Mingles with Jingles Episode 331

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In what seems to be an amazingly popular new format, it’s Mingles with me and her again.


  1. Could you please make a War Thunder historical video about the Hawker Typhoon. Preferably with the RP-3 rocket & 20mm load out. I miss your historical videos

  2. Good seeing the old chap in good health

  3. This format doesnt work for me, as I am not greatly fond of Rita. But hey, seems other people are enjoying it, so it could be im a minority here. Just wanted to express this.

  4. 486dx was the shit in 95

  5. Whole episodes containing ‘Dumb Stuff that Rita Says….’ lovin’ it 😀

  6. Fallout 76 … that’s how you know they’re going out of their mind with boredom.

  7. im beginning to think rita is an alcoholist

  8. Boomer is a mindset

  9. Correction – the alliance between England and Portugal is the oldest alliance, not with Britain.

  10. We feel your pain Jingles 😁😂

  11. Good to see you two doing so well. I am really enjoying this format. Peace and health upon you both. This too shall pass. D

  12. Notebooks doesent need charging. BUT Microphones need to be turned on. Got it

  13. Rita is wrong on the pink map/route. it was not on the 1900’s , rather between 1885 and 1890 ending with the so called ultimatum. Sorry Rita, history master from the university of Lisbon here.

  14. Wing Commander – brilliant!

  15. The 486 in school was a beast!!
    Everyone used to hog it.

  16. Everyone likes and enjoys the new way of doing “Mingles with Jingles”

    Especially Jingles.

  17. If you want the greenscreen to work, set a light up that goes above your head and only lights the screen. If you can afford it (depending on the space in the room), sit a little bit away from it.

  18. My justification for drinking all the whisky in the house was similar

  19. Recall that movie… not bad at all, really… when compared to Starship Troopers…. ONLY saving grace (for me) was, errr! Uhhh! Acertain intimate scene? With one ofmain protagonists and a really attractive lass.

  20. Ah, Jingles, yer so crap.
    Don’t ever change!

  21. 486 Dx2? You flash bastard!!

  22. Hahaha Rita and the notebook….I howled with laughter and set both the Jack Russells off. Thanks for the laughs again guys! ROFLMAO

  23. To the D2 Part:

    The Cheats you are Mentioning are in PVP 99% of the time. PVE activities are well balanced and ammo is plentiful. But in PVP weapons are balanced with there ammo. You have “Primary” Guns (think your assault rifles, pistols etc that need multiple shots to kill someone but you got enough ammo for them), Special Weapons (Think shotguns, snipers etc weapons that can onehit you in certain situations) only get enough ammo to kill up to 2 enemies (mostly 2 snipershells or 2 shorgunshells). Obviously if you have infinte ammo of these types it is a great Advantage for you. Last weapon type is Heavy Weapons( Heavy Machine guns, rocket launchers etc) the big mama in pvp. Really easy to kill in pvp with but the ONLY way to get ammo is to pick up a heavy ammo box that spawns after a set amount of time in the middle of the map and everyone is notified. Naturally everyone wants it and its a great advantage for the team who has it. Again if you cheat and have that ammo indefinetly its superadvantageous. Also in this season of D2 a new pvp mode launcher, Trials of Osiris. This is like the “Elite” pvp mode with the best rewards and to get them you and your 2 mates need to win 7 games in a row without losing (going flawless) Obv this is really hard and so many resort to cheating.
    Hope that makes sense to you and thx for the great video. Love the format.

  24. Are we sure Rita isn’t secretly a blonde? Cause she has a lot of blonde moments?

  25. loved Wing Commander

  26. Rita is Portuguese i am guessing?

  27. A trip down memory lane with Jingles. God I am getting old

  28. I believe Rita can be thanked for the higher views. She’s much better to look at 😉

  29. Regulus Forrester

    Absolute Chad.

  30. CD Rom drives = cup holders for older people who owned the first PCs

  31. Sound is good

  32. Hey Rita. Where did you get that wooden mug? Are you satisfied with it? I wanted to make Butterbeer with a pair of mugs for a friend, and I’m still looking for an authentic wooden mug.

  33. Get her ice cream!

  34. Self-replicating whatnot

    There was a bug in F76 where hackers could steal your shit. Now Bethesda added NPC’s that do more or less the same?

  35. My first work computer was a 286…… 🙂

  36. Jingles, you had your notebook on your lap top!

  37. I know the marriage but was off, but are these two still dating or just friends that live together?

  38. Wow rita youre part of my generation HOW do you mix those 2 items up *face palm* -shakes head-

  39. So agree Jingles about Wing Commander for us oldies it was amazing game ! Thou when you were mentioning who was in the “live action” I was surprised you didnt mention that Ginger Lynn was in it ……….. you know who she is Jingles 🙂 we all did then ……lol

  40. 486DX2 66 MGHZ

  41. Say it with me guys, the old man is crap and old.

    Back to salt mining.

    Also, boomer, male kangaroo. You get a big red boomer over 2 metre and then you’ve seen a big roo.

  42. Hey! Rita & Jingles in a co-op EU4 or Hearts of Iron as Brittain(England) and Portugal…..

  43. A sentence only a gamer can say; I’m so deeply sorry for killing you.

  44. you guessed its tuna

    Rita look like that granddaughter listening to everything that grandpa talk even if its boring 😂

  45. star citizen, giant money sink, the devs should be ashamed.

  46. I was 6 when star citizen was announced. I can’t even remember that far back

  47. Brendan Robertson

    Checked Steam. Xcom2 must be a local special to UK. “Australia tax” only gives us a 50% discount (75% off Xcom1). I’ll just play the ‘real’ Xcom1 on DosBox. 😁

  48. 19:00 for hilarity.

  49. In regards to the Chimera Squad thing:
    Game mechanics – or level/mission design for that matter – that come across as completly arbitrary realy anoy me.
    Things like arbitrary time limits, or starting positions (looking at you X-Com2).
    Like for exampla in Xcom2 the “defend the object” missions, where the enemies spawn right on top of the object and start blasting it, and you have to race to it form the far side of the moon. It’s fine at low level, since the object has a lot of health, but later enemies do a lot more damage, and the object doesn’t get more health…
    I mean, to get to the mission I have to fly over from the other side of the continent but I always get there the very second the enemies find the object? And I can’t rapel down form the VTOL 50 meters closer to the objective?

    Or the fatige mechanic in the addon: So, your soldier spends less than 3 minutes fighting and running (I took a look at how far you can run in a turn and came up with the estimation that one turn probably equals about 10 seconds real time)? And this tires him somuch that the needs a month to catch his breath?
    That sort of thing just pisses me off. There is no in-game justification for this, its just an arbitrary, ham-fisted mechanic.

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