Mingles with Jingles Episode 334

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This one’s an hour long, you might want to take it in small bite-sized nibbles. We just had so much to talk about this week and still probably forgot something.

“Wanna Be Friends?”



  1. I recommend Franziskaner for your beer tipple.

  2. 21:10 star citizen utilizes Amazon Lumberyard Engine modified by CIG ( StarEngine) which is a branch of Cryengine 3 optimized for AWS

    46:00 saints row 3 is getting remaster

  3. ~37:00 Rita : “What was that hing i put in my mouth a couple of nights ago?” RITA….WHAT THE HELL XD

  4. Hey Jingles,
    Regarding playing World of Warships on Mac

    You used to be able to play World of Warships on Mac, I did it at uni for 2 years on my Macbook air, beforer i upgraded to micrsoft master race. Since catalina update mac no longer supports 32 bit games so you cant play many games on stream such as some Total war Titles, Atlanitic fleet and of coourse World of Warships.

    However if you want to play WOW on mac, you can always run through Nivedea G-Force Now. (SO LONG AS YOU HAVE A STABLE INTERNET CONNECTION!!). It is a really useful way to stream games direct to play. G-force now is also free and you can get hours of gametime in one session before you need to start a new session, however if you pay for the premium G-Force now subscripton you can play for something like 12 hours. I WOULD HIGHLY recccomened this to anyone who like me had to play WOW on mac…

  5. Republic Of Texas

    I’m super excited about the Mafia remake! One of my favorite games ever.

  6. “It’s cold and it’s wet. It’ll do.” Good to see you’re violating your standards faster than you can lower them!

  7. bart van herrewegen

    So note to self , the next event i attend where Jingles will be pressent bring one of those meter long Belgian beer gifts ( It’s like 10 or 12 different Belgian beers in a wooden sort of basket) Also Belgian wafels for Rita

  8. “it’s cold and wet” so is a dead fish but I wouldn’t want to drink it

  9. Erdinger! Good on ya Jingles! I live in Canada and thats my fav beer

  10. didnt bother trying to get gta, even needing to have to go to the epic games store made it not worth it for me lol

  11. hey Jingles, this is Germany, stop buying the shitty (yet popular) beer types 😉

  12. In Sweden we have a dish made of beer it is called beer soup it consists of gruel, (oat-wheat) with beer served warm, not my favorite when it comes to beer flavor intake.

  13. The original command and conquer games are getting a remake jingles! I better see a video for them!!

  14. Johannes G. F. Bruhn

    Ewww… Bavarian wheat bear from a can?! and even alcohol-free? And then you drink it from such a glass? There’s so much wrong with that…

  15. Omg Jingles, yes! Shake and Grill are amazing! I order from there at least once a week! Can recommend their Peri peri Wings, hot, especially if Rita is missing her wings!

  16. We have brown paperbags with light string that come with our food in, NZ doneaway with plastic bags now we need to buy thick plastic rubbish bag……… DUH!!!

  17. Jingles, what are the plants behinde you?? Is the pink light for them???

  18. Alcohol free German Beer? That is heresy.

    Edit: As for Epic, their goal is to become a monopoly, and then become an entity that makes EA at its greediest look like a saint by comparison. Until they become said monopoly, they need to play nice and offer incentives to use them over everyone else.

  19. Ever going to try Mead??

    • Isotonic is merely marketing hype. The definition is An isotonic solution refers to two solutions having the same osmotic pressure across a semipermeable membrane.” Just hype.

  20. Alcohol free beer? That’s just plain wrong. I suggest you see if you can get some Black Sheep ales…proper beer from Yorkshire!

  21. hahaha Logan wants to be friends with Flambass on today’s war thunder vid lol

  22. Get yourself a “Augustiner Bräu” then you are having a real good German beer, if you can get your hands on it. ;o)

  23. Star citizen does not use the unreal engine.
    It switched from crytek to Amazon’s lumberyard.

  24. As a Belgian beer drinker myself, I advise u to taste “Bush beer Dubuisson 75cl”, jingles, it’s the one I enjoy the most (quite a bit alcool within, careful, can be high quite fast without habit of the bush beer)
    Watch out also to do not make confusion with Busch beer (German), bush beer dubuisson is totally different.

    U could also taste “Ciney Brune”, also pretty good Belgian beer (much more known internationally I assume, more popular), but I highly recommend the Bush Beer Dubuisson first, very tasty and flavoured, Best of Belgium ! 🇧🇪
    Cheers 😉

  25. Jingles has clearly never played the greatness that is a diablo game

  26. The MOMENT you said Erdinger ALKOHOLFREI I switched off…Erdinger Weißbier is GREAT and you drink…OMG

  27. Republic Of Texas

    Regardless of how op wheels are, which they are massively broken, most of us didn’t come here to play a kiddie cartoon racing game. There are plenty of other games for that already. Stop ruining my tank game with that garbage.

  28. 4:18 of distraction and shuffling the feet before finally taking a drink. Definitely not a sponsored video.

  29. And at 15:00, everyone went and searched “body painting tutorial”

  30. Amazon USA for $128.00. Samsung
    Samsung 860 QVO 1TB Solid State Drive (MZ-76Q1T0) V-NAND, SATA 6Gb/s, Quality and Value Optimized SSD

  31. Muahahaha at the 2nd comment!

  32. I hate to break it to you, but:
    1) only bums drink canned beer in Germany, real beer comes out of the bottle or a barrel.
    2) Erdinger is one of the cheapest brands (for a reason)
    3) If you really have to drink alcohol-free beer, pick Jever if you are into pils or Paulaner if you prefer something heavier.
    Now print this comment and go drive your local groceries store nuts.

  33. Hi Jingles and Rita. Yes you can play WoT in a Mac in two ways: Through BootCamp, that allows you to install a Windows licensed OS in your Mac (although you have to reboot everytime you want to change the OS), be careful just to install the drivers (video, audio, etc…); or now you can use the GeForce Now platform (as I do these days) to play Windows games, as Elite Dangerous (that since 2017 closed it’s Mac support) and WoT. What probably happened it’s with the new MacOS Catalina it changed the BootCamp configurations and probably your viewer has to reconfigure BootCamp (and maybe reinstall WoT..). Cheers and Tchau to both of you

  34. A hour of mingling? Wow. And of course you forgot something (not sure what yet, just starting). And this is likely closer to drinkable beer than Bud Light is…

  35. I’m a game programmer and have used UE4… I’m sure other Unreal devs will agree with me that beyond looking good, it just loves to crash. And it doesn’t care how good your computer is. So while this is a good improvement, losing my progress because I edited something the engine didn’t want edited will still keep me away.

  36. General Saufenberg

    JESUS….. The last time I sank so deep and drank canned beer, was 28 years ago, when i was still in school ^^

  37. The Perfect British Brew

    Dominoes also use the extra pizza box so that the person delivering it doesn’t come into contact with the box with the pizza in it.

  38. Carl-Christian Lohmann

    Erdinger is a “Weißbier”, it means white beer= wheat beer instead of barley and hops… Enjoy!

  39. Yes Jingles – All isotonic sports drinks are alcohol free.. But not all beers can be called isotonic!!!
    And the reason, why you aren’t impressd with that beer (apart from it being alcohol free – wft Jingles?!? 😀 )probably is because you weren’t aware that what you have there is bavarian “Weißbier” or wheat beer to use the english name. That stuff does taste quite different to – lets say – pilsner, wich is a much more internatiuonally known beer type and what I guess would have been more like what you expected 😉

    I really like Weißbier btw. and it’s a fact that Erdinger is definitely a good beer 😉 But its also definitely not everybodys taste, even here in Germany.

  40. FREE WOWS GOLD! Just visit http://www.zombo.com and wait for the GOLD prompt!!!


    Did you go to zombo-com??? LOL How long did you wait? Do you feel dumb now?

  41. The Free Item in the Atom Shop is ALWAYS on the first Page of the Atom Shop in the bottom right Corner.

  42. Beer review with the mighty jingles

  43. youtube and advertisers need money and beggers can’t be chooser during current times, so more ads the better 🙂

  44. Is this “Beering with Jingles”?

  45. Put some lemonade with the Beer it gets it past the taste

  46. I’m pretty sure they had the same deal for UE4, given they were trying to be more indie friendly like Unity. Whereas Unity was pushing their graphical tech to be more like Unreal

  47. Beer from Bavaria, just don’t go changing any governments after it.

  48. the old command and Conquer got remastered and crisis 3 got remastered as well

  49. Whenever possible, go for GOG instead of Steam, they’re much nicer. 🙂

  50. Y’all mean
    “From my cold dead hands”
    “I will not comply” etc.
    C’mon Jingles er, Ringles. It’s not difficult

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