Mingles with Jingles Episode 332

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

ItÙs back! Yeah, it’s been a week already. My how flies… And yes, we gave up on the green screen idea.

Dave’s book here: https://www.pen-and-sword.co.uk/Forgotten-Tanks-and-Guns-of-the-10s-1930s-and-1940s-Hardback/p/15528



  1. it is good

  2. Grungar von Drachen

    Rita, that looks bloody brilliant!

  3. Jingles – “we had strong female characters before Kennedy created all these Mary Sues…like Jinn Erso”


    Should have been “…like Princess Leia” (Lucas character) or “…like Asoka Tano” (Filloni character while Lucas still owned Lucasfilm) or “…like Mara Jade Skywalker” (EU character)


  4. Really enjoying the new format. So alive, so immersive, made me laugh, almost felt like I was sitting somewhere in a cafe with you guys and having a chat. Thank you.

  5. Talking about broadband internet. The only broadband available in my parents rural area is $20 a month + 20 cents a GB .

  6. That drawing is seriously good

  7. Jeez, this is almost an alt-right “The womz and sjws are coming for your Star Wars’s and your Marvels” video

  8. Rita, I love your tankard. My wife and I have ones just like it that we use at pirate festivals.

  9. I Pay $80 a month for 6Mbps down and 1 Mbps up…

  10. It matters (speaking of star wars) because the took what might have been a good character and made her overpowered AND boring in the name of having a “strong female lead”.

    It’s like they have never heard of Lara Croft or Sarah Connor or Ellen Ripley orthe Bride or River Tam or Buffy… I could go on…

    Perfect is boring; perfect to ram down my throat a political message I already agree with (women are awesome) is angering and I wish they would stop and just make good characters (like above).

  11. Douglas Campbell

    I quite like the Wednesday modeling videos.
    Diamond Comic Distributors are complete asshats.
    They have been that way for a decade or more.
    If you are looking for back issues of comic books you need to go to (or go to their web site) Mile High Comics. 45,000 square ft located in Denver, Colorado.
    They have 10 million back issues and 300,000 trade paperbacks.
    Kevin Smith (Silent Bob) did a stream from there showing just how it blew his mind.
    I give you the link. https://www.milehighcomics.com/

  12. Omg this is just so great, jingles whats that in your backpocket btw 😂

  13. You have a Starfleet dedication plaque over your right shoulder and a batleth over your left shoulder . Best MwJ ever!

  14. Calenelen Otso-Mau'


  15. John Clapperton

    Rita it is excellent, do finish it.

  16. First I thought Rita would pull out a copy of the Alita battle angel series. My favorite comic/manga so far.

  17. I did love Solo. It was the only good new Star Wars film imo

  18. Chicks + Guns = HOT! Jingles, IMHO Rita is a gem. Rita is a very good artist. I would like to see more of the art.

  19. Love the new format

  20. Modesty Blaise

  21. Jon Favreau plays Happy Hogan in the Iron Man movie, and also in some of the other Marvel movies (Avengers, Spider Man)

    The Marvel movies are the best when you watch them in the correct order, i.e. not in the order they where made, but in the timeline order of the movies.
    I wasn’t a fan of the Iron Man 2 and 3 movies until I watched them together with all the other Marvel movies and in the correct order.

  22. Colonel onekill

    INB4 Jingles Breeding Program confirmed as a result of Human Malware lock down

  23. yes, Rita, that is amazing, wonderful job.

  24. That’s very good Rita, keep going. It’ll be worth it!!

  25. Jimmiar Reltherford

    Rita, the drawing looks great!!

  26. I like the mini painting. I’m getting into it myself and watching you helps give me ideas and techniques.

  27. Youbetter Backoff

    I’m one of the 18 million and that number sounds waaaaaaayyy low to me.

  28. Really why do we need to argue about feminism in Star Wars when there is so much actually wrong in the sequels. Plot lines all over the place, forced character relations, ex machina all over the place. And a back and forth between the films in regards to character development.
    Seriously, Rey is not the issue here. Obviously they overdid it with all the new fancy magic tricks they all are suddenly capable of, but I’m getting really tired listening to people complain about Rey or feminism as if this is the one big issue with the Star Wars sequels.

    • And arguing that we don’t need more strong female characters because we already have strong female characters. We also have a bunch of strong male characters, thus we don’t need them either, right?

  29. Rita is so hot with wet hair, or it’s just me? 😀

  30. FriskyOCallahan

    May the 4th is my wedding anniversary.

  31. May the 4 be with you.

  32. Jingles we may have internet but for the vast majority of us it’s utter shit for example in Iowa there is like two choices: Medicom which goes out like 3 times a week or century link which provides a third of what people pay for. I this is true for at least the Midwest if not the majority of the US.

  33. That drawing is amazing.

  34. The same happened to Battlefield series when Gamespy shut down too.

  35. lokiloke unicorn

    Dear Mr. Jingles, you can wear your Rocker costume in your next Mingles Episode! Greetings from Hürgenforest, Germany!

  36. Am I the only one having a fun time imagining Dave Lister from Red Dwarf riffing on about antique tanks? “That gun’s a right crock, innit, Holly?”

  37. Be careful with the Sons of Anarchy costume, some silly bikers take offence god knows why. You will look cool as an old grizzly biker just like the rest of us old grizzly bikers.

  38. Great episode Jingles, I know what it’s like to constantly put something off unintentionally, do you know where to get a copy of that Huntress poster by the way?

  39. Ritas face when Jingles starts talking about a “plug” at the beginning – prizeless!!!!

  40. Devs work on computers. Computers can work from home. Internets! Now, Bethesda and every other Game Dev out there, get busy!!!

  41. Minecraft has ray tracing as well! 🙂

  42. Disney trying to claim tweets?!? Do they have the same legal team as FineBros?

  43. You know you’re drinking french beer, right?
    Not that I complain, my “thirst” beer is the same. But I’m french, not brit 😉

  44. I love the scale modelling stuff and have bought a couple of models to have something to do in these Corona times that does not involve an LCD screen. In doing so I have looked at a lot of YouTube creators for inspiration. I would tip you to check out https://www.geekgaming.co.uk/ if your supplies is running low as they are UK based and you may be able to take a short drive and pick up what you need. The owner also has a YouTube channel where he shows how you can make like nuln oil and stuff on your own. He seems much more volume oriented so if you plan on painting lots of stuff it might be worth checking out regardless if the Corona situation clears up. Also for regular paints you can buy artist’s paints/ink, medium and flow improver or retarder to recreate most paints. Again seems like a really good idea if you paint a lot of miniatures and models. PS: I know GW is also UK based, but my guess is they outsource a lot more of the stuff these days than a smaller company who started out from the hobby side of things and then began making homegrown cheaper alternatives to stuff out of necessity.

    Luke’s YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsmD5774MOQhjYBkXqu3Jdw
    Gober’s make your own paint tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VU0rc0EOOys

  45. Troglodytes not trogdolytes Jingles. Jingles?

  46. FutureCanadaBlue

    Love the dedication plaque from the 1701-D Enterprise in the background!

  47. Hey Jingles! Great mingles again 😀 I have sent you a great Venezia gameplay that are both hardcore and fun at the same time in this ranked season @The Mighty Jingles I hope you like it and include it in your next WoWs video!

  48. “I meez dis”
    – Yeah broadband in the US is terrible. Comcast has a virtual stranglehold over large sections of the US being the ONLY ISP available in certain area. They advertise up to 100mg downloads BUT you only actually get is 25-35. When you complain, they point out the small print that the actual verbage is that they advertise UP TO 100. The republicans have been thoroughly in the cable companies pockets as the consumers lean away from paying outrageous prices for movie channels, preferring a la carte streaming sites. To combat this, cable companies have been trying to force data caps and/or lock you into multi-year service plan bundles that you can only upgrade or cease services altogether to get out of them. A) our infrastructure needs to be updated and B) cable companies need to be broken up as the monopolies they currently are C) their customer support and billing are atrocious (I unforturnately worked for one of their customer service and they mislead customers in so many areas such as renting modems at ridiculous rates. ffs you can buy one for a fraction of the yearly rental rate) D) Net neutraility must be protected.

  49. I detest Brie Larson too, the perfect example of toxic femininity.

  50. Jingles, we love ya mate but Kronenbourg?? Please tell us this is all you could get..

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