Mingles with Jingles Episode 326

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Source: The Mighty

Youtube finally allows us to about the plague without being demonetised! Although Mingles with isn’t monetised anyway. Ha! Take that, YouTube!



  1. wait
    you are 5 years YOUNGER than my dad?

  2. cannibalism isn’t illegal in the UK. so there’s no shortage of food, you can still have an Indian or Chinese lol

  3. Before you eat the cats, there is always the squirrel population that could use a little thinning, noth me and my dog love them ( for different reasons …for now)

  4. jokerspet karlsson

    Lucky british. EU just mandated that Netflix and youtube dropps their bandwith. we cant watch in anny significant speed or quallity. thnx arsholes!

  5. Revolution is only three meals away-

  6. Our local ambulance fleet got attacked by a scummy individual who drilled holes in their tyres 🙁

  7. Share indeed, much smarter.
    Take care people.

  8. I’ve Contracted it sadly, But I’m sure I’ll live im young

  9. Bjørn Eirik Størkersen

    Oi! Jingles! You forgot “World of Warplanes!”

    Whens your next WoWP video coming, anyway? Could do with a good laugh….

  10. In New Zealand all non essential business is closed including all takeaway shops.

  11. It’s been the same in Finland. They closed the resorts in Lappland over the weekend as people were starting to head there. So far people have been taking things far too lightly.
    I’m just starting my second week of isolation, not due to Covid, but recovering from surgery.

  12. Eat the cats …. going far to far 🙂

  13. “Hope you had a good weekend”
    Well, sunday morning around 6 local time my city got shaken by a 5,5 earthquake that devastated the city, so….yeah”

  14. Guess it must be harder for Rita than Jingles. One does hear more about Spain than Portugal in the news but if its only half as grim there as in Spain it must be frightening for her with her relatives living there. Best thoughts and wished for you two and your pets. Stay healty and stay save and thanks alot you keep making new content to ease the isolation for us out here.

  15. Hi, here in the Netherlands food delivery is fully booked for weeks. Pickup services also have all their slots booked for weeks. I guess its safe to go into the shop and buy stuff yourselfs. I just hope people refrain from panic buying. There is plenty of food, just a limit on moving it.

  16. Well you know who are saying “na na suckers”, are those doomsday people who are prepared with stocks of food and supplies. Of course there are going to be some of those doomsday people really, really pissed because some of there items have expired or spoiled because they bought cheap or a long time ago.
    Plus Jingles, you don’t want to eat the cat food, because the cats will eat you if they get hungry enough.

    maybe people should start going to the gardening store and buy some crop seeds at least potatoes and such.

    Well stay fed and safe

  17. Here in Canada The government seems to trail whatever the USA does 2 days before hand But you see People going to The Niagara falls .>Morons standing in line no spacing 50 -100 people outside a Bestbuy for 2 Game releases My Mom in her late 60’s giving her own time to feed the homeless Which the rules there have changed…5 people at a time The food his handed out in plastic trays No sitting in No waiting around staff wear dishwashing rubber gloves Some went out of thier way and donated 5 bottles of hand sanatizer which the staff use Hourly

    I started back in the start of Dec, learning how to dehyrate and vaccum seal foods ..I thought it would be cool to have MRE’s Meals Ready to Eat That was cheaper then brand names And foods i like For camping trips In my converted SUV 4×4 That turned into 40 meals (each meal is for 2 people And about 4lbs in all) I really got into Prepping And making a long term meal for just over $1CDN – 0.64 Euro We been both at home now 2 weeks And have gone light shopping at a small market At night with less people only once for varies of can goods And soups we can throw into rice …Its going to get worse before it gets better We are fueling up the car which is great on gas and electric power And the Camper truck Worse gets even worse We are bugging out to my land property in the great white north with the mooseseses No people no worries ..Stay safe people

  18. Well, atleast the people going on holiday arn’t as stupid as the people in a country I’m probobly not alowed to mention that are drinking peoples spit as a cure.

  19. Not only british people, way to many say “ehh its just a flu”……

  20. Okay I’m from Ireland so it’s none of my business really, but is anyone gonna address the fact that the british government have deliberately left it too late to act, which will kill so many people, just to reach herd immunity, in order to minimize damage to the economy?

  21. My Coworkers thought I was crazy when I said to stock up and Toilet Paper, Rice/ Beans, and Ammo that was almost 4 months ago they now either thank me or wish they had listened too me I am a Correctional Officer thanks by the way Jingles its a hard job protecting the public by ensuring the worst of society is kept behind prison walls.

  22. I went out for Milk the other day… and the local bar was packed, it infuriated me. My ears went on fire, assholes. Oh, and GameStop insisted they were essential and refused to close, so my governor in Pennsylvania pulled their business license, that made my day.

  23. its a shame when the government has to step in and order the closings of restaurants and pubs because people are so stupid.

  24. Jingles. I seem to remember some time ago, when you were going through a period of telling War Stories on Mingles. You mentioned a battle between the USN and IJN in WW2 where a large group of WW2 era Japanese ships were fought off by a smaller force of WW1 vintage American ships. Am I remembering it correctly and if so what was the battle called. I have been trying to look it up online and have had no luck so far.

  25. Otosj van Tolerbok

    There is some logic in people hoarding toiletpaper; they also often tend to hoard masive amounts of beans and such . . . thus creating a shitty problem.

  26. Destiny 2, base game is free also.

  27. And with that ending as Gir would say… I’m gonna sing the doom song now…. doom doom da doom doomda doom DOOM

  28. I’m still classed as a key worker I drive ferrys

  29. Otosj van Tolerbok

    Not just the Brittish tend to storm the beaches in these quarantine times. The Dutch do such as well. And they invade the forests. Seems everybody suddenly has a tendency to check for bushcraft opportunities.

  30. hmm not convinced, my money is on the cats eating you first….

  31. jokerspet karlsson

    jingles ur wrong. supermarkets dont measure sucses in the amount sold. if there is no trash, if you dont have anny waste that means ur not selling as mutch as you can.

  32. Errrm… how should I tell my boss I can’t work and I have to stay home and play games when he knows I am working alone in the office (actually, the whole office building is just me now) and I go to work on bicycle? Damn… I would love to stay at home and do my own business, but he simply wouldn’t buy it 🙂

  33. Corona Drama:
    The Herd Mentality
    Coronavirus problems compounded by Stupidviridae an incurable disease most commonly known as………………..Stupid.

  34. Smokers are at high risk, so please Jingles take care of yourself. We need you

  35. Take care of yourself Jingles! I’m waiting for hopefully the last snow of the year to fall today. Self isolating isn’t so bad, it’s reading about all the dummies stocking up on toilet paper and bottled water that makes my blood boil. What the heck do these idiots think they are doing?

  36. Jingles I am a retired ICU nurse and it’s important you realise that COVID-19 can kill people even with good health. If you understood immunology and how new viruses work you would realise that even you are at risk. Yes someone aged 70+ or with known underlying health issues is at higher risk but everyone can catch this virus and we can all pass it on even when we have no symptoms.

  37. Richard McConnachie

    Man Flu every 2nd week Jingles 😀

  38. Just got back from a road crash. Old couple (minor injuries) rolled their caravan. Problem is they came from a cruise ship that had covid 19 and they were supposed to be in quarantine, but no they decided it would be a good idea to tour the country.

    Sorry had to get it off my chest.

  39. where was the quote from again i didn’t catch the name

  40. @4:45 “People are flocking to beaches and parks … ” Oh god, here it comes, a bollocking (well deserved) for the people that I’m ashamed to call my fellow citizens of this land ‘down under’.

    @4:59 “British people are going to the seaside” … wait, what? Well, at least it’s not just this country which has abnormally large allocations of fuckwittery.

  41. Noooooo don’t eat the kitties. I send you my cat food, okay? And some treats for the kitties too.

  42. What do you mean you don’t get seriously sick? You get the manflu all the time!

  43. Are you going to do a new Man Cave video Jingles? Stay safe!

  44. im just delivering pizza’s for domino’s, not because i need to, but because we dont close down

  45. the thing that gets me is the people who are panic buying for no reason

  46. I wish i could stay stay home, but I provide a critical service. People look at me like im the grim reaper if i cough because i have allergies.

  47. Zhufor TheImpaler

    and if you have eaten the catfood and cats and you still need food, there is rita and ed…….

  48. Ah Britain, massive outbreak, time for a holiday

  49. My mum works in a bank. Which is an essential service.

  50. you’re visiting Portugal, if it’s Porto the cruise stops, i’ll be happy to show you around town, outside the normal tourist traps bus tours…

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