Mingles with Jingles Episode 340

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Source: The Mighty

It’s been a bad week to be a popular Twitch streamer with millions followers, although that’s the kind of problem I’m sure we could all live with.



  1. Here are the clips we mentioned in this week’s MwJ:

    Zombie Barricades “Optimus Prime Peen” highlight: https://youtu.be/lTg9Xu5ReQM?t=330
    Paycer, the guy that used to hide in car trunks on DayZ: https://youtu.be/LZH6TloktZQ (My favourite clip because of the guy in the dirt bike! 😂)

    Thank you for watching guys!

  2. I watched Strange days…… the cinema was about to close, I was the only one in the screen….. it was the opening week.

    Loved that film.

  3. Monkey Island! Finally a good game on your channel!

  4. Jingles ever heard of dimo tape NOTE mark external hdd I have several all with dimo tape so I know what’s on them

  5. Andys model & stuff

    0:00 Would you fu*k Rita/Jingles?
    0:42 Welcome! T-shirt of the week + jingles’s mom is great
    2:37 Beer of the week
    5:09 Advertising beer to minors combined with complimenting Rita
    6:33 Renting software, pucking up from last week. Also a bit on data recovery
    9:49 Distraction: Elite
    10:26 Back on topic, renting games
    12:54 Mixer is no more, welcome to Trovo and 10cent
    17:08 Dr. Disrespect (how not to insult in english) is perma-banned, Freddy & Jimmy Wang
    26:27 Bit of a rant, bimbo on Twitch
    27:40 Akizuki!
    28:03 Bye Akizuki
    28:55 Update on Boo and cats
    30:54 Sexual harrassment in gaming industry
    35:00 Sexual harassment in gaming industry
    41:55 Cyberpunk has five types of pubic hair (insert Squidward future gif)
    43:15 Distraction, Blade Runner and Strange Days
    46:03 Back to Cyberpunk
    47:28 Final distraction? Altered (something, didn’t get it, sorry)
    48:02 New distraction! Cat this time
    48:10 Jingles realize he does not know what topic he is on, turns back to Microsoft
    49:00 Goodbye from me/him

    I am writing this on my phone from a ship of the coast of Norway, sorry for horrible spelling.
    How far am I from becoming employe of the month Jingles?

  6. Civilised world? Same age down here in Aus.

  7. Yes I agree with you on active premium time as I work week about and lose lots of time I’ve payed for in games like WoT

  8. As I said on the last episode. It’s a misconception that you “buy” software , you don’t you buy the license to use the software. The developer still owns that software.
    That’s why it’s always a good idea to always read the EULA. That is why there is always complaining if a ban is issued and the argument is “ I bought the software I should be able to us it” wrong

  9. Terry. James Robert

    I would like this opportunity to wish the lovely Rita, Paul’s Mom a Happy Birthday on July 1st. It is also Canada’s birthday. One of the few countries who got independence from Britain by filling out the proper paperwork and annoying the House of Lords until we got what we wanted!

  10. “You wanna do me” lol 😂

  11. wonder if twitch ever changes … video-quality is so bad because of that bandwith limit…

  12. “I’m sorry for derailing the subject” — Girlfriend, that’s the title of the Whole Episode! 😀

  13. Ebenezer Scrooge

    36:49 I believe one or two incidences but I think the left or using this to clear house to get rid of anybody who is not politically aligned to them

  14. https://www.systembolaget.se/dryck/ol/leffe-165903
    Fruktig, kryddig smak med sötma, inslag av aprikos, banan, örter och honung. Serveras vid cirka 6°C som sällskapsdryck, till rätter av ljust kött eller till vitmögelostar.

  15. avoid Oettinger, Sternburg, Stuttgarter Hofbräu (is it even a Pilsner?) and plastic bottled beer at all cost.
    I suspect one of you might like Vitamalz

  16. Gehtdich Nichtsan

    Well- Luckely Windows just relazed a free Data-Recoveryprogram on theire Store

  17. Sunset Shimmer Shimmercode

    you want to hear something real bad, a game you might not know, TF2 also know as Team Fortress 2 yes its still alive, but we are in a Bot crisis right now, aim-bots, mike-spam bots, text-spamming -bots, and they are in evey match, you kick one another comes in, or they leave to keep from getting ban-kicked, and rejoin, and there are always multiple, if you do get one, you kcik it, it leaves to avoid the ban, and it coems back, usually with more Bots. it has made the core game-mode (Casual) of the game almost unplayable. and the mike-spam bots play high pitch noises, to racist statements and sentences, same with the text-chat, just a shit ton of racist stuff, and swears, and just overall dickhead talk, Valve is trying, but the Bots keep finding there way around it.. and the Antihack stuff in the game is useless. so we are still hanging in with Community Servers, and other places made by our Community, but for alot of new players, with all the Bots and cheaters they are just leaving, and some, are willing to just let the game die. If you ever get the chance to read this, it is a major issue, and just wanted to ask my personal favorite military gaming youtuber his thoughts. thank you Jingles in advance

  18. Capt A Bumbler RN

    Did anyone else notice Jingles blushing bright red when Rita said what type of hair style her character was going to have a great LOL moment. Great video as always thanks for making my Monday

  19. Our Fear is Their Power

    Jingles! Star Wars: The Old Republic got an expansion called Onslaught! I reccomend you to ppay it on your channel!

  20. “Ralph Feinnes”. Um… Actually, Jingles, it’s pronounced “Rayf Fines”. Serious facepalm.

  21. Matheus Rondel Leite

    How amazing a game can be when it lets you choose your pubic hair!!!

  22. OMG What just happened. Your right rent software like recovery stuff is a great idea games eh. I tend to lean to hating that idea.

  23. Similarly film with Christopher walken I think its book by Stephen king where he got a rig on his head feeling his freind work colleague die ????

  24. I seem to recall being able to rent games either in stores or through the mail…why is this a new thing?

  25. Flensburger Pilsner is so so so awfull avoid it.

  26. It is 2020 Rita memory pills worked reminding Jingles of his Moms birthday. Steps outside and looks for the Horsemen of the apocalypse

  27. As a trans person, I always feel safe coming to your channels. Trolls are the worst and I don’t see a reason to want harm on another person.

  28. Have you tried the dark Leffe? Leffe Brune.

  29. Do not get involved with a chinese streaming company.

  30. General Saufenberg

    yes, veltins is mediocre. not bad, i would drink if a friend had the beer at home, but nothing i would buy. prost 🍺

  31. … you only found out about Leffe at age 50? You poor, poor soul.

  32. If the movie “Strange Days” was made in 1995, you’re in luck:

  33. Advocatus Diaboli

    Thank you for the Image of a Woman at the brink of tears….nobody said, like ever!
    C´mon Jingles, you know what can happen if you booze up a Chick. 😉

  34. Hey jingles and rita a beer I might suggest you both try would be yuengling from America. I know that you or I might get backlash from it but if yall are trying different beers then this is what I would suggest

  35. 00:10 Wow. Dinner and a show at the start. 😍👍 02:12 Strippergram?? You have a pair Jingles. My mom would beat the crap out of me if I did that. 03:38 Cats feed? Rita did you remember to take your memory pills? 05:12 No Pilsner glass for a Pilsner beer?

  36. yea belgium beer is good, its the of the few good things we have here ! all the rest including the government SUCKS BIG BALLZ! but yea totally agree we know how to make beer =D

  37. no wiping your nose on his shirt today rita? 😉 good to see lol

  38. Rita likes brussel sprouts!? oh nooooooo Rita! Yes Jingles I agree they are the Devil’s Vegetable, they taste so bloody horrid.

  39. It’s only fair to rename the weekly series to “Mingles with Rita and Jingles”. 🙂

  40. Howdy, just wanted to post this. I am not a white knight and I know Rita doesn’t need one, but I have quite enjoyed her in the Mingles with Jingles episode. I think the back and forth interaction is entertaining, she adds a lot to the topics and she’s easy on the eyes as well. Keep up the good work both of you.

  41. Last time I was ID’ed while out I was 33 and the poor Belfast doorman didn’t know what hit him. I was on the way to being well sloshed when it happened so he got “I ficken love you!” with a huge hug 🤗 He practically shoved me through the door to get me away 😂

  42. 🙌💪❤️

  43. You two make my life so much more bearable. Thank you so much.

  44. Jingles….. You. Are. SOOOOOO. SQUEWWED…..

  45. love you both! 🙂

  46. Bad German Pilsners: Veltins Bräu xD

  47. Strange Days chat reminded me of Brainstorm from 1983.

  48. We need list of beers you tryed in somepoint. I’m sucker for beers that are not basic Finnish lagers.

  49. Ah Buffalo Bill. Great movie for sure.

  50. Jingles, what would happen if you made a video with a disclaimer, of course, with a script that reads: “These are offensive words.” Then read a list of the most offensive words imaginable.

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