Mingles with Jingles Episode 329

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This ’ challenge, try to not about COVID-19. Bugger…. already failed.


  1. 4th! Probably…
    Edit: ooh no I was first! At least when I sort by age…not even got notifications turned on, I just sit outside the Jingles residence with a pair of binoculars.

  2. Hope your doing well Uncle Jingles

  3. Part of the zero view club…. LOL

  4. Weekend..! I’m lucky to know what the day is. Calendars have become surplus to requirement.
    Oh, Happy Easter.

  5. I put a 128mm gun on a sdkfz 251 halftrack

  6. much needed, Thank you Jingles. Always looking forward to mondays now

  7. absent-minded goldfish

    what weekend? been a weekend for like 2 months now

  8. 0:04 Yeah it was was birthday yesterday and I almost forgot. Weekend don’t exist anymore.

  9. pretty early! wait, not really.

  10. Blue Hill Animation


  11. Blue Hill Animation

    First thousand

  12. Jingles: “Fallout 76 cant get any worse”

    Bethesda: “Hold my beer!”

  13. Welp fallout 76 pc was shit
    Fallout 76 console was a much different game

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