Mingles with Jingles Episode 344

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

In which I unleash my inner weeb Rita shows off her bewbies.



  1. I’m showing you my pinis.

  2. Jingles do a cat video, those “kitten dairies”, seemed to just happen to disappear like many other videos.

  3. Nice lounge wear dude, but be careful, some people might give you grief for wearing a manner of dress from another culture.

  4. “But you can breathe downstairs.”
    Rita you troll!!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  5. Jingles’ best idea ever for Mingles Monday…”Cat Cam”.

  6. ElementalGamer07

    Jingles looks like Uncle Iroh. Kinda.

  7. Ib Erik Söderblom

    Culture offended morons….
    As a direct Viking descendant, I would walk around every day feeling offended by all Hollywood productions including anything Viking / Ase and what ever comes from around the world, regarding Viking culture.
    But I’m not a tight arse !
    Cultural appropriation is in invention of the unintelignent idiots, that takes life to serious.
    Those people suck !

    And dont get me startet on what I think of YouTubes US-moral stupidity.

  8. yukata of the week….

  9. ….Actually Jingles, a Fletcher would not make a longbow – they would only make the arrows. A Bowyer would make the bow.

  10. Man I hope that cobra is better then king cobra is……

  11. haha i got 1 of those cat toys there awsome for um

  12. I’ve been playing Escape From Tarkov lately and it is actually a really good game. It’s not easy but it is fun when things go right!

  13. Wolf Lord Reaper

    Since no one else has done it yet WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEB

  14. Anderson Zerloti

    Jingles is treading the path to weebdon.

  15. TsingTao is a nice Beer. Brewed originally by the Germans when they had a concession there. By the way pronounced as “Ching-Dow”, just for future reference.

  16. Jingles in a yukata! Now he has anime watching garb 😉

  17. Yeeessss…. straight from the bottle, as nature intended. Don’t listen to the beer snobs…. it’s BEER, suck it down, let out a giant “AHHH” (followed by a burp most likely) and call it a day!

  18. If I had to guess, the algorithmic rule the bot is enforcing is that a video about a video game shall not incorporate swastikas. They’ve not run it over users’ back catalogues because everybody would lose their channels. I wouldn’t recommend re-uploading your old video…

  19. Please fix the lamp on the wall

  20. weeb.

    i love it

  21. So we’re gonna be seeing bonsai making videos instead of cat videos then

  22. So is the 34:44 timing on episode 344 just a happy accident

  23. when are you two having kids? lol you would be awesome parents

  24. Well uncle jingles, it certainly looks good on you, but it makes you look like an Orthodox Church monk not a samurai😂😂

    Edit: unlike the Catholics, Orthodox priests get to marry so Rita still makes sense for the monk story 😂

  25. so this is a spoiler.. Jingles IS the Ghost of Tsushima 🙂

  26. Admiral Elo J Fudpucker

    Jingles Jingles…. One of the best and entertaining ways to learn about the Japanese culture is to read the Tai Pai/Shogun/Nobel House series of books…. they are a very good look at the cultures of the Japans and China… James Clavell is the author… awesome reads… he mixes actual history with his writign syle…. GO.. get them.. read them.. 😉

  27. Jingles going to the bathrope fashion

  28. 14:00-15:00 Looks like Rita has been fully cured of her Drukhari interests in mere seconds. 😉

  29. Try a kilt if you want cool.

  30. TraianusImperator

    Imagine being so old you just wear your pyjamas 24/7.

  31. Proximo MwJ leva umas MINIS

  32. rita swallows shes covered in em

  33. There are three stalker games. First and third was great

  34. Jingles, when are you going to play wot aga9in??? I miss your fantastic reviews

  35. Why are you wearing a bath robe in this episode

  36. @20:45 he actually DID edit something out!?!?!?! WTF man?!?!?

  37. Yup the cat cam will totally sell this each week to the YT minions each week and there just so cute. cat video’s built YT.

  38. You know, we spent years focusing the education system in the West on the self esteem of children. Result, a bunch of very arrogant idiots.

    Do be careful with that robe, I have no desire to see your “pines” shrub.

  39. Weeeeeeeebbbbbbb!!!!

  40. Trail and Street Bikes


  41. 30:30, the Portuguese did not introduce firearms to Japan, but they did introduce firearms in the way we now think of them, i.e. longer barreled weapons that shoot rounds that fill the barrels such as the pair in Neuchatel in Switzerland. Tonio Andrade’s book, “the gunpowder age” on the subject is fairly instructive. Indeed, it is more than possible that the first large scale use of gunpowder warfare on Japanese territory may have come with the Mongols who had learnt it from the Chinese Song dynasty

  42. NO sake insted of beer ???? thats a shame tsin dau wasent it where the germans had their base before the grate war. think i heared they had a brewery there as well guess its that was is making the beer ( brand ) licence the production in europe to an Irish brewery.

  43. love it, please continue ^^

  44. The bow name you are looking for is “yumi”.

  45. For the record, the latest spelling of Tsingtao is Qingdao (ching-dao). The q is pronounced like the English “ch”, and it rhymes with “bring now”. Since it’s Chinese, there’s a tonal aspect I’m unable to describe.

  46. Jingles needs to play Space Breaker

  47. How are these two related?

  48. Erm Jingles, you know a fletcher makes arrows, right? Also that a bow stave has to be *really* carefully selected, dried and prepared for use in a longbow? By a bowyer. And that it takes significantly longer than a day to make? Also that lamination is a way of making better use of less than optimum materials? Like bloom vs crucible steel for swords, right?
    Jingles? Put down the yumi please. Oh shit…

  49. Why don’t you try Tomb Raider Definitive Edition on the PS4

  50. I see my Lord Jingles of the Salt Clan has graced us with his presence, we are honored to meet you, my lord.

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