Mingles with Jingles Episode 333

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

Another week of nail-biting excitement and pulse-pounding social adventure draws to a close.

The Norfolk Tank Museums’ Challenger 1 Prototype Fundraiser: https://www.gofundme.com/f/help-ntm-rescue-the-challenger-1-prototype?utm_source=customer&utm_=copy_link-tip&utm_campaign=p_cp+share-sheet



  1. danm the adpockalypse has gone this bad huh? jingles is down to budlight beer, we need to buy more jingles weeb pillows.

  2. Jingles, Jingles, Jingles… If you want a good beer from North America, you drink anything from Canada. ANYTHING.

  3. next week is pisswasser

  4. Rita is on the good bourbon…good lass

  5. 7:26 Her: “I would love to play that game with you.”
    Him: “… I would love to play that game in co-op.”

  6. 0:00 “My butt hurts”
    Really Jingles, could you have waited until after this episode finished before doing anal?
    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  7. only have an RTX 2060 as an “upgrade” to a GTX1060… but I do have a 1440p monitor (dual monitor) setup… (e.g. game on 1440 plus youtube on the 1080p second monitor…)

  8. U need to try micilobe ultra i hope i spelled that right

  9. Mmm Rye version Bullet Bourbon Rita got good taste 🥃 !!

  10. TheGreatMrBobinsky

    Let Last of us alone!

  11. Tipples with Jingles?

  12. Matthew Westhoven

    Bud Light? Come on man respect yourself I’m an American college kid and I dont even drink Bud Light

  13. check out titan RTX… youll have to sell a kidney… or rita…

  14. Why would someone that lives in the land where Boddingtons Pub Ale comes from drink Bud Light?

  15. Branden Williams

    i love how the longer i watch your mingles episodes i find more games you play that i also play. i subbed for world of warships, but would love to see some Elite Dangerous, World of Warcraft, or subnatica.

  16. A Nvidia GTX 1060 super (6 GB) is a good value for performance. You can get it at a good price without it busting the bank.

  17. 60k to get tank fully working, hell that’s cheap. You can spend 100k to Porsche to get full restoration.

  18. You should try REDS beer ฅ^•ﻌ•^ฅ and she looks great you should try makeup to ฅ^•ﻌ•^ฅ

  19. I have not thought about “cyberpsychosis” in 30 years.

  20. Man, Jingles’ belly is getting big….to much beer maybe?

  21. 2080 ti is about 700 usd

  22. You should check out ultimate admiral: dreadnoughts

  23. Jingles do you think you would live-stream when you play fallout and Skyrim etc?

  24. Bud Lite? GACK! Love in a canoe beer is the most polite thing I can say about that…Stuff. I had my first beer was in the Hofbrau house in Muchen.. Carlsburg was good in Belgum foregive sorry it’s a little early out of it.

  25. Wow, that’s a expensive Switch… (looking up prices) Oh, the regular switch is pricey, sure. I bought a switch lite half year ago.(about 2/3rd of normal switch price, somewhere around 180 pounds in Poland)

    It had no issues till this day. I remember folks freaking out, that it’ll inherit 1st gen switch’s faulty joycons. Mine is still fine, i regulary shiny hunt in Pokemon on it.

  26. Personally, I don’t really care for this new format of mingles with Jingles. If it’s just you guys talking, why make a video? Make a podcast. And almost an hour is just too long. Old MwJ was a nice half hour of Jingles rambling. And now the audio quality is bad just using the camera mic. This I’m just gonna skip from now on.

  27. Have you guys not seen Conan Exiles?? ?!!!!! The mods for that are .. insane.. Snake like!!… Let alone the other body mods that .. well..

  28. Onan TheBarbarian

    Hell, I won’t even drink Bud Light as a free post-ice hockey beer.

  29. Speaking of toilets and beer…

    Here in the USofA, the city of Chicago in Illinois had a sewage issue. Lake Michigan was very shallow near the city and the Illinois river flowed through Chicago into Lake Michigan where the sewage would just build up. In typical American ingenuity, instead of figuring out how to clean up the sewage, they decided it was easier to reverse the river to flow out of Lake Michigan which after a truly amazing feat of engineering, they actually did reverse the flow of the Illinois river. Now instead of flowing into Lake Michigan, the river flows into the Mississippi river just upriver from Saint Louis.

    So… every time someone flushes the toilet in Chicago, it is sent right down to Saint Louis. In return Saint Louis, the home of Anheuser-Busch, sends back Bud Light.

  30. Jingles have you seen Snowrunner its a pretty good game

  31. Jingles should try the ZF Clan’s specialty brew, but only once hes tried all other beers, that way he can end on the bottom of the barrel so far down hes begun to dig into barrels of salt instead.

  32. Sorry, IMHO new format, horrible, too bad really looked forward to Mondays and my weekly Mingle with Jingles. Time to move on wish you the best always!!

  33. My father was asked in a British Pub once, “How do Australians spell Piss?”. He said, he didn’t know. “XXXX” was the answer.

  34. Star Wars Galaxies was my favorite MMO until they nerfed it.

  35. Shame on you for drinking Bud Light. lol It would be further appalling if you have Fosters. Cheers to you both.

  36. “I’d rather drink my own piss.” Well are you drinking that Bud Light or not? Oh, wait… that’s someone else’s piss.

  37. Justin Dieterich

    Jingles as an American, yes the government does our tax return already. Those sadistic freaks in the IRS make us do our own tax returns as well because all those companies that are our there who say they can do your tax returns for you have lobbied hard to block any kind of reform to eliminate that step. It’s too much of a money maker for them to give up.

  38. Mingles with Rita…
    Next week, Corona light?

  39. Viktor Waterkamp

    No thanks, i am allready donating to the fundation that trys to resturate the Kms Prinz Eugen, only 7 million € more to go ^^

  40. nvidia went nuts with the RTX pricing. They pretty much upped the pricing by one step for each, RTX 2070 costs what a 1080 used to cost, 2080 costs about what a 1080 ti used to cost and the 2080 ti is priced what titans used to be. Nothing to do with mining, just nvidia being exceptionally greedy fucks

  41. Wish I could chill with jingles like that what a cool dude.

  42. Damn you old man, you reminded this old man of Star Wars: Galaxies. No other MMO really compares.

  43. Jingles: What the hell do you need a $1500 GPU for?!!!?????!!!!!

    Everyone with an RTX series GPU of one sort or another: Because reasons, Jingles. ……Reasons.

  44. Rita, I think the word you were looking for concerning the attitudes of big gaming compnanies lately is: entitled.

  45. I was part of a Bounty Hunters group for SWG it was a awsome game that Sony just trashed lol

  46. Good ole American Buds always do the job, i’m a guinness guy myself though.

  47. 10 out of 10 best workout podcast.

  48. Schlitz!

  49. Rita has no place in Migles with Jingles

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