Mingles with Jingles Episode 336

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Source: The Mighty

I was sure this was going to be a short episode because there really was very little gaming news this week, but… nearly minutes later…



  1. Factorio is awesome and you should give it a go. Has been in development for like 5 years.

  2. ive heard of a coffee brandy but never a coffee whiskey lol

  3. Argentina Native

    Tell Wargaming to fix the Texas

  4. so can I upload a video on you tube of me playing the division or not? I use it for reporting cheats and sending them a link to what I upload

  5. Don’t pause it on 5:55

  6. Norway has a 25% sales tax, except on food.

  7. Classic Numismatics

    Rita’s getting chubby

  8. The Rita Effect.

  9. What Rita said in the beginning well she’s kind of doing that with real tanks I hope she can go back out there soon when this virus thing is over. Tank Girl fantasy.

  10. Yes please, continue with the videos! 🙂

  11. Casting couch

  12. Tha Campin' Dutchman


  13. I’ll take the fallout 76

  14. dont know what game Jinlges was describing, but it wasnt Factorio

  15. Frankly, the community as salty as hell.
    Grinding up the tiers isnt that difficult (compare it to warthunder… i dare you), so it is not that surprising to find high tier newbies.
    That said, i enjoyed that video – most “tutorials” are either badly discuised mocking videos or assume that the viewer is mentally challenged and state the obvious (while ignore the important things…)

  16. Hi Rita & Jingles,
    You should try this beer if you can get it in the UK : https://www.brouwerijhetij.nl/i-p-a/

  17. just uninstalled every wargaming product on my PC i will not give them another second of my time they dont give a fuck about the north american player base or the gameplay its a total flaming shit show

  18. If your Oktoberfest beers do not include Spaten I will rage.

  19. Fantastic finish! In 10 deployments and even when I returned from Iraq I never had someone waiting on the pier for me also. It is bitter sweet I feel, but it is kind of sad that a Sailor couldn’t have his family at his pass and review. But congrats on the graduation shipmate! I have always loved that song BTW! GG!

  20. You make your videos for everybody. i don’t see why you should stop doing the “If it’s stupid but it works; videos simply because the experienced players don’t like it. Simple as that.

  21. @jingles in gaming news Deep Rock Galatic is now 1.0. Have you tried it?

  22. Haha sales tax.. oh noo. In Denmark we have always paid sales tax on patreon pledges 25% in fact!!

  23. Scott Drone-Silvers

    Jingles – I would definitely like to see you continue to do the “constructive criticism” videos. For most of us who are not good players, whether we are noobs or not, it’s really hard to get help – most people just want to scream at you or give you shit. If I can get someone who can explain why I shouldn’t do something or why I should do something different, that would help me become a better player. While I’m less concerned about my winning percentage than the pro players, I don’t want to be a drag on my team.

  24. Moving moment at the end. Beautiful! Well, I wanted to wright you a gaming news. (Sorry for my english, if I, probably, make mistakes). So a gaming news, wargaming news… not. Why not? Because very few people are affected, so it’s not going to be a big fuss about it. The story goes like this: For some people, me included, the introducing of the Wargaming Game Center was a stop to their (war) gaming. For some not indentified reason the game center omb some systems, does not want to connect to the servers. Some say it maybe the internet providers who are blocking the p2p trafic. I don’t know. I asked my provider and they said they checked and they are not blocking wargaming servers. If they are lying, I dont know. So , last autum wargaming introduced the mandatory game center for WOT, and after several years of playing and a premium account payed one year in advance, I couldn’t play it anymore. I tried everyting, tickets, forums, and so on. For months. No succes. Found a few players with the same problem and no solution in sight. So I gave up. Next, thanks to you specialy , Flamu, and others, I tried the WOWS and was enjoyng it, till last week. I grinded all the lines (except carriers) and got to tier 5-7 with all my ships. Was fun. (Thank you). But, guess what, WG introduced since last week the mandatory game center start and updates for wows too. And no it still does not work/connect to servers. So I gave up, etirely, of wg games. Fuck them. There are just a few of us with theose problem so nobody cares. No problem. I started to play Elite Dangerous, again, thanks to you, and so far I am enjoying it. Thank you, and have a blast! All the best wishes!

  25. “Major Danish TV Station”

    So either DR1 og TV2. That’s the onle ones that do news

  26. Been playing with the subs the past few days its interesting but a lot of adjusting if you’re to low your Torps will utterly miss. It’s just weird allot of adapting.

  27. Anti sub aircraft on the carrier? Bonus points for sub kills more effort to kill subs less time to hunt destroyers etc

  28. Rita needs an Onlyfans account…

  29. Good to see both of you in a good shape 🙂 Another amazing vid Jingles & Rita 🙂 Keep the fantastic work 🙂

  30. Factorio is most likely the most addictive game I’ve ever played.

  31. I like the ‘If it is stupid but it works’ video you posted. I have a 55% randoms win rate (consider myself a mediocre, casual player). I think I learn more from that video than from the other videos. Teaching is good because it helps newer players feel confident going from Co-Op to Random (which helps increase the player base).

  32. Playstation went after themselves for a DMC copyright takedown and are abusing the copyright laws that’s normal.

  33. Rate my videos)))

  34. Most of us consider a certain American president to be a twit, so there was no need to correct that Freudian slip, Jingles. We understand. 🙂
    Constructive criticism videos? You have my vote, for what it’s worth. People who just want to see high tier curbstomps should watch Quicky Baby. That’s his bread and butter and he rarely shows anything else.
    Which, incidently, is why I unsubbed from QB’s YouTube channel. I greatly appreciate the variety of content you put up, and always keep in mind that because it’s your channel, you have every right to post what you feel like posting. If I don’t like a particular video’s theme or the game you’re playing, I don’t watch that video. Problem averted. Whining or downvoting just because I don’t like a video is for losers. I like to think I’m better than that. Whether or not I really am is another question.

  35. at least her shirt is on right side out this time 🙂

  36. As a wows player with over 16k games, I highly endorse reducing the starch levels in the game. More educational vids. It took me damn near a year to get my first t10 (#GearingLivesMatter). It was a a good formative education experience with learning the games mechanics. Used to be the potato level would taper off around t6. Now, it’s all the way at the top and making even polite suggestions about game strats at t10 are often met with vitriol.

  37. Regarding instructional videos: I think they are useful. Some people can take instruction, and will benefit from that kind of training. I would probably be more interested in seeing that from someone closer to the skill peak, but that is based more on my skill level. I don’t make too many noob mistakes, but I have not mastered the elite tricks. But, advice tailored to get someone up to the average level, or just beyond, should have mass appeal.

  38. Pilsner! Hello from Czech republic 🙂 Cheers!

  39. Ian Terry Roy MacLeod

    Coffee with whisky is often called “Irish Coffee” though often the Scotts do it too!

  40. “Don’t worry, we’ll edit that out.”

  41. 12:34 did he want to say “youporn”? xD

  42. Congrats Able Seaman Blair 😀

  43. Uh…. don’t you have to launch Uplay in order to play any Ubisoft game released in the last six years?

  44. Hey jingles, just wondering when or if work shop Work shop Wednesdays will be returning?

  45. Is it his first tier 8?

  46. Quebec is because of the provincial sales tax….. and yes the french. btw to others yes i a quebecer

  47. ᛖᚱᚺᚨᚱᛞ

    No need to feel sad, Blare or Jingles – I think I can beat the one.
    When I came home from Afghanistan, I had to find a bus, on my own, to take me across the country to get home, only to be told he had to turn around mid highway, leaving me there in the dead of night with all of my gear. Walked to the next truck-stop in the bush next to the highway, got a lift from a cap to the closest town I lived in at the time, then walked home. All alone after a war – carrying all my shit. Join the army they said.

  48. the WoWS replay analysis is a good thing. Embraces learning for the n00bs and helps them be beter players. Hopefully. Streamers do it, YouTubers do it, Flamu does it. Good all around so the naysayers should piss off. If n00b gameplay is painful to watch, suggest general advice without nitpicking every decision. Otherwise piss off t’s a game. Jingles +1 karma Plays Well

  49. “Beers of Germany and Belgium” – It’s okay, Jingles. I forgive you. It is all Germany. Belgium just doesn’t know it yet.

  50. Hey TheMightyJingles, how would I send a link to a recording of an Xbox game of World Of Tanks I recorded the other day? I’m quite sure you’ll approve of the gameplay

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