Mingles with Jingles Episode 338

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This is place where I write something urbane and witty about the you’re about to watch. Except this week I can’t really be arsed.



  1. Andys model & stuff

    0:00 Cat intro
    2:02 Welcome to meeta with Rita/ Jingles with Ringles/Pringles
    2:50 Beer of the week
    6:30 Copyright infringement on Twitch
    17:20 Beer break
    17:50 Back to Twitch
    20:53 Internett archive, national emergency library and american corporations
    23:08 Trying to play Star Citizen
    28:53 Chilled felines I
    29:08 Elite Dangerous Odyssey
    31:24 System (something, I did not catch it), Deus Ex and Systemshock
    35:00 Distraction: sick cat
    35:19 Cat’s good, back on topic
    35:55 Phil Collins in Vice City
    37:13 Ritas GTA story
    38:24 Jingles Pacman/ Hungry Horace story
    39:45 Divinity: Original sins and Baldur’s gate
    42:20 Star Wars squadrons and pod-racing
    47:55 PS 5 games reveal
    51:20 Chilled felines II
    52:03 Pack to PS 5
    54:05 Cross platform play debate
    56:39 Chilled felines III
    56:46 Back on topic, sort of
    58:28 Goodbye from Tro Ronnies

    Jingles if you are reading this, don’t thing I am doing this as a public service. I’m just a man who want things neat and organized

  2. Hmm the age Challenge.
    When i was born my parents could walk to the western side of Berlin through a new whole in a wall and get 100 Deutsche Mark for me. And no, here in germany you dont get money for birthing children. It was something special for that time 🙂

  3. the first james bond movie that i saw was thunderball with sean connery. it was at a theater that had a smoking section.

  4. I overdid it with Skyrim for a while when it had just come out and I found myself in the real world, having the weird impulse to save scum in the back of my head. I know how stupid and contrived that sounds, but I’m not lying. I went somewhere and before opening the door, I felt like I should do a quick save.

  5. I agree with Rita, she needs the majority of the camera view. Love her accent! 😉

  6. Say good night Gracie 😉
    For Rita:
    Collect pictures of WWII aircraft and optimize my PC to run games better, just now I don’t have too use a floppy disk to make the game work!! 🙂

  7. Sounds like you didn’t install star citizen to an SSD Jingles.

  8. For the challenge: Button A and B on the telephone, getting excited about a man walking on a nother planet (moon) and getting used to 100 pence to the pound…….. Jingles you youngster…..

  9. Actually jingles leslie phillips is still alive 96 years old.

  10. 70’s comedians? whats next quoting Frankie Howard? As for things I miss from my childhood, playing Pong on the TV, Test Match cricket on BBC1 during the summer holidays and the fizzy pop delivery man coming to your door once a week. Yes I’m that old……

  11. the phone was calls were made by talking to an operator on a party line ! no dial tone ! ask HER to get you # !!!

  12. Yo Jingles you’re great, just so you know.

  13. I’m of German descent, and I can tell you that I only care if there IS beer, not how you consume it. Enjoy!

  14. Not getting excited for someone at the front door isn’t a tech thing, it’s a getting older thing…I know!

  15. I’ve worked in radio for … 30+ years. You have NO IDEA how many times I have had clients request to use copyrighted music in their local commercials. When told that is illegal, I get the same reaction all the time.

    Well ‘so and so’ uses this song in all their commercials!!!

    And yes, ‘so and so’ does. But they are a NATIONAL advertiser who has negotiated a licensing agreement between the product and the music.

    So then we get asked, “Ok, well how can I get a license for this?”

    I then send the client a link to an FCC website that shows you just how to go about getting a license to use copyrighted music. They read it, realize that this could take MONTHS to do, and then see the cost!
    What they – the local clients – do not realize is that a specific run date has to be determined. Point A, to Point B, on the calendar, and that is the only time they can use that music in a commercial. So, IF perchance they do actually pony up the music, wait the time, and get the license – the specified window agreed upon is their only time to use it. Let’s say it’s for a special sale, or whatever – then it’s good to go. NOW, let’s say the sale is extended, and they want to play the commercial a little longer. Well, if they do not get an extension on the license, and pay the subsequent fee – they can get hit with a HUGE law suite for breech of contract.
    Big problems now!!
    So that is why here where I work, we just explain – “Sorry, we are not going to put OUR license at risk for you using music you don’t have the right to use.

    That said, there are exceptions! Dance club venues and the like, that pay an ASCAP or BMI license fee, CAN use snippets of copyrighted music for the purpose of advertising. Same is applied to radio station. I could go on and on, but it would get boring.

  16. Life's Little Anecdotal Moments

    Psssh. easy peasy lemon squeezy Rita! Although what I used to do has made a little bit of a comeback. Pulling out my vinyl records, turning on the stereo system and jamming out to my music on vinyl

  17. haven’t seen a Carry On movie in years.Elite Dangerous does look about 10 years old so you can understand why it was faster to release and it only has up to 32 players in the same instance or something.from what i understand star citizen is making 2 games,did hear every time something bad in the news about it they make more money haha and i heard they are now starting to work on the server stuff.

    oh and the star wars galaxies i know its afew videos late but these guys https://swglegends.com/ are running a server.

  18. If I recall correctly, the dev studio for System Shock was Looking Glass. Been a while though, so my memory may not be accurate!

  19. The new Oddworld game for the PS5 looks pretty much exactly like the old games looked on the PS1 23 years ago, just with better resolution and more characters on the screen. That is a bit disappointing, even though I have no intention to ever buy another gaming console.
    I don’t really understand why gaming consoles still exist, to be honest.
    They made sense back in the day, when PCs were those intimidating work tools grown ups used to do their taxes and the kids had their gaming console in their room, but the world has changed and you can get a decent gaming PC for pretty much the same price as they charge for those consoles and you can hook up your PC to the TV too.

  20. the two Ronnies jingles

  21. “Most of my videos get 100,000 or more views!” Jingles comes out with the big dick swing against the poor twitch streamer beside him LOL.

  22. Star Citizen vs Elite sounds like a perfect example of “striving for perfection and never making progress” vs “good enough for now”.

  23. So, does that mean that 2021 will have been written by Wes Craven? Long lost script?

  24. My age… well I remember ‘It’s goodnight from me, and goodnight from him…’ on one of the three TV channels available, dam I’m old!

  25. I always loved The Two Ronnies. My father saw them live once and he said they were so much better live since they did not have to have to censor themselves for TV. I always wondered if Rita was ever going to get the ending but you telling her will only be good for this week. She will have forgotten by next week.

  26. Challenge? Let’s see… hanging out in the park with friends until the grandma of the youngest one calls out for them from the balcony to come home for dinner. 🙂
    Or for the more technological sort of identifier, jiggling the tape azimuth on the C=64 and getting all giddy when you get the *good* tone 🙂

  27. can i just mention that ringlight is in a really “unfortunate” position? xD

  28. Ádám Fellenbeck

    Age: Getting up from the couch and runing to the VHS player to change the pirated tape as the first half of Star Wars Episode VI was on one and the second half was on another.

  29. Love the T-shirt. AND The Cat Fishing

  30. Don’t forget that twitch is unique in the fact it deletes streams after two weeks but not clips. You can even shorten the dwell time. That’s a very short time for publishers bully boys to find out and file a claim and it tempts a lot of creators. Fuck music publishers though.

  31. Speaking of things we used to do but now we don’t, Phone booths. Remember those? Before everyone had a phone in their pocket, you had to look for those if you were on the road and needed to call someone. Also, phone books. 😛

  32. God I loved Trench Run 2 on PC back in 2011

  33. Mail delivery twice daily (morning and late afternoon)

  34. Just for context: Avengers Infinity War cost $316 million dollars to make. Star Citizen has the same budget, but is effectively a broken alpha with only a handful of game features. Games like EVE Online, Elite Dangerous and No Man’s Sky have a fraction of the budget but are complete games. How the hell have people not picked up on this?

  35. Republic Of Texas

    Here’s my age. I get excited when a non multiplayer, non party based RPG or adventure game is released. I don’t get excited very often obviously anymore.

  36. 27:37
    Aigh let’s give these people a little “sneak peek” (lifts leg)
    (checks cam screen) Damn I look good
    (checks leg) Did the skirt move up too much? Nope still ok
    (checks cam screen again) yep, skirt is ok
    Oh shit, Jingles is still talking, gotta say something… “yep” 😀

  37. Meeta wit Ritaa?

  38. Aol and waiting for the PC to boot up with the A drive

  39. yeah it’s not belgium Latrappe is the only Dutch trappist! West Vleteren you have to try it! It’s very hard to get hands on!

  40. Walking to the village phone at a set time to call Grandparents who walked to their village phone!

  41. 31:23 is Jingles having a systemshock or just a nerdgasm?

  42. Just let her get sued for once, then she will understand copyright law.

  43. Jingles: “Say goodnight Rita…”
    Rita: “Goodnight Rita”

  44. carry on films are awesome. Be on the watch out for new TV licence scam emails, they look really damn legit.

  45. Ok…… I’m not well at the moment…… but can someone explain the arrow at the start please…….

  46. Don’t get me wrong, I love Rita. But listening to her frankly pathetic arguements about broadcasting music that she doesn’t own the broadcast rights to is just painful.
    I’m sorry but that is just a clear example of an ‘entitled’ young individual. Especially if you’re earning money from it!
    Sorry Rita, NO!…… “but we used to….” NO RITA!!!!! “But…” NOO!!!!!

  47. Coffee and Ringles is what life is about

  48. Lol how do you get the two Ronnie’s wrong love it.

  49. best scam game ever star citizen

  50. Age:
    – using a Cassette and a Pencil.
    – walking to the TV to change the channel.
    – turning the cassette around after one side is finished.
    – recording the radioprogramm on a cassette to listen to music.
    – inserting a 5 1/2″ Floppy disk into my C64 to play wintergames.
    – going out to meet my friends instead of writing a chat message and forgetting they exist IRL as well.

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