Mingles with Jingles Episode 337

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742 indie PC for $5? Here’s how: https://itch.io/b/520/bundle-for-racial-justice-and-equality?=WrvpyZ9Ech

Beer of the week, t-shirt of the week, publishers being evil, whatever happened to all those people who became internet memes and the true story of where Rick Astley disappeared to. This week’s got it all. Just without the timestamps you keep asking for.


  1. Andys model & suff

    I am starting to realize I have to do this myself…
    0:00 Welcome and sorry for no audio and badly printet script
    1:50 Beer of the week
    5:43 Email scam and trying to fool the rear-admiral
    11:44 Covid 19 phone scam
    16:07 742 games for 5 dollar!
    16:29 Distraction: Printers are a scam!
    19:11 Back on topic, cheap games!
    20:32 Gaming events delayed
    22:23 Take 2 interactive are a**holes
    24:28 Ubisoft are a**holes
    32:52 Ancient memes today
    39:10 The story of Rick Astley
    42:19 Stock Aitken Waterman
    43:58 Kylie Minouge
    44:50 Alexandra Daddario and GIF potential
    45:44 End of script
    45:48 Akizuki <3

    Jingles, this is taking time out of my work! I am going to have to work late tonight because of this!

  2. oh dear…. beer of the week and it’s Kölsch

  3. Jason Donovan is still working, mostly on stage. He’s been in stuff like Joseph’s Technicolour Dreamcoat. Just last year I saw him live performing in the concert version of Jeff Wayne’s War of the Worlds.

  4. Actually Jingles, the point of drinking a beer out of a glass is to allow the beer to “breathe”, so you can actually smell the beer (which believe it or not helps you with the taste). Don’t get me wrong, I’m not criticizing you, just acting like a hemorrhoid. It’s your beer, enjoy it how you like.

  5. @15:25 – “eff… these people” oh! Hell Jingles met sad side of U.S. politicians.

  6. That moment when you think Jingles is simply reading summaries of Jim Sterling videos of the previous week. Very closely. Because he’s using paper and not a teleprompter.

    Oh, jingles, don’t change.

  7. These developers are really limiting game options…

  8. Important to mention if you are getting scam emails and if you live in the uk, forward the email on to report@phishing.gov.uk .This was copied for the gov.uk website “This Suspicious Email Reporting Service has been co-developed with the City of London Police. By forwarding any dubious emails – including those claiming to offer support related to COVID-19 – to report@phishing.gov.uk, the NCSC’s automated programme will immediately test the validity of the site. Any sites found to be phishing scams will be removed immediately. If anyone hasnt heard of this i hope it helps 🙂 .

  9. Fraxxxi and Maxxxi

    Ritaaaaaa yeeeeessss good coice! Früh Kölsch! Oh, it is one of only two things I miss terribly terribly dearly from my old homestead…

  10. EA, take two and Ubi, the three boogie mens of gaming.

  11. On the Octoberfest beers Jingles, are they truly Octoberfest (double the alcohol content)?

    For those that have never been to Munich during Octoberfest, the beers for Octoberfest have double the alcohol and it’s only allowed during the Octoberfest time period. During that period, the various breweries around Munich double the alcohol amount, so the Beers go from 5% to 10% alcohol and only during the time period of Octoberfest.

  12. Jimmy Andersson

    I had to rewind, first i heard Rita say “Goat shells” and then “gold shells”. 28:51 lol

  13. kylee wasnt all dogshit later… remember Nick Cave and her doing Where the Wild Roses grow …. not too shabby back in the day ..tbf its 90% nick cave and 10% kylee but what the hell ^^

  14. This is Steve, don’t be like Steve!

  15. You are thinking about Lexmark Int’l. v. Static Control Components. It is a famous copyright case in the U.S.

  16. I agree with Rita here… Laser printers are great… especially for a guy like me who uses a printer about once a year… bubble jets basically required me to either buy a new printer every year or a new ink pack in the same time frame for about the same price -_- after a few years of that I had enough and went laser. never will go back to bubble jet. 6 years later I still run with the same ink cartridge. (I usually print 2 sets of income tax forms each year… which is quite voluminous…).
    the initial investment may be a tad steeper than bubble jet, but it’s totally worth it in the long run.

  17. Jingles! Remember Illustrated Sound Music who “accidentally” put a copyright claim on many random videos from many, many people back in December? Remember Illustrated Sound Music said they would accept any disputes filed against their claims because their automatic system is what messed up? Remember how you said the problem was that Illustrated Sound Music would still make money from the people who didn’t dispute the claims?

    Well, I agreed with you, but I was too lazy to bother disputing since I hardly make anything from the videos they claimed on my channel. However, I recently went through all my videos that they claimed and found that all those videos now have “no copyright issues” despite me never disputing Illustrated Sound Music’s claims. You should find out what happened! Maybe the company no longer exists and so YouTube released their claims, or maybe YouTube decided to be good for once and release Illustrated Sound Music’s claims because they were wrong.

    In other news, I just disputed an invalid claim from someone else and the claimant immediately rejected my dispute. Now what?

  18. Wow, a link to support BLM. Disappointing.

  19. Anyone else think Rita this week looks like Jingles’ bodyguard?

  20. Funny…..I am of the same age as you, Jingles, and I remember the Stock Aitken Waterman time very well….You had like Mel & Kim, Jason Donovan, Rick Astley, and many more…All different artists but you always knew where they came from, because they all sounded the same….

  21. Jingles is going to have to rename this, “Mingles with Jingles and Rita.” I second the “we’ll edit that out” t-shirt.

  22. In this video: An old man discovers email spam for the first time…

  23. Printer stuff – buy a printer that can have a CISS system installed (carts attached to tanks that hold 100ml of ink each), or indeed a tank printer. I tend to buy Canon Pixma’s with this feature. The printer works out pretty cheap then another few quids for the tank system and volume ink is cheap. The last one I had lasted about 10 years without running out of ink until the printer broke. So now I’ve bought a TS5050 and tank system.
    Beer stuff – still say the Dunkel is better than weisbeir as far as Erdinger goes. . .

  24. Im from a part of Germany where we have a bunch of local, small scale brewerys.
    Id like to send you an assortment of the local beers, do you have a Mailbox i could send it to?
    P.S. Im not quiet sure if there are any troubles sending perishables (food/drinks) at the moment.

  25. Akatsuki is a gorgeous cat

  26. I ditched my TV licence over 7 years ago. Never felt better. That’s over £1,000 saved so far.

  27. SteelWarrior115

    Oi you got a liscense for that mate

  28. Jingles, laser printers need toner so same problem

  29. Jingles trying to read small script from paper. Meanwhile the rest of the world uses tablets or smartphones that can zoom in on the text. Your age is showing again.

  30. Rita means Kitboga 🙂 The guy who trolls scammers.

  31. Greeting from close to cologne. You have mortal enemies now

  32. There is a guy on Youtube that does some vids, where he will infect scammers computers and delete all their information of the people they have scammed, after copying it, and then contact the people that have been scammed to let them know that have been scammed so they can let their bank know to stop payment on the transactions. He also sends the information to the FBI, and Post Master, as some of these scams, involve a mail element, as cross state scamming, and scamming via mail, are both federal charges here in the states.

  33. Wait… but Rick Astley still sings, he returned in 2001 or something like that.

  34. Chad and Susan Johnson

    A laser printer sounds great until you have to buy the toner cartridges at many times the price of an ink cartridge.

  35. Dear Sir/Madam, I am advising you that you have won the Tank Clearing House Sweepstakes!
    Please give us your name, address and credit card details (so we send you the keys and manual) and you will be
    the proud owner of a type – 59.

  36. Regarding Stock, Aitken and Waterman. It’s PETE Waterman not Steve – in fact there are non of them are “Steve”, they are Mike Stock, Matt Aitken, and Pete Waterman. Oh Jingles, you’re so crap. Never change! 🙂

  37. Jungles an IRS employee friend of mine got a phone scammer going after his parents.The usual line is they did not pay their taxes ($52k) and they were going to be prosecuted if not paid. My IRS friend’s job is to go after people that don’t pay their taxes. Needless to say they rued the day going after his parents. He found out everything about them.

  38. Arne Pietruszewski

    In germany we say horse piss to Kölsch, at least in certain regions.

  39. 32:50 Wait, he actually edited something out?

  40. Jingles, watch Jim Browning on YouTube, he was featured on BBC Panorama recently. He is a white hat hacker who spends his time retaliating against scammers. It is well worth a watch!

  41. I love your voice Jingles. You’re like the David Attenborough of gaming.

  42. oooh full camo outfit!

  43. Nobody drinks Kölsch outside Köln (Cologne) XD

  44. why does ths mans have a Bat’leth

  45. Akizuki is getting big Jingles. Liking the new format.

  46. Hi, regarding Take2 (22:23 Take 2 interactive are a ** holes), you should watch the video from ShadowZone. https://youtu.be/8U-9YZUzGEc I was of your opinion until I saw his explanation. and btw. I come from Cologne, you were in the wrong pub.

  47. Take-Two Interactive is a shitty company.

  48. Kholdan Staalstorm

    Rita showing off her Tomb Raider Cosplay? Only missing the pistols! Very good!

  49. Actually Jingles, you don’t by game, you purchase license to use a copy of a game which can be revoke at any time.

  50. Why am I being charged $10 for these 742 games?????

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