Mingles with Jingles Episode 342

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

In I explain the difference between a “Bite” and an “Easy”, and Rita beats me up with her shoe.



  1. Skipping cutscenes? Yeah you can. Just press B to not evolve

  2. 20:45 correction: The last 8 years. This gameplay loop started with Far Cry 3, and they threw it into every game since then. In a way it is remarkable that they made Far Cry Primal feel and play exactly like Watch Dogs, Assassin’s Creed and Ghost Recon.

  3. Oh my gosh. And I got so baited by the thumbnail. The great slipper/flipflop of discipline

  4. Rita: the legend of Zelda has so much lore and symbolism that keeps its attention to de… Jingles: NUUUUUUUUURRRD

  5. Last week I bought Elite Dangerous for 6,24 euro on Steam. So now I am commader with rank helpless 🙂

  6. Wait, mess decks? How many mess decks do Royal Navy vessels have?
    Were you on a flattop or something? Every surface and sub-surface combat vessel I saw in the US Navy only had one each for enlisted, senior enlisted, and officers unless it was one of the big amphibs or carriers.

    • The Mighty Jingles

      A Type 42 destroyer had at least seven for Junior Rates alone, plus one for the Petty officers, one for the Chiefs and Warrants and the Wardroom for the officers.

  7. Two Wargaming employees sitting in a room and drinking vodka.
    The one asked the other one what can we do to piss of the community of world of tanks.That easy let’s put in the wheel tanks, WHERE IS MY VODKA Cormorant !

  8. I could watch you guys for hours. Amazing entertainment 😛

  9. As for WoTanks NA (and a bit EU) leaning, there is a guy who both advertise on forums and ingame, for streams where you can come and learn, ask all your questions, and will even do a few games with you. Mr Beetlebum. Streaming on Twitch. Not aware of anyone doing similar for Warships, but try to look at the lower viewer count Twitch streamers. Help channels gets way less viewers than salty toxic “funny” streamers.

  10. I guess Rita took the memory pills and Jingles needs some…

  11. She has the most peculiar accent. It sounds like a Portuguese who learned English in Scotland. Is she French Scot, or something? It’s very charming!!!! Not a criticism in the least.

  12. I wish WG would not only fix CV’s but remove radar/hydro that see through island and fix match making. This will stop camping CL’s sitting behind island for half a match and force them to take risk.

  13. BigTallLankyDude

    Is it snowing in there? At this time of year? At this time of day? Located entirely inside your study??

  14. This has definitely become THE highlight on the Monday!
    Now, fetch them size 10 brass balls and get back to The Beast Within….you know you want to! 😉😆😂

  15. OldSchool Gaming

    I would recommend the guy at the start to look up Flamus replay analysis that he does with some of his followers. He gives good play by play “this you should do, this you shouldnt do” and I think he has covered most ships in them. Also good just to watch better players videos on how they play certain ships, thats how I got good at this game.
    And regarding wheeled vehicles and carriers its true, you can put any Super Unicum player like Flamu or Flambass in a regular destroyer or cruiser and a mediocre player in a Carrier and the mediocre player will always win., so skill has nothing to do with that game any longer.

    Why did they taka away the info about Far Cry? JorRaptor has already posted a video about the game and it clearly shows clips of Giancarlo in it?!

  16. The problem with players in video games, is the same problem you see in people IRL. No-one has common sense anymore…….

    Edit: “The stories I could tell”. So, Jingles, why don’t you tell them?

  17. Good to know Jingles is on the CORRECT side of the GIF/JIF divide!

  18. In the US Army we sent people to get spark plug gaps.

  19. Jimminey FingCricket

    On the T.V show rise of the super carrier (QE class CV) I think it was the aircraft maintainers who sent one of there young men looking for a pair of Fallopian tubes any way some how this bell end winds up asking the OIC if “She” could issue him with a pair of said tubes. The phone conversation between her and the department head was interesting to overhear his side.

  20. It’s pronounced gif.

  21. In civilian shipping we’d send newbies looking for the “Golden Rivet”. The best “victims” were new crew who were already nervous at first time at sea as the story of “but it’s tradition and for luck” was easier to sell them on. Start of season there’d hardly be a sailing without the CSO showing up in the crew room looking for a newbie cabin crew they hadn’t seen for hours.

    We had one poor girl that was sent on the rivet hunt wandering the ship for over an hour before she landed back in the crew room very grumpy and dripping wet. She’d been up in the port forward mooring station because some evil genius suggested that the Rivet might be in “that cupboard”…except it was a bit bouncy that day and the forward mooring stations would take in quite a bit of water…hence the heavy water tight door on this “cupboard”. As soon as she opened the door the ship took a wave and she got it square in the face. Deck crew on watch at the opposite end of the car deck could hear the screaming 😂

    Shortly after new cabin crew were briefed to not fall for our shit so it spoiled the rest of the season but it was worth it and we had fresh meat the next season 😂

  22. The more you know the ebrs are getting nerfs or at least the 105 about how it slows down from damaged wheels so thats good but didn’t matter for me since I play Russian tanks and hit them anyway

  23. Stopped at 5min to write this: I would love to watch more videos of people doing the wrong things and explaining what they could do better. I recently rewatched your video “Jolly Roger” with the Manticore. I am myself a 48% win rating free to play WOT player, but I am always so dissuaded to watch a one hour long video explaining all the tips and tricks. Several, smaller videos would better fit my goldfish attention span 😀

  24. Trail and Street Bikes

    I’m waiting to see these two get an easy on each other in the same episode

  25. That look at the 2:20 mark…well…you can teach an old dog new tricks.

  26. Nothing about flamu blacklisted? Wtaf!

  27. WG should simply install an extra matchroom for Carriers, subs and all who like to play with these pests. And let one room for real ships. So if you don´t like CVs, go to normal battle, if you like to be the punchinbag for CVs and Subs, go to that room.

  28. Cute and cuddly, boys!
  29. my fav work site “bite” is to send the FNG to get a “Yammer” from the truck ……….. whats a Yammer ? its hammer with a head on both ends so you can work twice as hard …………………….lmfao

  30. ChitownVic da Man

    On the CV-67 John F. Kennedy, we used to tell the new sailors to go and get a pass for the bowling alley….lol an send them down to the boilers.

  31. As someone who frequently digitally interchanges giraffes, it is definitely pronounced “djiff”!!

  32. Prisoner of the Highway

    Totally clicked to see the old man get beat lol.

  33. Jingles has taught me so much about world of warships. If it weren’t for his videos I would probably have a 25 percent win rate. Things like if a destroyer isn’t shooting at you it’s firing torpedos or if a smoke screen pops up near by expect torpedos we’re things I’ve learned from Jingles witch would have taken me a lot longer to learn otherwise. Thanks jingles

  34. Vishal Srivastava

    Watching a 47 minute video just to figure out what Jingles did to deserve the Thumbnail.

  35. Jingles what about what is still going on in Ubisoft? They are still in the crap.

  36. Jingles, what’s your take on the recently released “Last of US, part II”? IGN rated 10/10 as a “masterpiece”. What do you think?

    • The Mighty Jingles

      No idea, I refuse to buy it or play it due to Sonys’ abuse of DMCA copyright strikes in response to people talking about the leaks.

  37. Bring me a box of grid squares, blinker fluid, an ID 10 T form, a TR double E, 50 yards of gun target line, chem light batteries, muffler bearing grease, a prick E7..the list goes on and on

  38. Horizon is $29 here in Canada but not all the DLC are free they reduced the frozen wilds to $6.74. So they are lying about that too.

  39. I have a 59% win rating in world of warships legends (no idea if that’s actually any good) and I attribute most of my successes to watching Jingles content. So I don’t think any one is laughing at a request for coaching

  40. Go back to the Wash Rack and check the Level Of The Motor Pool …..
    Go get some Blinker Fluid
    Go get some 30 wt Track Tension

  41. Sees thumbnail: “Is this that domestic violins my mother told me about?”

  42. “Nerrrd” says the guy wearing the Nuka Cola shirt, “Nerrrrrd”

  43. the good old “get me a bucket of purple steam” joke to the new guy on ship (engine dept)

  44. As in speaking moment – WG is actually having the common test server up right now. It’s for the 1.10 patch. In which Pearl River is returning, wheeled light tanks are nerfed. Italian top tier medium cannot equip gun rammer. The E-100, T110E5 and IS-4 alongside their lower tier IX, VIII and even their tier VII counterparts are getting buffs. Read it up! 🙂

  45. Those are not dust partials, those are mini cat grenades waiting to go off and cause a guy to need copious amounts of allergy meds.

  46. Jiff is a peanut butter brand.

    Giff is a graphical file format.

    And i don’t care if the guy who invented the format pronounces it as a “j” sound.

  47. One thing people who have never served (and especially in the navy), is that when the ship is underway, you stand your watches (do your job), perform maintenance, eat, sleep. There isn’t a lot of entertainment to be had. So you make your own entertainment, and that is usually fucking with each other.

    You’ll end up talking about ANYTHING, and EVERYTHING, just because you’re bored out of your mind. I swear i knew my watch group better than their wives/girlfriends did. And it went unsaid, that you never discussed these things when back in port. It was kind of like a confessional in that aspect. Or attorney client privilege.

  48. Derrick Dinwiddie

    “BREAKING NEWS!!” Paul Charlton, otherwise known as “The Mighty Jingles” was stabbed yesterday. The wound was not fatal but there was something missing downstairs. His roomate Rita declined to comment as to how he was stabbed. 😀

  49. I admit that the main reason I tuned in this time to see Jingles ger smacked around for the young girls joke from earlier in the week.

  50. yes jingles. Still asking you to check out the subreddit r/Woooosh

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