Mingles with Jingles Episode 335

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

Rita does something spectacularly dumb this week, see how long it takes you notice what it is. To be fair, i completely missed it.



  1. But… wait… that’s impressive. How does one even button up an inside out shirt?!?! lol

  2. Three words, Jingles: Fuller’s London Pride.
    And agreed, fsck Ubisoft.

  3. You want to try out RED HORSE.. It’s a beer from the Philippines….They also got a beer called Negra….very tasty

  4. complete Unisoft boycott. no videos and do not play them, yes I know you spent money but you have to teach them a lesson.

  5. Relax Jingles. Upper Echelon has misunderstood the new terms of service from Ubisoft. Check out this video from a corporate lawyer who has studied them: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OaS_XnDAPYE

  6. This new format is great

  7. remember they may infer, if your using the game in a stream and deliberately make it unuseable, there is a chance they could bring a case against you for trying to “steal” content that they own by not making it reuseable. win or lose , they will charge you with cost of legal to go after “You”.. seems plauseable.

  8. Grzesiek Toporek

    Tyskie from Poland

  9. Ok, stopped at the paladin part to type this message. It was a talent called reckoning, gave you an extra attack at a target when he critted you. But if you didn’t have your auto attack on, you could store those extra attacks… and those didn’t have a limit at first… so what they did was, a rogue with a white… alot of white quality daggers, in a duel stacked that buff on the said paladin and after two lifetimes, the paladin went and unleashed all the stacks on Kazzak.

  10. 7:16 … did she say ” gezondheid ” ?

  11. Dear Paul,
    Pleas update your knowledge about the survival of the fittest idea. It is a tragic leftovers of the imperial past that relay needs to go away in a similar fashion as eugenics did…sort of.

  12. You were close with pronouncing “Spaten”. The S in it is spoken like the Sh in the word “Ship”. 🙂

  13. So all I could think of while Jingles was reciting that litany of Ubisoft riding rough shod over even the slightest notion of consumer rights was how much of a loss the death of TotalBiscuit was to the gaming world in general and consumer advocacy in particular. Yeah, I know about Jim Sterling and watch the occasional video of his, but the silly costumes and over the top theatrics tend to distract from the message IMHO.

    Also, Alpha Centauri is a trinary star actually.

  14. done playing ubisoft ! GG

  15. Rita, Paul : really enjoy this, keep it up 🙂

  16. Poor Jingles – scooping with a small scoop is soul destroying. Neutron superhighway is good but it will fry your drive slowly over time – really not a great idea if you don’t have an AFMU (automated field repair module unit). Rita – you could put the ship controls on keyboard or joystick – then you can move the mouse :-)! Glad you’re enjoying it!

  17. In World of Warcraft, the only exploit I was sophisticated enough to employ was as follows:
    When just a tiny fraction of gaining the next level that would gain me my first mount, I would sign up for the Warsong Gulch Battleground (capture the flag style), hand in a quest or kill something to level, then race to my class trainer, get new skills, then get my mount training and mount before being called into the Battleground. This would put you in the 30-39 bracket at lvl 40 with a mount and some great new skills.( Later, when mounts could be had at lvl 20, even better). The comments would fly as you raced across the middle ground on a mount. Not while carrying flag back, of course but much easier to get to flag carrier of either side.
    Ah, fun times.

  18. Missing Boo!

  19. I really like this format, it’s great to see the two of you together. Proper laugh out loud moments.

  20. Super geek Box is now $56 For One Box every 3 months.

  21. I need that T-shirt! (The Cthulu one :P)

  22. good Ubisoft breakdown here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OaS_XnDAPYE – its poorly worded but not as horrible as it sounded.

  23. Fürstenberg next then Mr. Jingles….

  24. Story time, and inspired by the Jingles’ choice of beverage.
    Back in 1962 my father was stationed in Ad Aibling, a cold war listening post in the Bavarian alps not too far from Munich. My (pregnant) mother joined him there. One weekend there were enjoying a local festival in Munich (look, it’s Bavaria, there are dozens of purely local festivals, especially in those days) and my father used a combination of skill, determination and luck to win a prize for his bride: a stuffed lioness. That lioness, named Spazie for the local Brauhouse (Spazen) is still part of the family.

  25. After watching Ritas last vid I watched this and just thought…”you know what, you guys are awesome”

  26. mhh…good that i am living in germany. Here (+EU) halve the shit doesnt apply (is legal). We will see who´s cheeks get divided in the future. Our´s (Gamer) or thier´s.

  27. The Roachford song was Cuddly Toy, Jingles.

  28. “Both of you?” Dave! give me an singular like to represent just the two of us who like the modeling content.

  29. The polish beer… Tyskie? Made in Tychy in Poland.

  30. 51:27 …. Rita thinks “no-one saw that, did they???” What’s wrong Rita? Shirt on inside out? lol

  31. Rita, try changing roll on the mouse to yaw instead and move roll to A n D. For ED.

  32. Try Lithuanian beer “Švyturys” 😉 You will like it 😉 Cheers

  33. The gnomish overlord has spoken, All Hail our rightful Lord and Saviour Cthulhu

  34. BluejacketWarrior

    Talking about Elite Dangerous. GOD DAM YOU JINGLES! You got me hooked on another game! Regardless I was eyedalling it for a while but now I am grinding for money so I can buy an asp and go explore the galaxy

  35. Thanos was Right

    why do i want to obey cthulhu all of a sudden

  36. Facepalm. Signed a 1992 child

  37. so how does one get arround to send you a Beer?

  38. Jesus von Nazaret

    58:40 usually the hard part is to get them undressed

  39. Actually Jingles, Corona and Sol are mexican…

  40. actually jingles alpha centauri system irl is a triple system not a binary 😀

  41. ..don’t either of you EVER change… !

  42. I did a trip all the way to colonial scanning tons of expensive planets and carrying some Hutton mugs. Only to be killed in the colonial system… all of that data gone.

  43. Well i was looking forward for assasins creed valhalla, but they can fuck off now, im not buying it.
    Goodbye oddesey i wont be playing it after july

    Oh and try heineken next week jingles

  44. David Villarreal

    I love the workshop videos, makes me want to paint models too. The only experience I have is painting the skitarii starter box and that was super fun.

  45. Jingles, will you return to Borderlands 2?

  46. Ubisoft lawyers work for trump??

  47. Gather around children, Uncle Jingles is telling stories again!

  48. How about we take all the warning labels of off everything for a year and see how much the average IQ goes up the world will be greatfull

    Source: jingles jurassic world evolution playthrough

  49. Oh Rita you so silly ;D

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