Mingles with Jingles Episode 343

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Source: Mighty Jingles

This I’ve mostly been playing Ghost of Tsushima. It’s almost great.



  1. Looks like we’re gonna need a bigger boat

  2. Jingles, you need Cat-cams

  3. For dealing with hick ups, Jingles, try finding the hick(-)ups’ rhythm, and breath in the opposite rhythm
    ” or was she” ^^ – so LOVE that meme, there! L O L! * “…But I want to…!” *
    ..what was it exactly we were watching in the background for that long time? Some Ghost(-)thing
    “One dollar”… erhm ok…. where’s that from again?
    … something tells me, that what Jingles was “getting at” was…. erhm, how am I going to put this again… Rita, you’re a “she”….. should be “..and it’s a “goodnight” from HER”…. – unless of course it would be… an easy….

  4. Blood bowl is related to Warhammer.

  5. These two are the best

  6. I’d make a channel just so people could see my progress as I work at being a blacksmith.

  7. What a joke. That’s a horrible way to treat content creators.

  8. Ronnie Tage Skov

    Seriously? You are confused about being either employed, self-employed or contracted by Youtube and Twitch? The Mighty Jingles? Really? Is this an attempted “easy” joke on the audience? Did you apply for a job as a content-creator for Youtube? Has Twitch posted streaming-job opportunities with a set monthly revenue guarantied? How does one apply for a job at either company as a creator, exactly? Have they listed any requirements for your office-space? Do they offer pension-plans, health- and dental-insurance programs or any other benefits in relation to your employment? Have you signed an exclusivity deal with either company?
    You already know the answer Jingles, I can’t believe anyone has to explain this .. especially to you? Every single content creator on either platform is self-employed, apart from a few partnered contractors on Twitch, as any other self-employed individual in the world you have full responsibility for yourself and your brand. Yes, either company has it in their power to remove your livelihood by cancelling/deleting your channel but your brand is not dead if they do (at least is shouldn’t be). The trouble is that Youtube and Twitch has very few competitors in a marked that is in high demand but very low profitability (if any)…

  9. For the last segment of the video, I would like to make a shoutout to a small YouTuber called *Stege,* who has recently started making very high quality montages (at least they’re to me) of it looks like his favourite game atm, Hoi4, so if you like either Hoi4 content or game montages, check him out.

  10. Jingles you should play Blood Bowl.

  11. Comrade Christmas

    It’s really sad that all open world games nowadays are practically identical except for story.

  12. Jaws!!!

  13. Schieder. “We need a bigger boat.”

    Dr. Disrespect does have legal recourse: he had a contract with Twitch. His relationship went far beyond the terms of the EULA. And, unless his representation was brain dead, there should be termination clauses with notice provisions. Twitch may have breached the contract. This should be interesting. For everyone else…nothing.

  14. And its goodnight from him…Rita when did you have the “operation”?

  15. Quints Fishing Trips! – For when you need a Bigger Boat! *Der dum Der dum Der dum,dum,dum,dum* …….

  16. Your gonna need a bigger salt mine

  17. Well actually Jingles, Zuid Holland and Noord Holland (South Holland and North Holland) are 2 seperate provinces of the Netherlands

  18. We are only taking the word of someone that has been banned from Twitch that Twitch hasn’t told him why he’s been banned. They may have told him but his legal team may be telling him to deny that he has been told because the next question will be ‘Why have you been banned’ which he has been told not to share.

  19. In the U.S. the states generally take one of two stances on employment: workers unions or right to work.

    Union states are more worker rights based.
    Right to work states… are almost the opposite of how it sounds. The employee or employer may terminate the employment contract at any time for any reason.

  20. – go to a hat shop…
    🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣

  21. In the Feudal Japanese society, the highest honor was for a Samurai to sneak into an enemy’s home and kill him with his own sword.

  22. I knew the shirt immediately. Just want everyone to know. The real kicker is, I just unlocked the Omaha cruiser in WoW, and the assigned captain is in fact Robert Shaw. So, he will by my captain from now on, it seems.

    I think some of the job protections you’re asking for for a specialty field are not available to most normal jobs. Maybe England or Europe are different, but in the U.S., there are a great many people who can be fired anytime for no reason at all. Legally. We have states with “Right to Work” laws that basically insure such action.

  23. Speaking of going back…. finishing games.. . you never did go back and finish Recon:Wildlands… ahem… 😀

  24. Y’all know me, know how I earn a living.

  25. Jaws, Mr. Jingles in the year I graduated from high school.

  26. and your gonna need a bigger boat

  27. It’s the same with Uber drivers, Just Eat and even companies like Sky with certain “contractors”. We’re classed as Freelance so technically self employed not an actual employee. There are perks to being freelance but stability isn’t one of them. I got dropped like a hot brick when COVID situation kicked in and didn’t have a leg to stand on. That was with Sky Broadband btw

  28. ..btw… absolutely do not care about Dr DisRespect.. so.. speaking of shutting up.. 🙂 He is a non item… he got famous on being an asshole… help make him go away.

  29. I would ask for my money back for those memory pills, obviously not working!

  30. Still surprised he hasn’t talked about Microsoft Flight Simulator getting its release date announced this week.

  31. That’s a bad hat Harry!

  32. About Rita’s question regarding the Drukhari (Dark Eldar), they were a faction in Dawn of War Soulstorm.

  33. Saint Rita shows of her halo again. LOL 😅

  34. From what I’m seeing Ghost is a bit of a disappointment. Unfortunate, because I was actually looking forward to it, but sadly I’ve yet to see a ninja or semi-ninja game to equal Shinobi-do on the PS2 or Mark of the Ninja.
    Then again, this IS Sucker Punch. Given Infamous, I’m not that surprised.

  35. rita has a halo?

  36. Tom Scott did a very good video on the problems with modern copyright issues. Well worth a watch.

  37. Jaws! A true classic….pre agenda stuffed movies, when stories and acting was more important than politics!

    Rita 2 – Jingles 0! 😳😲😆😂

  38. Scott Drone-Silvers

    Jingles and Rita – the way that people are getting around the “employer/employee” relationship is to make you and others like you and “independent contractor”. While what you do (remind me again, what do you do?) is relatively new, independent contractors have been around for a while. As long as companies stand to benefit from this kind of semi-indentured servitude, they are going to use their legal departments to fight their corner.

  39. Yes Rita Jaws.

  40. At will employment is a thing, if you are an at will employee (which most non-union employees in the US are) means that you can be fired without cause at any time. The only protection that you have is that they can’t fire you for a protected reason like race, sex, orientation, and a few other.

  41. Jingles – “Did you get into Pokemon Go?”

    Rita – “No, because it requires to go out…”

    Yup, that’s a real gamer girl right there.

  42. While you cant use Quint’s fishing boat in World of Warships, you can use the ship he served on… The USS Indianapolis… “to deliver the bomb, the Hiroshima bomb.”

  43. How come Rita gets a Halo, how did she earn that? She looks like The Saint!

  44. Anyone else looking forward to the Far Creed Samurai – Ninja Redemption playthrough?

  45. Grrugrar Fareldar

    Twitch are taking from Vince McMahon’s playbook. They are not technically you’re employee’s if they are “independent contractors”

  46. Twitch and YouTube works basically like franchicing company. They provide you the platform, nyt not the actual job.

  47. You know your sad when you can recognise different typs of grass in a video game…..

  48. Lol im 21 y.o. and that tshirt was the thing that caught my eye in the thumbnail. Whoever’s old enough my ass 🤣🤣

  49. Technically Illiterate, I believe the proper term in short is techtard……..I may be wrong though.

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