Mingles with Jingles Episode 339

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

This week Rita forgets take her memory pills. Much hilarity ensues. Also – Boo!



  1. What about what Take2 did with KSP2????

  2. how old is the mighty Boo?

  3. So the 90lb woman beating the shit out of 180lb men…Jingles, I don’t know how to tell you this but that’s a thing. Jiujitsu (and other styles, specifically those that use the opponent’s weight against them). It’s rare, and as someone that hates PC culture, it’s possible.
    Squadrons…VR. I’m gonna get it and a bucket and it’ll be more than enjoyable.
    Wasn’t there also a new DLC for Skyrim? I remember seeing a new trailer for something ES related.

  4. I usually hate edge but this new one is pretty fast and seems to use less ram than firefox, might actually use it.


  6. Average minutes spent editing an episode of Ringles: 0.0

  7. Jaco Hollebrandse

    Try the rochefort 10. It’s excellent, and in a lot of lists it’s at least in the top 50 of all beers world wide.

  8. So you are telling us, that you don’t have at least one SSD reserved for gaming? Those things about one or two GB of storage don’t cost a fortune anymore and they really improve game performance – not even talking of editing and rendering videos…

  9. I have my doubts that star citizen will ever be finished at this rate. I’ve given up on it.

  10. Origin already has their subscription model, though frankly as it currently stands it is one hell of an amazing deal considering how much they put into it, I got my money out of that one quite a few times over.

  11. Haven’t seen you mention the development of “Space Crew”, from the same people who did “Bomber Crew.” Demo is available now on Steam. Looks good so far.

  12. yes Jingles you are to young to drink ,, an Rita you are not over the hill like me ,, lol ,, but this is for Jingles .. world of warships they should do a captin for the commenwelth ships ,, i have an idea ,, an ty for all the help an info you have done ,, 2 thums up ,, my wife loves the dress Rita ,, she wants to know where you got it ???

  13. Nilav Kumar Jena

    Yay! Boo is alive. It’s alive! Its alive

  14. No not allegedly, Apple did deliberately slow down phones and they got their asses handed to them for it…. It’s an undeniable fact. /edit: But Jingles, you can still keep the moral high ground even if you buy a game published by EA. Buying the (few) good games they publish doesn’t invalidate your stance.. In fact they SHOULD be rewarded when they do something genuinely good. Because then they see it works and they will do it again.

  15. R Silver Sørensen

    good good RITA … … jingles Now you know how it is to have kids with runing nose =D

  16. “Paulinho” Muahahahahahahahahaha


  18. I love the fact that last video there was a lot of “What happened to Boo?!” comments and today first thing Jingle does is showing us that everything is allright :D. He is old and got a lot of white hair, he is a bit “slower” and wants to sleep, hes knees are going weak, but he is ok.
    And Boo is ok as well :D!

  19. You do know that you can also buy games from other companies not only from those bit 3 that hate your guts don’t you?

    I mean it is astonishing to see the western people complaining about couple major corporations that constantly crap on their users and consumers, but they will obsessively insist on buying more crap from them!
    How about you stop buying from those people, diversify your choices and reward those that do NOT behave poorly towards you?

    At this point I am tired to point out that there are alternative platforms, indie games, thousands of small and medium studious that create a ton of super original content that is played by hundred of thousands of gamers.

    I have to say that not being from the west I cannot answer this question: “Why do you people keep purchasing these puke corporation’s products? Are you all mentally challenged?”. That may be the answer, because for hell if I can understand why hordes of people complain about a game or a corporation that absolutely deserves all the criticism it gets, but then sit in line to purchase it’s next products.

    Mental deficiencies must be rampart in the west. How else can people justify Apple still selling their crap, or EA existing, or Bethesda, Origin or even Blizzard?

  20. Mr. Jingles,
    If your motherboard supports M.2 SSD drives and you haven’t installed one yet, look into INTEL’S Optane for your system.
    While we were testing them they routinely increased HDD systems performance by about 11-14%.
    The product was called “Teton Glacier” and publicly known as H10.
    Very inexpensive method to increase your system. There is even a 1TB option, which makes for a huge boot drive!

  21. So are you sure rita isn’t blonde

  22. 1. Rita was right to adjust the camera, only part of Boo’s head was in frame.
    2. I play Lotro and had no idea that there was a walk from the shire to Bree in honor of Ian Holm’s. But it may not have been on the server I play on.

  23. Microsoft needs to bring back Clippy.

  24. IF ONLY this was encouraging younger drinkers to experience totally awesome and fully flavored beers from around the world.
    we all know thats bullshit, young-uns like cider and vodka , cheap and cheerful

  25. Stop giving the publishers bad ideas jingles!

  26. I am still not fussed about MW5 as it doesn’t really come out for another six months for me 😂

  27. Mingles with Ringles translations:
    We’ll edit that out – Editing is hard, I can’t possibly be bothered enough to remove that
    They can’t hear you from that side of the camera – Everything works fine, the crowd can hear you no problem
    I’m not editing that bit out – Editing is still hard, plus, I want to make sure everyone sees her wiping her nose on my shirt

  28. Your strategy of including an attractive older woman seems to be working visually if not conversationally 😛

  29. what game @28:20 ish was rita talking about?

  30. “Mingles with Ringles” is a lot of fun but if you want to “level up” the fun, turn on the closed captioning.

  31. Actually Jingles, Fallout 76 is not a bad game with the latest DLC Expansion. Might be time to give that a rest.

  32. SSDs have been affordable for a few years now. You can get 1TB for ~£80-100, which I highly recommend for modern games that make use of streaming assets, (e.g. Open World Games), as not only do loading screens go way faster but the rate of asset streaming is vastly improved, so less pop in and smoother gameplay. Now that the new consoles are built around SSDs we’re inevitably going to see it become a requirement for cross-platform releases.
    SC is a mix of being that type of game and being horrifically optimised. They’ve been on a cycle of “oh, performance just needs this new tech then it’ll be fine!” *tech gets implemented, still choppy* “oh, that was just one part of our massive Refactor™, the next update will improve it even more!” ever since the PU released.

  33. Probably been suggested already, but rather than just Mingles with Jingles, how about in association with Meet a Rita?

  34. The way I see it, when a game publisher puts out a good game, buying it gives the publisher numerical data that the non-exploitative game will make them money, and will help encourage them to continue making good game.

  35. “I fucken know, you tell me everyday”
    As someone that works in IT, there are many people that DO need to be told every fucken day how to use their computer. I don’t know how they keep their jobs.

  36. It will only be a part of the game and full of bugs. You will have to buy the other 4 parts for $40 each. It is after all EA we’re talking about…

  37. I haven’t read all the comments, in case people haven’t mentioned, a 1TB SSD can be had for around $100 US, so whatever your exchange rate is.

  38. lol poor Rita. Fallout 76 might SEEM playable if you’ve suffered through the game from the start. But for those of us that haven’t and just bought it it is very not playable. 🙂

    It’s still a broken buggy mess.

  39. A popular streamer for Elite Dangerous had a very interesting theory for Star Citizen. This is Chris Roberts business model. Why release a game when people will give you money to just push new features. The backers are happy , they get to keep the community small and they have a lot of toys to play with.

  40. Female privelage, she can wipe her nose on your shirt…even your new no encounters one 🙂

  41. Stores are refusing refunds on The Last of Us 2.

  42. “Well that’s nice!” Oh, and I was one of those ‘bastard DJ’S” that ramped up the intros of songs. Your welcome!! 🙂

  43. Rita mentioned old SF movies, and my mind immediately conjured up memories of “Them!”, a 1954 flick about giant mutated ants. The movie makes a big deal out of a problem that some firemen with a pumper truck loaded with ant poison could have solved in no time. Hollywood, what would we ever do without you? 🙂

  44. But it’s such a cute little nose!

  45. Jingles if your gonna download MW5 again grab the weather mod! yet another weapon mod adds some lore friendly stuff and is synced to the timeline

  46. EeriestPilot09 Gaming

    You don’t have to get a PlayStation 5, there is another console option for next generation.

  47. IF Microsoft ONLY made an operating system, it would be fine with me. The “default” email, browser and every other application they produce is generally “crap”! The constant “updates” to fix security issues (due to the overly integrated applications with the operating system) is symptomatic of “immature” programmers that don’t understand “the full, functional purpose” of what end-users are wanting to do in their lives/jobs.

  48. RedBaronFilms1918

    Oooh, a Mingles with Ringles episode uploaded on my birthday? Very nice!

  49. Oh so good to see boo

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