Mingles with Jingles Episode 330

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So how do these fancy VLog things work, anyway? Well for a start, you could sort your lighting out.



  1. Damn kids…send em to the salt mines

  2. only two years of dedication and exercises will make you look like the model you painted ^^

  3. Great format, happy to watch this format, very entertaining.

  4. Just a thought, maybe if your struggling with things to talk about maybe switch mingles with jingles up with narrating some war stories or discussing specific ship/tank histories? For example like you did with warspite and such where you made them like a mini documentary? I really miss those!

  5. Rita nice and thicc

  6. This kind of MWJ is great, keep doing this

  7. 15:04 – 15:18 “Business as usual for Bethesda basically” No I think you mean business as usual for the majority of the gaming industry…

  8. Rita save your time in telling the kids off by sitting Jubacca outside with a “tickle my belly” sign next to her. that will sort the little bastards out.

  9. Is this a next phase in the infamous breeding program?
    If so then we’ll definitely need more of these!

  10. Speaking of Subnautica co-op, if you like management games, or city/factory building games, I think you will enjoy Satisfactory. It’s a 3 dimension FPV factory building game with some survival elements.

    Like subnautica, you arrive alone in a drop pod, and you have to find resources and exploit them to progress in the game, but rather than just surviving and adapting to the local wildlife you can actually defend yourself, and your goal is to produce stuff for “project assembly”. It’s still in early access and the storyline they plan to introduce isn’t there yet, but it’s a bit like if in Subnautica nothing wrong happened to the Aurora and you went on the planet to find the resources to build the phasegate. Oh, and you can have weapons.

  11. we want the Kats and the Dog, enough with humans!!

  12. its week 4 in the UK 😛

  13. As far as I can tell, the main purpose of Half Life: Alyx was to retcon the original ending of Half Life 2, because they couldn’t work out how to proceed the story with the original ending.

  14. Well Imagine Bethesda had a iP that would remotely make sense for a battle royal like maybe Doom, Quake or Wolfenstein but as they don’t well we got what we got.
    What do you say Bethesda owns those iP’s?

  15. Absolute mint creation Jingles!

  16. Anyone notice Jingles has some wee devil horns on the top? Explains a LOT.

  17. jingles is truly a beautiful man isn’t <3 i really like this format

  18. jingles if you would like some plywood or mdf both dont move as solid wood does i have plenty of offcuts of varying thickness and size that you can have

  19. Just give me your mod list and i’ll be happy.

  20. Not been tempted by the new Xcom game then?

  21. “Silent proof” – priceless 😀

    Don’t ever change, either of you!

  22. 48 min Mingles with Jingles ep and he didnt even mentioned the biggest news that submarines are in the PTS in world of warships

  23. Like this

  24. Put me down as someone who likes the new format.

  25. +1 for The Expanse T-shirt!

  26. Nice shirt !
    12:30 didn’t you realise that this was a player build CAMP ?
    It disappeared because he logged out or switched server, thats why you “fell tru the world”.

  27. Lord Jingles, care to share your fallout 4 mod list? =D

  28. That moment you realize how old jingles was XD

  29. Немања Шкрбић

    the player who made this plato is a camp just so you know and he disconected from server at the moment you were inside is nit a bug…

  30. Great Mingles format. I am looking forward for more.

  31. I approve. But shouldn’t you change the title? Mingles with Jingles and Rita, something?

  32. Beautiful rack!

  33. Jingles try rimworld !!!!!

  34. Rita has not started planting things in the garden…yet.

  35. I live this format for mingles with jingles. Please continue like this. ❤

    Btw. The Command and conquer remaster looks very interesting for me. What is your opinion?

    Good stuff Paul, greetings to Rita and stay at home 🤣

  36. I still say Halo MCC on PC is one of the best value propositions on the market atm, especially if you want a scifi coop shooter (or, so far, 3 of them including H2A), which I imagine you two would dig the hell out of. Multiplayer *is* what kept Halo huge, though to a degree what made them big early on was, while the campaign *did* bog down halfway through, at the time it came out there was very little that even *tried* to do the open world stuff on the scale they did. It also had several things that we’ve become used to since – limited weapon slots, shield/health regen, HUD motion tracker, vehicles which aren’t un-fun to drive and I’m sure some other stuff I don’t remember. Halo 2 built on those, rather than adding too much new stuff, which may be why it seemed a bit over hyped.

  37. So Jingles cracks them out quickly eh?

  38. Lap cottage of MCs takes a while. Mouse suddenly decided that he was a lap cat at age 4

  39. Wintermute 01001101001

    I like the new format but its too long guys.

  40. I remember when most Mingles with jingles where this long haha XD

  41. WhiskeyTango Foxtrot_AU

    Who else was watching the cats shadow on Jingles’s chest.. lol soaking up the heat through the window.. photobombed ? Kinda…

  42. Jingles I would check out mxr mods on YouTube for maximum immersion if ya know what I mean 😉
    Also you should play mount and blade banner lord it’s sooooooo goooood already dropped 100 hrs on It myself I will say it’s in early access so it crashes occasionally and the mods for it aren’t insane yet but they are doing a lord of the rings mod and so much more well anyways just wanted to mention that to ya have a good one brother

  43. The content you saw Jingles on the start who´s player created & will disappear when they log off.

  44. also, get a boom mic or clip ons.

  45. 17:05 That’s a player housing, they left the lobby so their house disappeared too. You just fell to the ground from where the house’s floor was.

  46. I watch Jingles’ videos intermittently (don’t play WoT anymore but still enjoy his content bcs of him). May I ask what their relation/relationship is?

  47. Who’s the women ?

  48. What you saw at the entrance of the vault was someone’s C.A.M.P(house), it was the person left or bugged out😀

  49. Can someone tell me what the current relationship between Jingles and Rita is? Last I heard they broke the engagement in 2017, are they just flatmates? A romantic relationship?

  50. Jingles i think the problem with yout green screen is the light and shadows being cast on it. Try to find a place with flat lighting and i think that should solve it.

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