Mingles with Jingles Episode 341

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In which, amongst other things, Rita catches me on an Easy, and then I have to explain to everyone what an Easy is.

Soldiers, Sailors and Airmens Families Association: gf.me/u/yba27w



  1. Lukasz Juchniewicz

    you are both so much fun to watch 🙂

  2. I love the chemistry between Rita and Jingles. This ended up being a very enjoyable episode to watch.

  3. ADC (Attack Damage Carry)

  4. The inscription on Rita’s shirt is just on the right spot…
    Y’all know what i mean.

  5. So Google and YouTube are just running the big companies errands. The just don’t care about the little guy doing an amazing job and trying to make a living on their platform

  6. Michael Mitchell

    Actually Jingles Klaus Kellerman is the biggest AHole in WOTs and the biggest tank too. LOL

  7. There a 99% survival hardly a dumb choice for the commievirus BS, You apparently buy into the lies from the MSM

  8. Rita drivin..Jingles if you need help blink twice into the camera!

  9. Sorry Jingles, you judged that cop from Minnesota “GUILTY” in your last video. Assume you conviction doesn’t apply to Americans?

  10. Adc= attack damage carry
    Apc= ability damage carry
    Easyyy !!!

  11. Rakuza Renegado

    “Might need to edit this” Jingles when editing: Naa

  12. Soldiers, Sailors and Airmens Families Association … that begins with SS …. lol

  13. Jingles looks at Rita’s chest, loses his memory and ability to read.

    Rita’s figure OP. Do not nerf.

  14. CP,CN and Via Rail Productions

    Beer of the week: Lefeffefefefe

  15. Mingles with Jingles has always been on of my favorites on your channel but I have to say, it’s even BETTER with the lovely Ms. Rita! Please keep doing them together. She’s bringing you out of your cave Old Man. Don’t be afraid of the Light!!

  16. Leffe is a beer from Wallonia not from Flanders, whe even have a difference in flemish and walloon beers.

  17. *jingles takes out the leffe ruby* me: Oy good choice m8!

  18. i”ll try one every one hour but i’m not an alcoholique.

  19. Maybe a subject for next weeks MWG, floatplane and how your getting on with it.

  20. If Rita can’t drive a car but she can drive a tank… YOU HAVE AN EXCUSE TO BUY A TANK

  21. absolutelystupid

    How do we get the Jingles Captain in WOWS these days?

  22. Alan Rickman is dead? I totally missed that, or just forgot about it. Still it’s sad as I liked him as an actor

  23. What is your opinion on the farcé of wargaming on a certain youtuber?

  24. Hi Rita & Jingles, I am one of those unfortunate many that had to delay our wedding due to the coronavirus. We had to reschedule it for Sept and hoping we don’t get hit with a huge wave two.

  25. Make a video of you playing with Akizuki in the garden with “music playing in the background” that obviously cannot be helped from multiple claimants (like 5+). Let them all claim it and then they can fight each other.
    Presumably google has to decide which wins and which 4 lose and I’m sure they will love that. Some battles aren’t about getting the outright victory yourself, Instead just make sure they don’t win either.

  26. S3 of Westworld is okay, it’s just… completely different from previous two seasons, as they are robot cowboys fighting, third season is more about said robots fighting in the real world for their future. And few other things. It’s actually quite nice hard sci-fi, but as said, completely different from first two seasons.

  27. Jimminey FingCricket

    Type in any 3 digit number and cases and just see what happens.

  28. You two are so sweet together! Perfect Match! :–)

  29. absolutelystupid

    Kikimura is the monster in the swamp

  30. Anderson Zerloti

    Just a little info, ADC in League means Attack Damage Carry. Because their damage is based on their “attack” damage(which largely would mean physical stat) while the mages are called APCs(Ability Power Carry) because their damage comes mostly from their Ability Power stat.

  31. tooooogggggggg sssshhhhiiiirrrrrtttt

  32. absolutelystupid

    Inception, starts with N LOL

  33. “it tastes like beer and cider had a love child” actually that’s called Snakebite (half lager and half cider) and it sends you mad !

  34. Westworld Season 1 is 5 star. Westworld season 2 is trash. I can’t image how bad Season 3 must be if it’s worse than Season 2. That all being said, Season 1 is a closed enough story that you can just watch that and not bother with the other seasons.

  35. The fact that companies can stall for a month and get the money EVEN THOUGH you have expressed permission to use the music is infuriating. I couldn’t do YouTube man, that’s garbage.

  36. I once got a copyright STRIKE regarding some random BS electronic music for a video showing nothing but my own footage of some industrial machinery doing random things and making one hell of a racket……speaks volumes about the level of BS….was able to dispute it successfully..but still

  37. Have you got a bucket of steam?

  38. Will you do a new Man Cave video Jingles?

  39. tip, oud beersel or 3 fonteinen geuze or kriek (sour cherry beer ) .

  40. Not enough cats in this video…

  41. Oh god, more references to Herizon: Zero gameplay PC release. Not only was it every ubisoft game ever, but the story was dumb as shit.

  42. Marios Karampalis

    People get married at 22 in UK wtf??
    Here no one get married before 30.

  43. I got copyright claim on… sound of gunshots.

  44. Ok, how do I get the Mighty Jingles Captain ?

  45. “But Jingles, sometimes investigations don’t reveal anything!”
    Which at that point, you only have the word of the accuser. A single piece of evidence, no matter how significant it is, proves more than the word of a mob.

    Yes, I’ll go back to the mines.

  46. Jesus von Nazaret

    Jörg Kachelmann, german TV weather guy lost his job due to false claims of harassment from a woman who wanted to get money

  47. Jingles, please let Rita pour the beer. I’ve watched you pour, and Rita definitely gives better head. BTW you are the Captain of HMS Fiji for me, and yes, it does make this ship even more OP.

  48. the golden gamer

    Jingles what do you think about the kitakami coming back

  49. So is this the new format from here on out?

  50. Muslim towns that have the highest must I say more

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