approach to making fun videos of WG changed. “Thanks Me’old Mucka for the chuckle”

  38. Played the whole thing went to do a crossword halfway through

  39. But wait Jingles!

    Why use the bow/stern plating of higher tier BBs as an example of the case of Light cruisers being incapable of damaging them? The superstructure is still green, meaning they can still do damage, though that means players has to aim a bit more higher up to hit that.

    Also, the Tier VIII-X BB problem of being penned by Tier VIII-X Cruisers is still par of the course, even when it pre-IFHE days.

    Cruiser Armour buffs against battleships? Not much. The rule of ‘angle to bounce shells’ still apply here. That ‘buff’ is there to decrease the chances of BBs punching through a cruiser’s armour and citadel it even if the cruiser was extremely angled against its guns to cause a ricochet. I mean, was it fun being in a cruiser and getting lolpenned by a BB despite the fact that you’ve angled well? I don’t think so.

    Being set on fire more than normal? Annoying, and can get deadly when multiple fires are set. However, the effectiveness can be reduced by taking the Basics of Survivability and Fire Prevention skills. Module upgrades like Damage Control 1 and 2 can also reduce a fire’s effectiveness.

  40. Roland Christian Pascua

    Gj WG u fix a problem that wasnt a problem

  41. Next time, how about some WWS gameplay instead of some gamepad controlled shooter to watch while talking WWS patch notes? Great rundown of the notes, just the same.

  42. Eh sometimes it’s just nice to hear a gruff voice talking in my ear to pass the time, thank you for all your vids #latecrew

  43. Memorised with ease: Wargaming have nerfed every British ship by buffing every other ship, got it 👌

  44. i`m not a wow player and i not even like that game. i`m here to here you, jingles. cheers!

  45. Just when you thought it was safe to Cruise in the water……….

  46. They love to burn my Yamato all the time 🙁 Thanks Jingles for the show.

  47. So let me guess, all Soviet ship gained and the rest nerfed ?

  48. I’m going to claim that 99% of players don’t care or understand the penetration skill and only spam HE for the fires.

    So an overcomplicated solution again from WG, now where have we seen this before… hmmm.

    After playing randoms people still spam HE, sad to see even BB’s doing it. Just playing Operations cause randoms just melt my nerves.

  49. The Eccentric Man

    Thank you Jingles this made things much clearer. My games can now proceed from playing through mud to silt.

  50. I thoroughly disagree, I can and will still blame you.
    I am not saying it is your fault, just saying I am blaming you 🙂

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