Mingles with Jingles Episode 327

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

Today I left the house for the first time in about three weeks. Things got surreal.



  1. So people are nuts everywhere! How hard is to stay at home for few weeks?

  2. Pretty sure some people in America have gotten terror charges for coughing, spitting on products and on people because covid19 is a biological matter so its biological warfare..atleast im sure it would count as that.

  3. Because I am a n00b…what game is Jingles playing in the background?

  4. Cameron aka CQB Mantis

    Bloodshot was a terrible movie, 100% would not recommend wasting ur money

  5. Aleksandar Petrović

    In Serbia there is an article of criminal law (248,249,259) for spreading the infections disease. If you don’t follow the orders of not spreading, and/or spread the disease, you can be punished with monetary fine or up to 3 years in prison. People have been convicted for breaking mandatory self quarantine. If by doing so any person get severely ill or severely hurt (like to have to go to respirator), it is punishable by 1 to 8 years in prison. If one or more people die as result of spread, punishment is 2 to 12 years in prison.

  6. In America it’s a terrorist threat with a class c felony. Yeah there are covid-iots everywhere.

  7. stefan kullenberg

    IF you right click while in the minigun you will spool up the barrels and zoom in.

  8. One guy cough in the face of one police here in spain…he slaps the guy like a little bitch….💜

  9. Some of the comments here show how easy it will be for world wide tyranny to be implemented 🤦‍♂️
    Some people will take feeling of safety over anything.

  10. It is like living in a perpetual Sunday.

  11. it is natural selection we would be better off without the 7% of morons ignoring the new rules

  12. everyday is currently the weekend

  13. Can I just ask how just being out driving is wrong if you are alone in your car? To me it seems that you are not in a group and some people do find driving relaxing. As long as you are not going to a gathering I think it should be fine to just drive your car around. As long as you’re going to go right back to your house.

  14. I wanted to watch Bloodshot as well when I saw it’s being streamed. but when I saw the price tag … yeah, fuck you. 20 for a hd streamed movie? nah, thanks. I’ll wait till I forget about it or the price drops to 5.

  15. I saw Bloodshot at the cinema on 11th March, it was the last time I went out…………….

  16. Yes, Jingles, these 93% aren’t the ones that are the problem, the 7% that don’t give a rat’s ass are the problem. The rate of spreading only takes a handful of superspreaders to not slow down… and unfortunately, the virus doesn’t discriminate against stupid, or we’d all be safe!

  17. All this fuss for a sickness with less than 2% death rate, yeah, it is grossly excessive, and when we get a economic depression on top of the deaths that are inevitable, everybody will agree…

  18. I’ve just been leaving the house every few days for shopping, topping up on perishable stuff, and yea, it’s surprisingly calm, no one’s being a stupid idiot, panic buying, although flour is a little on the low side. It’s interesting watching how people cope in the first few days, compared to a week or 2 after

  19. I think the issue is that direction from the government recommends making sure you get exercise. Having the police coming after you for following government advice is a bit much, don’t you think?

  20. I havn’t received your email regarding the Jean Bart yet, could you please resend it? 😛

  21. You could send the Jean Bart my way, I will definitely respond. LOL

  22. am I the only one, wondering why this Division2-scene seems so well known? could it be possible, that we have seen this in last episode of mingles with jingles? yeah…I think it is possible 🙂 or did I missed something out here?

  23. Meanwhile in America if you do something to break quarantine or harm other with the virus you get charged with terrorism

  24. Actually Jingles; the definition of first world problems would be the fucktards that panic-bought more meat than they could fit in a pot.

  25. Ah! Queues and queuing in nice fairly neat moderately orderly lines .. one of the great British national traits .. and pass-times. Something to do with the weather, I guess – that and the ice cream van man, selling a poke through the bitterest of winter winds (in mid-June). It breeds a hardy stock .. ;o)

  26. Here in South Africa, people that are positive for Covid-19 and don’t self quarantine are charged with attempted murder. This has included a German tourist, who was tested positive in the Kruger National park, ignored authourities and still went on a tour bus to St Lucia estuary in KzN, he was tracked down and arrested on an attempted murder charge

  27. People having barbeques and inviting their friends over. Must be ex-Saffas 😉

  28. Damn, I didnt win, eh its normal

  29. I’ve heard people who intentionally cough on law enforcement are getting terrorism charges brought on them.

  30. Forgive my ignorance, but what exactly do you mean when you’re talking about “fresh” or “frozen” pasta? As far as my shopping experience has gone, pasta is pasta – dry, comes in a box, lasts for months, you stick it in a pot of boiling water, cook for a few minutes, and eat.

    • DankMemes&RuinedDreams

      Fresh is exactly what it’s called ‘fresh’, takes about 1 minute to cook, and expires quick. Dry pasta is the most common, takes about 12 mins to cook. Frozen pasta… idk what he’s on about there, maybe pasta included in premade frozen lasagnas or something

    • @DankMemes&RuinedDreams I see, thanks.

  31. Just out of curiosity how many people sign up for the give away?

  32. Very simple, close the borders, everyone non essential required to stay in for 14 days, execute everyone non essential found outside. pandemic defeated. The idiots outside will just infect everyone who stayed inside and the penalty for attempted murder and terminal stupidity should be death. Severe? Not if you watched one of your wives die from Ebola after she was infected by an irresponsible idiot.

  33. I’m really conflicted on the whole over policing thing… On one hand, should the government really be allowed to force us to stay in our homes? And on the other hand it is necessary to keep the death total to a minimum.

  34. coughing on people while even claiming to be sick in the US is being prosecuted as TERRORISM – misdemeanor terrorism is like a $2000 fine and 5 years in jail in most states.

  35. Ssoooo glad to be an essential employee. My oh my, whatever would the government do without the metric ass ton of ammunition i make. Its not like i miss my family because all the 12 hour shifts, no no, and i certainly appreciate that my health had no bearing on the decision. fuck the government, fuck da police, and especially fuck all you cunts cowering from a microorganism (unless your old or immuno-compromised)

    • You still haven’t got it, have you? It’s not a matter of whether you personally are old or immuno-compromised, it’s the fact that you are contagious before you display symptoms and you are passing the fucking contagion on! FFS get yourself educated.

  36. I so wanted you to say that it’s punishable by death lol

  37. Not just in America, Australia, The Middle East and now England doing stupid shit. Stay the hell home

  38. That ‘The Division 2’ footage looks familiar…

  39. Hope you feel better after some shuteye Jingles. Looks after yourself you old bastard

  40. Britain is now a worse police state than East Germany and all for a panic virus. Yes Jingles I do find it excessive and so would you if you researched the numbers. https://www.spectator.co.uk/article/The-evidence-on-Covid-19-is-not-as-clear-as-we-think

  41. Working from home… Yeah, just like the weekend!

    Also, given that UK government seems to have downgraded the severity of Covid don’t be so sure that over the top policing will help…

  42. New to the Mighty Jingle merchandise store : “I mined salt for The Mighty Jingles and all I got was a Krasny Krym!” Tee Shirt.

  43. Didn’t I see this footage earlier? O_o
    Deja-vu = matrix error?

  44. Yeah. I can see the effects of the virus keeping things closed. As s American truck driver. The road are a lot quieter, mall parking lots are empty, restaurants are open and are offering take out. The list goes on and it’s from what I’ve seen as I cross our country.

  45. over the top policing won’t help. But what the UK police is doing isn’t over the top given the nature of the current state of the country.
    What would be over the top would be rolling through the streets in armoured cars and using watercannon and tear gassing anyone they see.

  46. Funny enough I was out with mrs shopping on Sunday (after not leaving home for 2 weeks) as well and I was equally surprised. Seems like the world is coming to its senses and ppl have calmed down indeed. Shelves are restocked, only few ppl are allowed at the time, there’s lines and protections everywhere, almost everyone is wearing gloves and masks.
    It seems it only took few billion tons of toilette paper to calm down everyone xD

  47. thefreakgamer1080p

    Why cant you just drive around? Like you are confined in your own damn space the fuck

  48. Jingles, not sure if you have noticed, but due to the pandemic, Tank fest, will be held in September, in stead of the normal midsummer dates. I heard that you would go this year, so found it important to tell and remind you

  49. Ewww… that level of dystopian authoritarian government to be searching your vehicle without cause is nuts to me.

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